Dislyte Esper Guides: Nicole (Nephthys)

Dislyte Esper Guides: Nicole (Nephthys)

Originating from Nephthys, the goddess of death, darkness, and the protector of souls from Egyptian mythology, Nicole is an Epic Shimmer Support Esper. She is all about protecting her allies with a special buff that shares damage and can even revive them.

Nicole Details

  • Max Level Stats
  • ATK: 874
  • HP: 12,911
  • DEF: 1,013
  • SPD: 104
  • C. RATE: 10%
  • C. DMG: 150%
  • ACC: 0%
  • RESIST: 20%
  • General Information
  • Role: Support
  • Element: Shimmer
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Affiliation: Shadow Decree
  • Origins: Egyptian
  • Deity: Nephthys
  • Captain Ability: Yes
  • Availability: Echo

Is Nicole a Good Esper in Dislyte?

Nicole is a Support Esper who, although weak in terms of damage, is great at protecting her allies from taking damage. Indeed, her kit is all about buffing her team with protecting buffs. This includes a unique buff called Soul Guard which redistributes damage taken by the carrier to Nicole and revives the carrier if they die with health as a percentage of Nicole’s Max HP.

Nicole has 2 chances to cast Sould Guard, once with her third ability, Spinning Wrap, and once with her second ability, Dead Man’s Protection. Spinning Wrap attacks all enemies for damage that scales off of Nicole’s Max HP, grants all allies DEF Up and Invincibility, and gives Soul Guard to the ally with the lowest HP. Dead Man’s Protection simply gives Sould Guard to a chosen ally.

This is a pretty stacked kit that can be used to protect your fragile Fighter Espers so they can stay in the battle to deal damage. However, she is easily countered by Espers with dispels. You, therefore, need to pick your time to use Nicole as without her buffs she is not that useful at all.

Nicole Abilities

In battle, an Esper will utilize their abilities in order to deal damage to the enemy and support their team. All Dislyte Esper Abilities start at Level 1 and can be increased further depending on the ability. Each additional level will improve the ability in a certain way. For more details on improving an Esper’s abilities, check out our Dislyte Esper Guide.

Full details on all of Nicole’s abilities can be seen below.

Spiral Strike

  • Level 1: Attacks 1 enemy. Damage: 30% ATK + 3% Max HP. 50% chance of inflicting Sear for 2 turns.
  • Level 2: HP-damage conversion ratio increased to 3.5%.
  • Level 3: Trigger Chance increased to 60%.
  • Level 4: HP-damage conversion ratio increased to 4%
  • Level 5: Trigger Chance increased to 70%.
  • Level 6: HP-damage conversion ratio increased to 4.5%.

Dead Man’s Protection

  • Level 1: Grants Soul Guard to 1 ally for 3 turns. To the ally revived by Sould Guard, grants Standoff for 1 turn and Recovery for 2 turns.
  • Level 2: Cooldown reduced by 1 turn.
  • Level 3: Cooldown reduced by 1 turn.

Spinning Wrap

  • Level 1: Attacks all enemies. Damage: 5% Max HP. Grants all allies DEF Up for 2 turns and Invincibility for 1 turn. Grants Sould Guard to the ally with the lowest HP percentage for 2 turns.
  • Level 2: HP-damage conversion ratio increased to 5.5%.
  • Level 3: HP-damage conversion ratio increased to 6%.
  • Level 4: HP-damage conversion ratio increased to 6.5%.
  • Level 5: HP-damage conversion ratio increased to 7%.
  • Level 6: Cooldown reduced by 1 turn.

Nicole Captain Ability

Increases ally HP in Point War and Knockout by 30%.

Nicole Ascension

All Espers in Dislyte can be further ascended to improve their stats starting from level 1. They can then be ascended again at levels 10/20/30/40/50 up to a total of 6 Ascensions. For more details on Ascending your Espers, check out our Dislyte Esper Guide.

Full details on the boost gained by Nicole at each level of Esper Ascension can be seen below.

  • Phase 1: DEF +70, HP +340, ATK +25
  • Phase 2: HP +950, ATK +25, DEF +25
  • Phase 3: Upgraded Dead Man’s Protection
  • Phase 4: RESIST +10%
  • Phase 5: SPD +7
  • Phase 6: HP +20%

Nicole Resonance

Each Esper can conduct up to 6 Resonances. Each Resonance unlocks Divine Gates that boost an Esper’s powers through higher stats or stronger abilities. You can learn more about this feature in our Dislyte Esper Guide. See below for this Esper’s Resonance buffs.

Divine GateDescription
OverloadSpiral Strike: Final Damage +10%.
Law of ConjunctionWhen granting buffs, heals for each buff granted. Healing: 2.5% Max HP, up to 10% per turn.
BlessingBase ATK, Base DEF, and Base HP +15%.
Rock SolidDamage Taken –18% before taking the first turn in combat.
AuraBase ATK, Base DEF, and Base HP +20%.
MorphDead Man’s Protection: Dispels all debuffs from the target.

Nicole Equipment

Nicole needs to be built with SPD so that she can get her protection buffs out early to her fragile allies so that they are not one-shotted. She also needs extra HP to scale her damage and improve the HP level that allied Esper’s are revied at. Therefore, you should look to apply the following sets:

  • Wind: SPD +25%
  • Grove: HP+25%

Lastly, Nicole’s Equipment characteristics should prioritize HP BONUS and SPD.

For more details on finding and determining the best Equipment for your Espers, check out our Dislyte Equipment Guide.

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