Best Hero Teams in Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force has one of the largest rosters of playable characters on the mobile gaming market and shows no sign of slowing down. With over 150 heroes and villains to choose from and new additions being added regularly, it can be hard to decide which teams are worth prioritizing to get the victory in battle. Here we help you out with our list of the Best Hero Teams in Marvel Strike Force.

While the latest and greatest teams pack a significant punch, several squads from the game’s early days still hold value and are still just as viable for new commanders looking to boost their collection’s power level. As such, let’s look at the five best hero teams currently playable in Marvel Strike Force.

Wave-I Avengers

Wave I Avenger Team - Best Marvel Strike Force Hero Teams

From the film screen to your phone screen. Wave-I Avengers is still among the top competitors in the game. All players have access to the Wave One Avengers, but don’t count them out just because they’re not the newest additions.

This admirable team has decent synergies for clearing the early Hero Campaigns, and most of their members can be added to other more specialized teams down the road. For example, Iron Man can be added to a Power Armor team, Thor can be shifted to a pure Asgardian lineup and Hawkeye & Black Widow can form their own Skill-Military Team.

As one might expect, the Wave-I Avengers include Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, and Hawkeye. Cap’s Assemble! ability makes him even more durable especially when he’s surrounded by his fellow Avengers. This ability engages more team-up attacks with both Thor and Iron Man and offers the team a higher damage output.

Another benefit of this lineup is that they are pretty straightforward in regards to farming their shards which also sees them enter our list of the Best Marvel Strike Teams for Beginners. Here is where to find Wave-I shards:

  • Captain America shards can be farmed from Nexus 1-3.
  • Hawkeye shards can be farmed from Heroes 1-9.
  • Black Widow shards can be farmed from Villains 1-9.
  • Thor shards can be farmed from Heroes 7-3.
  • Hulk shards are awarded for completing achievements, and daily objectives.
  • Iron Man shards are available through his legendary event I Am Iron Man (Requires a S.H.I.E.L.D. team)

Heroes For Hire

Marvel Strike Force Colleen Wing - Heroes for Hire Team

Heroes For Hire is a more recent addition to the game and currently stand as one of the most powerful teams in the game in regard to villains or heroes. In addition, they can also be obtained through the Blitz and Arena Stores, making them a great Marvel Strike Force Team for Beginners to start trying to obtain.

Heroes for Hire consists of  Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, and Shang-chi, Luke Cage & Iron Fist. Together, they are one of the strongest Alliance War Defense Teams in the game, and truly a pain in the neck to battle against in any game mode.

Cage and Iron Fist’s defensive synergy operates fairly similar to their Defender’s Squad, as it does for Heroes For Hire. However, their offensive potential is boosted by Colleen Wing and Shang-Chi’s damage output toward multiple targets at once.

Misty Knight charges Colleen Wing up with powerful attacks that debuffs enemy teams and this attack cannot be blocked as long as both of them are alive. This makes them particularly difficult to battle against, make sure to check out our guide on How to Counter Heroes for Hire if you are struggling against this team.

As mentioned above, all these Toons can be obtained in-game. The below list outlines the Shard locations for each of the characters.

  • Luke Cage shards can be purchased for Blitz Credits in the Blitz Store, new commanders also receive Luke Cage as a beginner character.
  • Iron Fist shards can be farmed from Nexus 1-9.
  • Misty Knight shards can be purchased for Blitz Credits in the Blitz Store.
  • Colleen Wing shards are currently only available through Arena Store.
  • Shang-Chi shards are currently available through the Blitz Store.


Ms. Marvel Inhumans Hero Marvel Strike Force Team

The Inhumans are definitely not a common lineup to see on the battlefield, but they can be effective in nearly every situation due to their high damage resistance. This easily makes them one of the Best Hero Teams in Marvel Strike Force. The team includes Black Bolt, Crystal, Karnak, Ms. Marvel, and Yo-Yo (Quake is also a possibility).

Black Bolt is the powerful legendary character and core of this team. So, it may take some time before newer players get their hands on him. Being a Legendary character, Black Bolt requires a full five-star team of Asgardians to unlock.

Black Bolt’s Sonic Scream is a powerhouse of a singular move, and his innate King of Attilan ability prevents any enemies he takes out from being revived. Yo-Yo increases the team’s chance of survival (similar to Deathproof) by inflicting Offense Down on every enemy before they attack, making this team very resourceful in Raids.

Unfortunately, the Inhumans can be a little more difficult to unlock than some of the others in this list of the Best Hero Teams in Marvel Strike Force. However, if you are on the hunt, they can be obtained from the following locations.

  • Black Bolt shards are available through his legendary event Unite the Kingdoms (Requires an Asgardian team)
  • Crystal shards can be purchased for Arena Credits in the Arena Store.
  • Karnak shards can be farmed from Nexus 8-6.
  • Ms. Marvel shards can be farmed from Mystic 2-6.
  • Yo-Yo shards can be purchased periodically for Raid Credits in the Raid Store.


Asgardian Marvel Strike Force Hero / Villain Team

Asgardians are comprised of Thor, Loki, Sif, Heimdall, and Hela. Yes, Loki and Hela are technically villains, but considering the majority of this team is on the side of good, they possess the ability to be included on this list.

Thor and Heimdall are this team’s primary offensive characters. Thor’s powerful Lightning Storm ability is capable of damaging all enemy characters, while Heimdall can gain assists from his Asgardian allies. Sif is this team’s tank. When fully upgraded, she gets a 25% chance to block, with an additional 10% for each Asgardian ally.

Asgardians are healed for a low percentage by Heimdall and Hela on each of their turns. Hela and Loki also further empower the team by summoning undead Asgardians and mirror images, populating their side of the fight with too many targets for the opponent to handle. This team has been and still is a fierce opponent in Arena and Alliance War.

The Asgardian Team can be readily farmed in the game with all Shards available from grinding. Each of the Asgardian Toons can be obtained in the following locations.

  • Thor shards can be farmed from Heroes 7-3.
  • Loki shards can be farmed from Mystic 3-6.
  • Sif shards can be purchased periodically for Raid Credits in the Raid Store.
  • Heimdall shards can be purchased for Arena Credits in the Arena Store.
  • Hela shards can be farmed from Villains 7-6.


Marvel Strike Force X-Men Hero Teams

The X-Men are a formidable opponent and are not a team to be taken lightly. A downside of building an X-Men team is the huge number of characters available with the X-Men tag making it difficult to choose who to focus on.

For example, Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, Beast, Cyclops, Fantomex, Bishop, X-23, Kitty Pryde, Iceman, Psylocke, Gambit, Sunfire, Jubilee, Magik, Dazzler, Phoenix, & Rogue are all playable X-Men characters in Marvel Strike Force. Don’t worry though, the most optimal X-Men team includes Wolverine, Cyclops, Psylocke, Colossus, and Phoenix. However, please note that our favorite X-Men Team for Alliance War differs from this slightly.

Wolverine is easy to power up due to his tag team attacks with Cyclops and Colossus. Cyclops and Psylocke provide support in the form of extra attacks and flipping negative status effects, while Colossus acts as a reliable tank that can apply Deflect to his allies.

If Phoenix is killed, she revives and returns as Dark Phoenix, who heals her remaining allies and delivers a massive damage output. Unfortunately, Phoenix is one of the harder characters to unlock, but Beast’s support abilities can be a strong substitution. You can find this team X-Men in the following locations:

  • Psylocke shards can be farmed from Cosmic 3-6.
  • Colossus shards can be farmed from Heroes 7-9.
  • Beast shards can be farmed from Nexus 5-6.
  • Wolverine shards are awarded for completing daily objectives.
  • Cyclops shards can be purchased periodically for Raid Credits in the Raid Store.
  • Phoenix shards are available through her legendary Phoenix Rising event (Requires a Mystic Controller team)

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