Marvel Strike Force Apocalypse Saga Event

Scopely has passed along various hints to a new villain entering the Strike Force Universe. With new Saga events launching simultaneously; it’s safe to say we know who is arriving. One of X-Men’s biggest rivals from the comics: Apocalypse! That’s right, Apocalypse is finally coming to Marvel Strike Force!

How to Unlock Apocalypse in Marvel Strike Force

Now, with concrete details on how his unlock method will play out, let’s break it down! Through Apocalypse’s lore, we learn that he searches for Four Horseman.

These four designated characters will reign terror among the world, each one creating different problems for society: Famine, War, Conquest, and Death. Scopely has begun launching several “Sagas”, that will help you start the long road to unlocking Apocalypse. Strike Force has named Morgan Le Fay and Rogue as two of Apocalypse’s Four Horseman, leaving the last two slots empty for now.

Apocalypse Saga Missions

Marvel Strike Force Apocalypse Saga

To make Apocalypse playable, players will need to participate in, and complete each individual saga from the new Apocalypse Saga. These mini events will be accessible through Dark Dimension under the Epic Campaigns tab. In short, each Horseman will have its own Saga that needs to be 100% completed.

Below, are the exact requirements for each of the Sagas:

  • Pestilence Saga – Morgan Le Fay and four Darkhold characters (Agatha Harkness, Wong, Doctor Strange (Heartless), and Scarlet Witch)
  • Famine Saga – Rogue and four Unlimited X-Men characters (Gambit, Fantomex, Sunfire, and Dazzler)
  • War Saga – Red Hulk and four Gamma characters (Abomination, Brawn, Hulk, and She-Hulk )
  • Death Saga – Death Horseman (TBA) and four other characters (TBA)
  • Apocalypse Saga – All Four Horsemen, their respective teams, and several additional characters

The hunt for Apocalypse is definitely an event we had never experienced before. Usually, you had to battle a certain segment using a game-selected group of toons for the unlock. With having four individual sagas, that will comprise their own missions, we are looking at a serious grind.

How to Prepare for the Apocalypse Sagas

Whether this is a short or long grind, it’s an amazing journey watching Scopely slowly open the floodgates for events and constant character releases. Over the past few months, Scopely has made an immense splash zone for new toon drops, and Apocalypse is soon to be on deck! We are on the verge of an apocalypse!

The only way to really prepare yourself for this lengthy battle is to simply recruit all of the necessary characters for each saga and make sure they can deal high amounts of damage. This event is not to be taken lightly. My recommendation is to have each necessary toon above 35,000 power and have at least Tier 4 for all of their abilities.

Enjoy the grind. Enjoy each mission, and be persistent on character improvement in preparation for these sagas. As always: Keep on Strike Forcin’!

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