Cleopatra - Evony General Build and Guide

Cleopatra – “The last active pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt, shortly survived as pharaoh by her son Caesarion.”

Cleopatra – Details

  • Base Stats1
  • Leadership: 84 B | 5.35 G
  • Attack: 66 B | 5.35 G
  • Defense: 105 B | 8.25 G
  • Politics: 114 B | 8.99 G
  • Base Power: 12,435
  • Cost: 16,000,000 Gold
  • Region: Others
  • Ascended: No
  • 1B = Base Stat | G = Growth Rate
  • Availability
  • Tavern
User Rating
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Is Cleopatra a good general in Evony?

Cleopatra will prove very useful to new players in the game as a Monster Looter. Her Special Skill sees your Double Item Drop Rate increase by 20% when attacking monsters. This will help a lot in growing your economy in the early game. However, you should look to switch her out for Baibars when you get the chance as he has an event better Double Item Drop Rate.

Realistically, however, you will be running Cleopatra for a long time in your marches if you are F2P. Baibars is found in the Tavern but this takes a lot of refreshing and you will need one for every march meaning your copies of Cleopatra will make a great 2nd option until you finally achieve this.

Cleopatra – Special Skill

An Evony General’s Special Skill is always active and requires no development. Read the description carefully to ensure it is having the impact that you expect.

Father of Conquest

Grants you a 25% Double Items Drop Rate from Monsters when General is leading the army.

Cleopatra – Specialities

These skills are unlocked once the Evony General reaches level 25. They can be expensive to develop, requiring Gems and Runestones. Read our Evony General Guide for more details.

Mounted Troop Defense

  • Mounted Troop HP +10%
  • Mounted Troop Defense +10%


  • Enemy Troop HP -10%

King’s Ambition

  • Troop death into troop soul rate in the main city +10%

Cleopatra – Builds

The below builds outline which skill books and equipment refines you should use depending on your requirements. However, for Cleopatra, it is not completely necessary to develop her further if she will only be used for rally joining. Just give her a double item drop ring and get her joining rallies.

Big Prey Hunter

This build is ideal for players who are looking to take down big monster prey. It sacrifices everything in favor of mounted attack via equipment refines and skill books.

This build will ensure you do maximum damage to boss monsters on the first hit. This will minimize your losses and allow you to take on higher-level bosses for better rewards.

  • Skill Books:
  • Lvl 4 Mounted Troop Attack – Mounted Attack +25%
  • Lvl 4 Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster – Mounted Attack Against Monster +45%
  • Lvl 4 March Size – March Size +12%
  • Equipment Refines:
  • Spear – Mounted Troop Attack % x4
  • Armor – Mounted Troop Defense % x4
  • Boots – Mounted Troop Defense % x4
  • Helmet – Mounted Troop HP % x4
  • Leg Armor – Mounted Troop HP % x4
  • Ring – Mounted Troop Attack % x4

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