How To Unlock Omega Red in Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force has been on a streak of introducing new characters into the game universe that have not even made it into the MCU as of yet. Indeed, this includes characters such as Dazzler, Fantomex, Dr. Voodoo, and Karnak that now appear in the the game but still have no MCU screen time. The latest of these in Marvel Strike Force is Omega Red.

Omega Red is also known as Arkady Gregorivich. He is a Russian-born mutant who has obtained super-soldier powers with an everlasting taste for killing. The character is available through his own Mystic Legendary event: Red Death

Omega Red Overview

Marvel Strike Force Omega Red

Omega Red is the Legendary character for the Marvel Strike Force Weapon X team. In other words, he is the fifth and final character to complete the entire squad. When Omega Red initially was released to the game, he was also the first character to introduce the Trauma ability.

Trauma is an effect that certain characters can apply to their enemy, which disables the possibility of the opposing team to flip or reverse negative debuffs. The only counter to this effect is hoping the targeted character has initiated Safeguard.

Best Omega Red Team in Marvel Strike Force

Marvel strike Force Silver Samurai

As mentioned above, Omega Red forms part of the Weapon X team in Marvel Strike Force. Weapon X also includes Sabretooth, Wolverine, Lady Deathstrike, and Silver Samurai. Omega Red is the Controller of the team with plenty of Focus and the ability to apply Trauma to his foes. Both of these are enhanced further by his passive ability, Death Factor.

When Omega Red applies Trauma to the enemy team, they cannot flip or remove debuffs. Most importantly, other than having synergy with Weapon X members, Omega Red also possesses the ability to steal Health and redistribute it to himself during all of his attacks. This could be an effective counter to shutting down opponents who can apply Heal Block.

How to Unlock Omega Red in Marvel Strike Force

To unlock Omega Red, you must complete the legendary Red Death event. Unfortunately, this does not appear very often and you should therefore be prepared for when the event returns.

To complete the Red Death event, you will require a team of Secret Avengers. This group includes Sharon Carter, Captain America (Sam), Maria Hill, Nick Fury, and The Winter Soldier. Each character will need to be at level 65+, Gear tier 12 and have a completed Iso-8 Tier 1. This will get players to the third level of Red Death, giving you enough Omega Red shards to unlock him fully. 

Make sure you are ready for this event and get powering up all your Secret Avengers, and The Winter Soldier, for when the time comes.

Why you should Unlock Omega Red

Omega Red is the final Toon to complete the Weapon X powerhouse. This reason alone is why players should pursue unlocking this satanic Russian Cyborg. Finally, Weapon X is also a potential counter to stopping Infinity Watch, and Heroes For Hire. Hope this helps! Now, get back out there Commander!

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