Why you Need a Marvel Strike Force Defenders Team

When Marvel Strike Force was first released, The Defenders were considered a solid, farmable team to recruit and battle with. Now, nearly five years since its launch, the game is constantly evolving with newer characters, balance updates, and buffs. Therefore, users have begun to disapprove of building a Marvel Strike Force Defenders Team.

Indeed, this toon squad certainly is not the team to invest all of your gear tier equipment, and gold into. However, they are an extremely resourceful team. Especially for early-game and beginners. In fact, I would rank The Defenders at the top of the list of first teams beginners should be hunting down to recruit and build.

How to Unlock the Marvel Strike Force Defenders

The Defenders are generally easy to get as they are farmable in early campaign missions and through the online store. If you start targetting these Toons early on, you will have your first team together in no time. They can all be unlocked in the following way:

  • Daredevil – bought at the Arena store for 350 Arena tickets in exchange for 5 shards.
  • Luke Cage – given to you at the start of the game.
  • Iron Fist – farmable in chapter 1 of the Nexus campaign at stage 9.
  • Jessica Jones – farmable in chapter 1 of the Heroes Assemble campaign at stage 6.
  • The Punisher – farmable in chapter 2 of the Villains United campaign at stage 9.

Now you know how to get them, let’s take a look at their synergies and some possible lineup variations.

Marvel Strike Force Defenders Synergies

Marvel Strike Force Defenders Team Victory

In my opinion, The Defenders definitely has to go down as one of the most synergistic squads to create. Iron Fist has an active and passive healing ability. When working with Luke Cage’s Unbreakable, and Power Man buff, this combination alone can keep this team in the battle for a longer duration.

Furthermore, let’s not forget about Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones steals energy off of her target through her basic attack. The energy she steals gets delivered to her team. Therefore, the more energy attained, the more time Iron Fist heals, and the more Luke Cage can apply his abilities and sustain an endless hell for the opposing team.

Marvel Strike Force Defenders Lineups

In the game, there are only four characters truly tagged as Marvel Strike Force Defenders: Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones. The typical final character to round this out is The Punisher due to the perceived superior synergies and the ease with which he can be obtained as outlined above.

However, as you begin to unlock more characters you do not need to stick with The Punisher. Indeed, you can begin to get creative with this opening in the 5th slot. Other great options include America Chavez, Ms. Marvel, or Night Nurse who is one of the Best Healers in Marvel Strike Force.

Marvel Strike Force Ms. Marvel - Defenders Team

All three of these options are City Heroes, so they will get most of the group’s synergies. When it boils down to it, your best option is Ms. Marvel simply because when a Hero ally drops below 50% Health, she will activate a taunt for 2 turns, and can gain assist attacks from other Hero Brawler allies. In this case, that would apply to Daredevil – the hardest hitting Defender.

Unfortunately, Ms. Marvel is not easily unlockable in the early game. You will either have to get lucky with Orbs or wait until Stage 6 Chapter 2 of the Mystic campaign to begin farming her Shards.

Defenders Overview

In short, this team is not the team to dump all of your materials into. Especially, for players who are well advanced in the game. On the flip side, this is also a squad that I would not throw to the side of the road and ignore.

The Defenders offer early-game success in all game modes, don’t sleep on them! Rank them to a total combat power ranging from 250,000-450,000, and move on! For more insider tips on Marvel Strike Force, check out the rest of our Marvel Strike Force Guides.

As always: Keep on Strike Forcin’!

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