How to Get Blue T2 Iso-8 in Marvel Strike Force

As of May 2021, T2 Iso-8 / Blue Iso-8 was released into Marvel Strike Force. Although a grind to unlock, this is an extremely important feature for any player who makes the later stages of the game. This is true both for players focusing on some of the best teams in the game, for example for Raids and Alliance Wars, to F2P players who have picked up some of the Free Beginner Teams.

Indeed, Blue T2 Iso-8 has been a big game changer in terms of powering up your Toons. Getting these powered up on your favorite teams will really start to see you dominating even more. In this guide, we will outline exactly how you can apply T2 Iso-8 to your characters in Marvel Strike Force, how to get them, and what benefits you will be likely to see.

What is Blue T2 Iso-8

Marvel Strike Force Morgan Le Fey Blue T2 Iso-8

Blue T2 Iso-8 is an upgrade that can be applied over the Iso-8 Matrix of each character and is often referred to as Blue Iso-8. You will have initially upgraded them with Green T1 Iso-8 that you farmed in the Isotope-8 Marvel Strike Force Campaign. However, Blue T2 Iso-8 cannot be found in this campaign and must be farmed elsewhere.

As with Green T1 Iso-8, each time you upgrade your Blue T2 Iso-8 your character will receive a small stat increase with additional buffs also gained when their Blue T2 Iso-8 Class is upgraded. Keep reading below for all the details.

Blue T2 Iso-8 Requirements

Before you can even get started with upgrading your Iso-8 Matrix to T2 in Marvel Strike Force, there are a few key requirements that must first be met:

  • You must be Commander level 55 which will unlock character ion slots and the Iso-8 campaign.
  • All 5 of the character’s Iso-8 slots must be at T1 Level 5 to advance to T2 Iso-8 classes.
  • Your character must be level 75.

In addition to the above, you will also have to gather a total of 10,000 T1 Ions to upgrade your Iso-8 Matrix to Tier 2. It will also cost you T2 Iso-8 and T2 Ions each time you wish to upgrade one of the T2 Iso-8 Crystals.

When upgrading your character’s Iso-8 class from T1 to T2, they will lose their current T1 crystals (the green kind). However, the benefits of these will be locked in and it will open up slots for you to apply T2 crystals into the Iso-8 Matrix. The new T2 Iso-8s will be blue in color.

How to get Blue T2 Iso-8 & Blue T2 Ions

As with Green T1 Iso-8, there are 2 key materials that you must have in order to begin upgrading your Iso Matrix to Blue T2. These are T2 Iso-8 and T2 Ions. Unfortunately, these are not as easy to get hold of as their T1 counterparts. Indeed, the process will be very slow and a big grind.

To start getting T2 Iso-8 you will need to begin completing Doom Alliance Raids. In these raids, you will face some difficult opposition and the game recommends a level of 80+ to compete in them. By taking part, you will be rewarded with T2 Iso-8 Credit. These can be exchanged for T2-Iso 8 Orbs which will give you the resources you need.

The number of T2 Iso-8 Credits you get from a Doom raid will increase as you meet the higher completion goals of the raid. There are also 3 different tier levels of Doom raids which will also see the rewards increase as you complete the higher tiers. The maximum number of Blue T2 Iso-8 Credits you can win from each Doom Raid depending on your Alliance completion rate is summarized below:

Doom I7007.3k8.8k10.3k
Doom II70014k14k14k
Doom III70014k14k14k

It is therefore highly important to be an active Alliance if you really want to maximize your Blue T2 Iso-8 rewards. The members that compete fully in the raid, the higher your completion rate, and therefore the higher your rewards. It is also a good idea to get one of the Best Marvel Strike Force Teams for Raids to ensure that you can personally go deep in the Raid.

T2 Orbs can be bought for each of the different character role traits: Brawler, Blaster, Controller, Support, and Protector. This guarantees that you will get T2 Iso-8 for the specific role you are targeting.

Alternatively, and if you are a spender, you can simply buy packs in the store that can give you Blue T2 Iso-8. This is of course the much quicker way of getting the materials you need, however, it can also get expensive quickly. It is therefore important to also focus on Doom raids if you want to keep the spending down.

Blue T2 Iso-8 Buffs

Marvel Strike Force Blue T2 Iso-8 Class Buffs

As with T1 Iso-8, there are a number of improvements that your character will gain when upgrading their Iso-8 Matrix to T2. First off, each time you upgrade one of the 5 crystals, the character will receive a small bonus for one of their attributes.

In addition to the above, when you upgrade the T2 Iso-8 Class of the character they will receive further bonuses and buffs to their attacks. As usual, the T2 Iso-8 bonus will depend on the Iso-8 Class that you choose in the Iso-8 Matrix. This is summarized below:

  • Skirmishers: Apply Vulnerable Twice and gain Extra Focus upon clearing, as well as damage boosts to Assists.
  • Raiders: Have an increased chance of inflicting Vulnerable and possibly triggering bonus attacks for Piercing damage on Active Ability hits.
  • Healers: Can clear Bleed or Minor Bleed for the lowest health ally on an attack if a target is vulnerable and apply Regeneration.
  • Strikers: Can deal extra damage based on the enemy’s max Health if they have two Vulnerable debuffs, bypassing Armor and Barriers.
  • Fortifiers: Will receive Defense Up when a turn begins and a Barrier based on spawn.

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