Dislyte Bloody Hunt & Desolate Lands Update

Although the trailer came out a few days ago, news of the new Dislyte Bloody Hunt and Desolate Lands update just hit the noticeboard. Here, we summarize everything we know about this event so far so that you can prepare to take it on!

Running from the 12th to the 26th of July, with the reward redemption menus fully disappearing on the 2nd of August, this event will introduce us to several new Espers, though it’s important to note that you must be at least Squad Lvl 20 to access it.

What is the Dislyte Bloody Hunt Event

The basic run-down of the event as detailed on the Notice Board is that two new Espers, Zora and Xiao Yin, will be exploring the Mystic Mountains. This is a new area that presumably features in the trailer below.

The Bloody Hunt will occur alongside an associated Echo event to increase your chances of getting Zora. There will be an Event Map to progress through, consisting of The Simmering Crisis, The Enigma, and The Last Stand, though what these mean is yet to be revealed. The final chapter seemingly won’t be available initially.

Here’s the trailer! I really recommend giving it a watch – while it isn’t too heavy on information, the voice acting and visuals are fantastic!

There will also be a Commission Platform, and while the description doesn’t necessarily convey what this means, we will supposedly be able to gain AFK rewards from this aspect of the event, including Merit Badges, an event-specific currency.

Further to this, there is also the mention of Power Boosts, the Amplifier, and Boost Crystals. These could possibly relate to the Equipment Boost mechanic coming with Desolate Lands, another feature hitting Dislyte at the same time as this event that I’ll delve into later on.

As has happened in previous events, completing tasks and progressing through the event will reward players with Merit Badges. These can be exchanged for several rewards, including one of the new Espers, Aurelius, and Flow and Gold Records to help players best make use of the Echo event!

Though there are technically four Espers associated with this event, only 3 of these are new entries into the roster. The 4th is a new skin for Eira.

Here’s the new skin! While this doesn’t improve Eira’s performance as a unit, you may feel more inclined to train her up and show her off!

Who are these new Espers?

In total, we will get the chance to get 3 new Espers from this event. All are Flow-attuned Fighters and include the following:

Each of these new Espers has different specialties. Xiao Yin seems to have some sort of stealth aspect and is largely single-target, Aurelius freezes opponents and seems to deal more damage to those who have been frozen and Zora seems to deal some powerful AOE damage.

We don’t have much more concrete information than that, but luckily the mechanics aren’t all we’re excited to see from this update.

What is the Dislyte Bloody Hunt Story

The story content in the Dislyte Bloody Hunt event is likely to be at a very high standard judging from the promotion it has received. In addition, thanks to the information available within the already existing Esper roster’s stories, we have possible hints as to what it will all entail.

As we know from the trailer, Zora has a deep hatred for the Shadow Decree, and Stewart’s story seems to explain why – she was an orphan he took in with his lover, but the Shadow Decree caused an accident that killed them, which she seems to want revenge for.

Dislyte Desolate Lands

The next aspect of this update is completely unrelated to the Bloody Hunt Event. Indeed, we are getting a brand new Dislyte game mode called Desolate Lands. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s a raid-style event wherein players can use up to 6 Espers to fight several bosses, three of which seem to be tied to specific elements.

Taking part in the Dislyte Desolate Lands event will earn you Boost Stones and, likely, other materials too. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how this game mode compares to the rest!

Check out our Dislyte Trials Guide to see information on all the different Trials you can play in Dislyte, and also our full Desolate Lands Guide for full details on this brand new Trial.

Here’s the sneak preview we’ve been given! Does anything here, in particular, draw your attention?

In terms of Boost Stones, we are still waiting to get more details on this new item. Going by a Dislyte Twitter update, it seems likely that it is related to the Equipment Boost mechanic available to players at Squad Lvl 50. Possibly allowing players to improve their already existing Equipment and make them more viable, which is always welcome.

Dislyte Bloody Hunt and Desolate Lands Update Conclusion

Though we don’t have many details available to us yet other than what has been described here and some more technical information on how each Esper’s abilities work, this update seems to be pretty exciting!

Most of the best Espers in the game seem to be Inferno-attuned, so having more powerful Flow Espers will hopefully make a huge difference in team composition! Though they are all Fighters, each seems to have unique specialties. However, it would have been fun to see a Controller or Defender.

One concern raised by the Bloody Hunt event in particular, however, is whether Lilith Games is going to listen to fan feedback regarding pity and cost.

The first event with Ollie required an incredibly unfeasible amount of attempts in order to get Ollie for free, and though this was reduced for Ahmed, it was still too high for any average F2P player. Hopefully, we will see some change, but this isn’t really something we can predict ahead of time.

I hope this article was helpful for you in regards to breaking down information about this update, and it would be great to hear from you about which aspects you’re most excited about! Feel free to leave any comments below, and good luck!

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