Marvel Strike Force Villain Asgardian Team Guide

The Villain Asgardian Team in Marvel Strike Force is made possible thanks to the three Lokis that can also be found on the Bifrost team. In all, the team consists of Sylvie, Loki, Loki (Teen), Hela, and Iron Man (Zombie). In this guide, we will cover the basics of the Villain Asgardian Team, such as their strengths, weaknesses, ISO-8 classes, T4 priority, shard farming, and counter strategies.

Is the Villain Asgardian Team Good?

Although the MSF Asgardian Villain Team is not currently fully optimized, its members do still share good synergies that can be a real challenge to play against. Indeed, Hela and Iron Man (Zombie) are an incredible duo that are perfect for tackling a Hero Asgardian Team.

Loki’s variants are good choices to use in Raids while Hela and her undead work even better in the War mode. Indeed, Loki speeds up both Sylvie’s and Hela’s Turn Meter, allowing them to gain an advantage by spreading debuffs to enemies. In addition, Loki can stealth himself and his allies, create mirror images, and mind-control enemies.

Loki (Teen) is the least interesting option, and if possible, you could replace him with Juggernaut (Zombie). This is because most of his effects happen when he is with other Bifrost allies to heal and strengthen them.

ISO-8 Class and T4 priority

The ISO-8 class is an important factor that can enhance the performance of your characters, as well as T4 priority. For the Marvel Strike Force Villain Asgardian Team, we recommend the following ISO-8 classes and T4s:


Villain Asgadiran Team - Sylvie

ISO-8 Class: The Strike class is the best choice here as it will increase her attack which will help her deal more damage with her basic and ultimate attacks. It will also allow her to flip Deflect more often from enemies.

T4 Priority: Sylvie’s Ultimate skill is the best choice for T4 upgrades as it deals the most damage. Her Special skill is also a good choice because it causes Stun at the highest level.

For more information on Sylvie, check out our detailed MSF Sylvie Guide.


Villain Asgadiran Team - Loki

ISO-8 Class: Choosing the Skirmisher class will increase his focus which helps him apply more debuffs. It will also allow him to clear positive effects from enemies when he attacks them with his basic attack or assists.

T4 Priority: Similar to Sylvie, Loki’s ability priority is his Ultimate and Special. Ultimate for helping the entire team survive enemy attacks with Stealth and the Special for ensuring that you will always control the minds of two enemies.

For more information on Loki, check out our detailed MSF Loki Guide.

Loki (Teen)

MSF Villain Asgardian Team - Loki (Teen)

ISO-8 Class: Choosing the Striker class will increase his damage, which will help him distribute Regenerate to his team more often. 

T4 Priority: Loki (Teen) is a character very focused on Raids, so maximizing his Special is what will benefit him the most on this team. His Special receives more Drain and Damage when he is at maximum level. The other skills are not as important until they are used in Raids.

For more information on Loki (Teen), check out our detailed MSF Loki (Teen) Guide.


MSF Villain Asgardian Team - Hela

ISO-8 Class: The Raider class will increase her crit damage and help her Ultimate. It will also allow her to apply vulnerable to enemies.

T4 Priority: Hela’s main abilities are only obtainable at her maximum level. First, the Passive, which causes a new zombie to be summoned and all zombie minions to receive Taunt when Hela drops below 50% health. Second, her Ultimate, which not only removes all enemy barriers but also guarantees that all negative effects from the target enemy will be spread to others.

Iron Man (Zombie)

MSF Villain Asgardian Team - Iron Man (Zombie)

ISO-8 Class: The Striker class will increase his attack, whilst also allowing him to use his basic and apply Bleed to enemies constantly.

T4 Priority: Increasing the Ultimate’s level to the maximum is essential to face Asgardian teams, as it can remove Charged from enemies faced in War mode. Then the Passive, which causes Bleed to cause more damage, and finally the Special, which applies Trauma and guarantees Safeguard.

How to Get Villain Asgardian Team Shards

The Villain Asgardian team shards are not easy to obtain as they are mostly available from limited-time events or premium orbs. Here are the current ways to get them:

  • Sylvie – Special offers, Premium and Mega Orbs, and a chance to be found in Supplies. 
  • Loki – Special offers, Premium, Legacy II, Milestone III, Raid, and Gama Raid Orbs, and a chance to be found in Supplies and Raid Supplies. 
  • Loki (Teen) – Special offers, Premium and Mega Orbs, and a chance to be found in Supplies.  
  • Hela – Villain Campaign (7-6), Hero Campaign Hard Mode (2-3), special offers, Premium, Legacy III, Milestone III, and Game Raid Orbs, and a chance to be found in Supplies. 
  • Iron Man (Zombie) – Future events and offers

Countering the Villain Asgardian Team in Marvel Strike Force

The Villain Asgardian team is a formidable opponent that can pose a challenge to many teams in Marvel Strike Force. However, they are not invincible and can be countered by some strategies and teams. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to counter them:

  • Priority: Start focusing your attacks on Sylvie as her Ultimate is very powerful. Leave Hela for last as she has defense mechanisms that protect herself once her health drops below 50%.
  • Use characters that can remove or prevent buffs, such as Emma Frost, Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, or Invisible Woman. This will help you deal with this team’s controllers.
  • Use characters that can apply or spread debuffs, such as Ebony Maw, Thanos, Venom, or Carnage. This will help you weaken the enemy team and prevent them from healing or reviving. Some of the most effective debuffs against them are ability block, heal block, disrupt, bleed, and offense down.
  • Use characters that can deal high damage or ignore defense, such as Black Bolt, Kestrel, Ultron, or Captain Marvel. This will help you burst down the enemy team before they can use their abilities or heal themselves. 

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