How to Counter Heroes for Hire in Marvel Strike Force

In the Marvel universe, Heroes for Hire are a group of superheroes who will only fight for you at the right price. Hence, the name “Hire” is in their title. In Strike Force, this lineup is composed of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, and Shang-Chi. They can prove a pretty powerful opponent in the game. Therefore, let’s break it down and identify the best way to counter a Marvel Strike Force Heroes for Hire squad.

Why are the Heroes for Hire so Difficult to Beat?

Now, with having multiple Hulks, several Super Soldiers, and now Eternals present in the game, you would think this team should not even be in the discussion. This is sadly not the case! Heroes for Hire is one of the few teams I try to avoid when entering the battle. This team is quite challenging to defeat, and many players, including myself struggle to win.

Even worse, they are one of the best Teams for Beginners AND one of the Best Overall Hero Teams due to their strength and the ease with which they can be unlocked. Therefore, you will likely come up against them a lot! As such, it is important to understand why they are so strong, let’s break it down as to why this is the case.

Luke Cage & Iron Fist

Considering their previous synergy from when they were a part of the Defenders Team, we know Luke Cage and Iron Fist work hand-in-hand. Indeed, Fist provides heals, while Cage can coerce him into tag team attacks.

Misty Knight

Marvel Strike Force Misty Knight Heroes for Hire

Misty Knight can provide heal blocks on her attacks but overall is most beneficial by providing Charged to her allies and Defense Up (War Only). This is great for ensuring the enemy team cannot heal itself whilst she also has the ability to make her allies more powerful and durable.

In addition, if Misty dies, when charged, she will revive herself with 100% of health. This ensures that Misty keeps delivering the buffs to her allies and is perfect for keeping your team in the game.


Shang-Chi, similar to Iron Fist, is an expert martial artist that delivers chain attacks on several enemies at once. When you face him, he will quickly zip around your team dealing heavy damage. This makes him a scary opponent that can quickly decimate your squishier Toons, even if you have a taunt skill active.

Colleen Wing

Marvel Strike Force Heroes for Hire - Colleen Wing

Lastly, in this Marvel Strike Force Heroes for Hire Team, we have Colleen Wing. I know, I was shocked as well, but let me show you the stats.

Colleen Wing is tagged as a Brawler with high Health, Focus, and Damage. She provides attacks often through her Passive ability, Daiymo Lineage, and also applies plenty of Bleeds to enemies that are dependent on high health or Barrier to survive.

In addition, at the end of any Heroes for Hire ally turn, she is given a 25% chance to attack the most injured enemy for 200% damage and distributes an additional +30% Piercing for each Heroes for Hire ally, ignoring Taunt, Stealth and Gain Deflect. 

When Colleen Wing is placed on War Defense, this attack works all the time. Also, when Colleen delivers an attack she will randomly receive an assist attack from Misty Knight. This makes some great synergy between the two.

Last, but not least, she can also revive herself and keep all these awesome skills going! On death, if she is Charged, then she will revive with 100% of her health.

Heroes for Hire Summary

In a nutshell, Heroes for Hire is a complete team. Two martial artists, a bulletproof tank, and two brawlers who acquire assist attacks from each other. With understanding this team more in-depth, is there a counterpart to this team? Can they be stopped when they are placed on War Defense?

Heroes for Hire Counter

Marvel Strike Force Counter to Heroes for Hire - Red Skull

The best team to counter the Heroes for Hire squad in Marvel Strike Force is a team of Hydra Villains. In particular, it revolves around Red Skull and Kestrel with Crossbones, Baron Zemo, and Hydra Rifle Trooper rounding out the final positions.

Kestrel’s ultimate ability restricts a killed enemy to be revived. This is particularly important for ensuring that Colleen Wing and Misty Knight cannot revive themselves. However, for this to work, you must take each of them out with Kestrel’s ultimate. Once you have accomplished this, all you have to do is let Red Skull heal and revive any fallen allies.

The Hydra Rifle Trooper is a decoy for this squad. Naturally, Colleen Wing will always look for the weakest unit, and the Hydra Rifle Trooper would have the lowest HP on the team. Therefore, he’ll usually die first but continuously be revived by Red Skull.

Red Skull is simply here to save the day and revive the Trooper. This action effectively punishes all enemies for successfully killing him. The best part is that using this strategy makes all opponents use their charges. Indeed, this is what makes him a nightmare to play against in Alliance War, with his Hydra Minion Alliance War Defense Team.

Is It Possible to Counter Heroes for Hire?

As we have shown, a Marvel Strike Force Heroes for Hire team can be countered and taken down. Just not with any team. This Hydra team is one of only a very few squads that have been able to beat this starting five consistently. Just make sure to follow the steps carefully above, to avoid an endless match of Colleen Wing attacks and revives. Hope this helps!

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