Best Marvel Strike Force Teams for Beginners

Scopely has continued to flourish by adding and updating its roster of playable toons. With 200+ playable characters, it can be difficult for new players to know where to begin. This list of the Best Marvel Strike Force Teams for Beginners will help get you started.

Indeed, Marvel Strike Force has shown no sign of slowing down and is always keeping up to date with Marvel’s new hit releases and updating toons with fresh wardrobes. This list of Marvel Strike Force Beginners Teams will help you understand where to focus early on in the game.

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Heroes for Hire

Heroes for Hire Iron Fist Beginners Team in Marvel Strike Force

An initial good start for building teams would be the Heroes for Hire squad. This lineup consists of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, and Shang-Chi. In my past battle experiences, Heroes For Hire is an absolute frustration to battle against, especially in Alliance War Defense. They are so good, players often build specific Heroes for Hire Counter Teams.

All members of the team generate one free instant heal for when they drop below 50% Health, and one Revive per battle. On top of natural healing by Iron Fist, Mass-chain attacks by Shang-Chi, Colleen Wing, and the amazing Defense Up buffs by Luke Cage, you are getting four Heroes who are strong enough to take down a five-man team.

However, since they will need a 5th member to assemble a defensive formation in gameplay, the best possible option is to add Misty Knight for the sake of team synergy and additional attacks and heals.

Another huge upside to this powerhouse team is that all characters are purchasable through the Blitz and Arena Stores. For beginners, this is a team to invest in for the long run. By completing your daily objectives, and buying shards through the online stores, you’ll have this team in no time! They are so good, I actually consider them one of the Best Hero Teams in the entire game.

Wave I Avengers

Marvel Strike Force Wave I Avengers Team Roster

Every Marvel fan knows the original Avengers. The Avengers team includes high levels of synergy with each other, and can also deliver mass amounts of damage in one turn. The team can consist of any five characters in the following lineup: Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man.

This team is a great starter group for inexperienced players because each Avenger is equipped with his or her own distinct strengths and weaknesses that work well in most battles. Indeed, within the last few updates, Wave I Avengers had a rework that made the team even more versatile.

In addition to their resourcefulness, all Avengers (except Thor) can be unlocked early by completing campaign nodes. Therefore, I highly recommend building a Wave I Avengers from the start!

Lastly, there is a total of six Avengers with only five slots to fill, so feel free to be creative. The game will eventually force your hand at this with other teams for specific characters. For example, once you have all the Hero Asgardians unlocked, Thor should be moved to this squad.

Hawkeye and Black Widow can shift to Skill/Military, and Iron Man belongs with the Power Armor team. Wave I Avengers offers a unique option, unlike other team builds, due to their flexibility of rotating characters around.

Essentially, you have four standard Wave I toons. You certainly could use them all together or make your own hybrid team(s) being mindful of the dynamic duos that should pair synergistic toons together.

City Heroes

Marvel Strike Force Punisher

City heroes may be one of the easiest teams to begin to build, considering there are numerous characters to choose from. In terms of sturdier heroes, you have Punisher, Daredevil, and Iron Fist. All are unlockable early in the game.

A number of them share the Defenders tag, and while the Defenders aren’t particularly useful together even in the mid-game, some are still worth building up at least a bit.

One reason is that players will need city heroes to complete the bi-monthly Block Party event, which rewards valuable ability upgrade materials that every character needs to improve their basic, special, ultimate, and passive abilities.

Additionally, many of these characters will split off into their own powerful teams later on as you progress through the campaign/storyline. For example, Daredevil is a crucial member of the Shadowland team, Punisher goes to Skill/Military, and both Luke Cage and Iron Fist are members of the Heroes for Hire squad.

City Heroes may not be the flashiest lineup in the game, but they are an incredibly easy squad to assemble with numerous substitutions available.

Sinister Six

Sinister Six Marvel Strike Force Beginners Team - Rhino

Similar to other universal teams with more than five characters to choose from, you also have the Sinister Six. While there are many powerful villains to unlock, the best pure villain team for new players to start with is this one.

The top three characters from the team to invest in first are Electro, Rhino, and Mysterio. Green Goblin, Shocker, and Vulture all work in the last two locations. The team is valuable even at the end of the game when players unlock Doctor Octopus, a character who turns the Sinister Six into one of the game’s best war squads.

Once you unlock Doctor Octopus, exchange him for Swarm, Rhino, Mysterio, or Electro. Sinister Six is a straightforward team that offers strong synergy, heavy amounts of damage, and a ton of buffs. Similar to Heroes For Hire, Sinister Six is mostly farmable through campaign nodes and the Blitz and Arena store.

Shield Minions

Marvel Strike Force Shield Minions Team for Beginners

Shield Minions are definitely to be considered one of the least entertaining and enjoyable teams to use. However, they are extremely easy to recruit, considering two minions are available in the online stores and you will receive the Shield Medic once you start the game.

Despite not having any glamorous highlights to mention; as a squad, they provide additional blocks, heals, and bonuses to critical hits. Shield Security, Shield Medic, and Shield Assault can punch through raids and are a strong defense lineup for Alliance War.

All in all, this team is the “white bread” of Marvel Strike Force. They don’t offer anything crazy beneficial, but they may just be able to get you a win, and they are extremely easy to recruit and rank up for beginners.

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