Marvel Strike Force War Defense: Mercenary Villains Team

Mercenary Villains are often overlooked when it comes to choosing a defensive team for Alliance War. They tend to be underrated, but they can also be powerful and deal heavy amounts of damage in a short amount of time. I, myself, have been a tad worried a few times clashing against this lineup. Here will investigate whether you should invest in this Mercenary Villains Team for your Marvel Strike Force War Defense.

Best Mercenary Villains Team for War Defense

Marvel Strike Force has quite a few options to pick from for Mercenary Villians. After analyzing all options, the most effective Mercenary Villian team is as follows:

  • Taskmaster
  • Riot Guard
  • Bullseye
  • Riot Lieutenant
  • Killmonger

Keep reading below for more details on why each of these characters has been chosen for this Marvel Strike Force Mercenary Villain War Defense Team.


Marvel Strike Force Taskmaster - Mercenary Villain for War Defense

The leader of this lineup is easily Taskmaster. His ability to replicate the powers and skills of any super-powered being he interacts with pushes him towards the forefront of this squad. Copycat Criminal, Taskmaster’s passive ability, initiates an assist attack on each Mercenary Villain ally’s turn, gains counterattack per Mercenary ally, and all Mercenary Villain allies receive a spike in their damage output.

In addition to all of these benefits in one ability, if this lineup is placed on War Defense, then Taskmaster on spawn, fills his speed bar and all Mercenary Villain allies’. Taskmaster will also manually apply a taunt to the enemy with the strongest damage output.


Bullseye is allowed a 25% chance to assist on any Mercenary ally’s attack and also provides +10% Crit damage to all Mercenary allies. When Bullseye is assigned to War Defense, he will assist Mercenary allies with non-attack abilities.

Riot Guard

Riot Guard is probably the most generic one out of this lineup. He does not offer much damage in his attacks. His usefulness is solely when used in War Defense. Riot Guard distributes +1 Deflect and +10% Block chance per Mercenary ally.


Marvel Strike Force Killmonger - Mercenary Villain for War Defense

Killmonger is a solid deliverer in regards to damage contribution. Although he does not offer any synergy to this lineup, he does cooperate with the synergy the squad offers. Similar to the Punisher in the Defenders and Skill-Military Teams, Killmonger dishes out high-octane attacks on targeted enemies and their adjacent allies.

Riot Lieutenant

Lastly, is the Riot Lieutenant. The Riot Lieutenant will be used as the healer of this squad. On his turn, Riot Lieutenant has a 25% chance to heal the most injured Mercenary ally 25% of their max health. On War Defense, when an enemy attacks an adjacent ally, Riot Lieutenant again will heal the most-injured ally for 5% of their max health.

Although not one of the Best Marvel Strike Force Healers there is, this is certainly a great contribution to keep this team of Mercenaries going. Indeed, the additional heal buff in Marvel Strike Force War Defense makes this team of Mercenary Villains really tough to take out!

Other Mercenary Villain Options

Yes, this does leave out other solid options such as Kingpin, Korath the Punisher, and Mercenary Soldier. However, after reading the outlines of those included above, it should be clear that replacing any of them would be an inferior option. Of course, if you are one short, then picking another of these is better than nothing!

Should you Build this Team?

Mercenary Villains are a dependable team for War Defense in Marvel Strike Force. They are often underestimated and not given the credit they deserve. Although Mercenary Villains are much more underrated than many other types of squads, they still possess enough firepower and synergy to defend your team’s ship. Indeed, we even consider them one of the Best Villain Teams in the game!

The key to this team being successful is making sure you have a strong Taskmaster. If you get him powered up and ready with the rest of the team, then you will be a real surprise to other players who try to take you out in War.

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