10 Best Rare Champions for RAID Hydra Clan Boss

The fight with the Hydra Clan Boss is unquestionably one of the single hardest challenges in all of Raid Shadow Legends. It will be difficult to find specialist Champions with the right buffs and debuffs to kill this monster. As such having some of the Best Rare Champions for the Hydra Clan Boss will help you out a lot!

The fact that each champion may only be utilized on the Hydra Clan Boss once each week makes things more difficult. To receive the highest amount of awards, you must thus create 3 teams, each with 6 champions. Thus, the Hydra will put all you know to the test, from resource management and squad formation to battle tactics.

Due to this, and depending on your roster, it can quickly become necessary to look beyond your Epic and Legendary Champions. This guide will go over the 10 Best Rare Champions for the Hydra Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends and explain what each of their roles will be in the battle.

Best Rare Champions for the Hydra Clan Boss in Raid

As mentioned above, this guide will go over the 10 Best Rare Champions in Raid Shadow Legends for defeating the Hydra Clan Boss. It will also explain why they are so great and what their main use in the battle will be. Keep reading below for all the details.

10. Pain Keeper

Best Raid Shadow Legends Champions for the Hydra Clan Boss - Pain Keeper

Pain Keeper has emerged as one of the most sought-after Rare Champions in the game, particularly if you also own a Maneater. A team described as a Budget Maneater Unkillable squad is made up of a Pain Keeper and a Maneater combo.

However, Pain Keeper is also perfectly adequate on her own. She’s a great jack of all trades, a DPS Support with both healing and CD reduction ability, but a master of none. A true all-rounder that proves very adequate against the Hydra Clan Boss if you have a spare slot you’re struggling to fill.

9. Ironclad

Ironclad has a special skill that lets him deliver insane damage in the correct circumstances. In addition, his passive ability does damage while mending itself! The ideal build for Ironclad is focusing on a high crit rate and crit damage.

Pair up Ironclad with a powerful healer, like the Pain Keeper to activate his “Blood Burst” passive which makes him automatically attack enemies when he’s healed. The more heals the more damage. He can also buff all allies’ ATK which is helpful against the Hydra Clan Boss.

8. Heiress

Best Raid Shadow Legends Champions for the Hydra Clan Boss - Heiress

The heiress has become an essential component of some of the top Hydra Clan Boss teams. Her kit is incredibly robust for a rare and she also has a stun that applies a 30% speed buff for two turns, making her perfect for removing affinity debuffs. On top of all this, she has an AoE Debuff cleanse AND a built-in counterattack with a short cooldown of one round.

Heiress is pretty much a one-trick pony, but she’s GREAT at that one trick. Great to fill the DPS position in your team against the Hydra, but she will need some backup, such as from a tank or support who can keep her alive into the later rounds.

7. Dagger

Dagger is one of the few rares with an AoE DEF reduction ability, however, it only has a 75% chance to land. That gamble is too good not to try it on Hydra though, since an AoE DEF debuff goes a long way against its many heads.

Dagger can also decrease the ATK of your opponent. These skills are generally useful everywhere in the game, so Dagger is not only useful for Hydra but for a variety of different challenges too. Just watch out for her poor base defense, as it might be fairly difficult to keep her alive in harder content like the Hydra Clan Boss.

6. Bellower

Best Raid Shadow Legends Champions for the Hydra Clan Boss - Bellower

Bellower is a superb Void Rare Champion that is one of the best wave control/clear champions in the game and can also be utilized as a Campaign farmer. That is naturally not his only use in the game, as he is quite adaptable. All of Bellowers’ attacks are AoE and decrease enemy DEF.

As a Rare Champion, Bellower is quite simple to book out. You may hit the Hydra twice before they attack by using a speed build. He can also decrease ATK and block active skills. We consider Bellower as one of the 10 Best Rare Champions in the whole of Raid Shadow Legends!

5. Coldheart

Coldheart is a great Rare Champion and hails from the Dark Elves faction. She is similar to Kael as a powerful ATK wave clearer. And while she is not as good as him in the Arena, everywhere else she’s the boss.

Her “Heartseeker” skill decreases the enemy turn meter by 100% and hits like a truck for the % max HP of her target. So not only does she melt bosses with her amazing damage, but she also cripples their ability to even use attacks. Coldheart is another one of our 10 Best Rare Champions in the whole game!

4. Renegade

Best Raid Shadow Legends Champions for the Hydra Clan Boss - Renegade

Renegade is a Support Champion known far and wide for her ability to decrease all cooldowns in your squad by 2 turns. This makes her a must-have for any farming squad you dispatch, whether it’s Dungeon Bosses, the Campaign, most Doom Tower Bosses, or the Hydra.

Just pair her up with a nuker such as Coldheart or Bellower and watch their synergy blow any enemy to bits in a couple of seconds. In addition to her utility against the Hydra, we also consider her one of the Best Rare Champions in the whole of Raid Shadow Legends.

3. Prosecutor

Rares typically don’t dramatically change the game, but Prosecutor fills a specific need by being very helpful for the Hydra and the Iron Twins. She can Decrease enemy SPD, which is a critical ability for Iron Twins, and a potent Hydra spell.

In order to maximize usefulness, you can prioritize ATK or SPD with less accuracy and make up for it by pairing Prosecutor with an Increase ACC champion. Her Heal Reduction is not very effective but it exists, and she can also reduce the enemy turn meter.

2. Medicus

Best Raid Shadow Legends Champions for the Hydra Clan Boss - Medicus

Medicus has OK damage against Hydra and in pretty much all the other places in the game such as Dungeons, Doom Tower Bosses, etc. However, she is mainly a Support that… well, supports your DPS champions.

But when it comes to Support, oh boy! She has an AoE SPD decrease, which is amazing for Hydra (even though it has a 75% chance to proc). She can also increase the DEF of her allies, and increase the SPD of 2 of them on one ability. This is a neat buff, certainly not game-breaking but still great.

1. Master Butcher

A Rare Champion from the Spirit Affinity, Master Butcher is a member of the Dwarf faction. When absorbing extremely high amounts of damage, he has two intriguing passives that might be quite beneficial versus Bommal the Dreadhorn!

He also possesses two provoke skills, which make him incredibly effective against the Magma Dragon and the Hydra! One of these, outside of being a great provoke debuff, also increases the Crit Rate and Crit DMG of all your allies. If you have him in your roster, then you can’t go wrong with bringing him along to face the Hydra Clan Boss!

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