Best Marvel Strike Force Alliance War Teams

The Marvel Strike Force Alliance War puts the impetus on working together with your alliance to come out on top. Despite this cooperative element, there are some clear Best Marvel Strike Force Teams for Alliance War that you should use!

There is now a plethora of game modes in Marvel Strike Force with each requiring different tactics. Keep reading this article for a clear breakdown of all the best teams that you should be used for the Marvel Strike Force Alliance War.


Marvel Strike Force Storm - Alliance War X-Men Team

The X-Men characters are some of the best to use. They are to be considered one of the more “diverse teams” to use due to the wide range of effects and synergies each character offers each other. Your X-Men team should consist of 5 of the following:

  • Wolverine
  • Cyclops
  • Storm
  • Phoenix
  • Colossus
  • Beast

Make sure you put Beast and Colossus on the ends since they can withstand the most damage as tanks. X-Men are a good choice for Alliance War simply for their turn meter and convenience.

Storm generates speed faster than most characters, allowing her X-Men allies to keep attacking without the enemy being able to retaliate.

In addition to this, Beast’s ultimate ability, Mutant Enhancement delivers an instant Offense Up, Defense Up, Regeneration, and Speed Up to all X-Men allies.

Phoenix has the ability to eliminate all of the opposing teams’ positive effects and is granted one revive per match. Activating this revive, turns her into Dark Phoenix, which increases her X-Men allies’ max health and damage.

Lastly, don’t forget about the Russian steel powerhouse, Colossus. Colossus can grant the X-Men lineup a Defense Up boost and give himself a Deathproof buff; which prevents him from dying on an attack that would usually kill him.

This X-Men squad is easily one of the Best Marvel Strike Force Teams for Alliance War. Like our list of the Best Marvel Stike Force Teams for Beginners, they are reliable, not too hard to unlock, and fun to play with!


Marvel Strike Force Loki - Alliance War Asgardians Team

This Asgardian team may be one of the most synergized squads to construct. It should consist of the following characters:

  • Thor
  • Loki
  • Heimdall
  • Hella
  • Sif

It all starts with Loki. Loki offers stealth to each Asgardian, allowing them all to be invisible and dodge just about any incoming attack. On top of his stealth, he can duplicate himself and apply a Taunt to that duplicate. This will force the enemy team to only attack his duplicate. However, if you want teams that are even more synergized then check out our Best Hero Asgardian Team.

Thor has an amazing passive that boosts his damage and is also the team’s main damage dealer. In addition to Hela, who not only debuffs your enemies but also summons her undead minions, you’re practically set for victory when it comes to enemy debuffing.

Finally, you have Heimdall and Sif. Heimdall is also an excellent debuffer. He can remove enemies’ stealth and apply Heal Block to the whole team. Sif is purely an all-around great tank and a beast of a counterattacker.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with the Asgardians, and it’s generally a good idea to bet on them. Especially when you’re desperate for a win in the Marvel Strike Force Alliance War. They also get an honorable mention in our list of the Best Hero Teams in Marvel Strike Force.

Mighty Thor and Valkyrie are also available to be added and you can play around with combinations involving them. However, the team above is by far the most synergized composition.

Black Order

Marvel Strike Force Black Order Team

The Black Order is feared in Marvel Strike Force just as much as they were feared in the MCU. This is a lineup no one wants to battle against and they are easily one of the Best Villain Teams in the game. They will take a pretty long time to unlock but is an essential investment for players who don’t take losing lightly.

It makes use of Thanos and just like in the movies when Thanos has his lineup of monsters with him, his powers get stronger and can deliver more damage. Just like Iron Man in Avengers: Infinity War, you may have a moon thrown at you. Seriously. A Black Order Marvel Strike Force Team is made of the following characters:

  • Thanos
  • Corvus Glaive
  • Proxima Midnight
  • Cull Obsidian
  • Ebony Maw

Next up to discuss are Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight. As individual characters, they offer absolutely nothing. However, when teamed up with the rest of the Black Order squad, that changes dramatically.

Proxima acquires numerous assists from Corvus Glaive on basic attacks and applies Stun and Slow to her enemies. Corvus also receives assists from Proxima off his basic attacks as well. He can also attack enemies who have Stealth or Taunt in effect. Lastly, on spawn, he grants himself and his Black Order friends Offense Up for two turns.

Cull Obsidian is the squad’s tank. Offensively, Obsidian doesn’t offer much. Although, he does offer some special effects that can help this team win the battle. On his special ability, Obsidian Guard, he gives himself a Taunt for two turns, Deathproof, and gives his allies Defense Up for two turns.

Ebony Maw is the most important member of the squad. On spawn, Maw provides two Regeneration, two Deathproof, and Immunity for two turns per Black Order ally. On his special, Insidious Whisper, Ebony Maw initiates Defense Up for two runs, Counter for all Black Order allies, and Forced Transfusion.

Maw’s Ultimate ability, allows him to steal an enemy’s health and redistribute it to his Black Order allies. He also has the option to repeat this attack four additional times throughout the fight.

Marvel Strike Force Thanos

Lastly, but certainly not least: Thanos. At the beginning of the match, each Black Order member gives Thanos an infinity stone, making him Empowered. When Thanos becomes Empowered, all of his attacks and abilities change and focus around his infinity gauntlet. In the short term, the enemy team is in real trouble.

Thanos also applies Offense Down to his foes while attacking and gains +1,000% Resistance while taunting when he is Empowered.

Now Conquer the Marvel Strike Force Alliance War

These are three teams any Strike Forcer should be grinding for. If built correctly, these lineups can get you a lot of Alliance War wins, and make you a fierce competitor. As always, keep Strike Forcin’!

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