Tangled Web Marvel Strike Force Team

Spider-Weaver, Spider-man (Noir), and Spider-man (2099) have now been released into the Marvel Strike Force universe! Each of these new Marvel Strike Force Toons will have the Tangled Web tag to form a new team in the game.

So far, Scopely has purposefully left us with just 3 Tangled Web Toons to choose from. Thus allowing players to figure out who works best in the fourth and fifth spots. Alternatively, they could all slot into a Hero or Spider-Verse team. This is another great addition, following hot on the heels of the Apocalypse Saga Event.


Marvel Strike Force - Tangled Web Character Spider Weaver

Spider-Weaver has been tagged as a Protector for her new Tangled Web allies in Marvel Strike Force. She is a unique Protector with a Charged mechanic that decreases damage aimed at her team, due to her Passive Ability, “Weaver of Destiny.

When Spider-Weaver is Charged, she reduces all enemy Accuracy by 100% and will lose Charged each time an enemy misses. In addition, Spider-Weaver’s Ultimate Ability, “Threads of Fate,” supplies her with Charged and will also receive a bonus Charged in Cosmic Crucible. Therefore, if you keep Spider-Weaver supplied with Ability Energy, Crucible enemies will be destined to fall before this high-octane spider!

Spider-Man (Noir)

If you haven’t seen Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse, we highly recommend you do so. Not only to enjoy a fantastic cartoon Spider-Man story but to also learn about Spider-Man (Noir).

For people who have not seen the movie, Spider-Man (Noir)’s story takes place in a parallel universe from Earth-616, during the Great Depression of 1932, where this Peter Parker had also lived in New York City. After his Uncle Ben was murdered by a handful of goons claiming to work for a crime lord called “Goblin,” Peter set off in search of justice.

Peter had tracked some of these gangsters to a remote warehouse where Goblin’s goons were picking up a shipment of certain items. One of the containers broke, releasing a cluster of spiders, with one of these spiders biting Peter.

After passing out from the bite, Peter woke up as Spider-Man (Noir)! Superhuman strength, shooting webbing from his wrists, spider-sense for danger, and the ability to stick to walls! He created a costume using his uncle’s World War I-era airman uniform in honor of his Uncle Ben.

Now, let’s get back to the game! Spider-Man (Noir) is listed as a Blaster, meaning he will provide a ton of damage in battle, both for himself and his Tangled-Web friends. If Spider-Man (Noir) gets himself into a sticky situation in battle, he can mitigate his damage taken by activating Stealth through his Basic Ability, “Put ‘Em Up.”

Lastly, as a token of appreciation towards his lore and era, Spider-Man (Noir) slugs Hydra and Swarm enemies with an extra damage incentive.

Spider-Man (2099)

Before becoming Spider-Man in the year 2099, Miguel O’Hara was born in an alternate future timeline. In this timeline, he worked for the mega-corporation Alchemex as the head of the genetics department.

Motivated by the history of Spider-Man, Miguel tried to replicate Spider-Man by imprinting a spider’s genetic code into human physiology. After being poisoned in an attack, he noticed that he split his genetic coding with the genes of a spider. Indeed, this accident had given Miguel the abilities of a spider. When realizing the abilities he now possessed, he took an oath to protect his city from evil and stop all violence.

Spider-Man (2099) is a Controller with a high emphasis on his Focus, allowing him to tag negative effects on his enemies. In Crucible, he prolongs his negative effects. Spider-Man (2099) also distributes an extra Drain, Focus, and Resistance to Tangled-Web allies in Crucible. In general, it would be wise to send this Spider-Man to the forefront for the Living Tribunal Event with his Tangled-Web squad.

Tangled Web Team

Marvel Strike Force Tangled Web Team

As mentioned earlier, Spider-Weaver, Spider-man (Noir), and Spider-man (2099) are currently the only Toons in Marvel Strike Force with the Tangled Web Tag. You are therefore able to experiment a lot with options for filling in the fourth and fifth slots. The most obvious characters to team up with are those with the Spider-Verse tag which each of these Tangled Web characters also has.

Although these new Toons don’t offer many synergies outside of their Tangled Web allies, certain other Spider-Verse characters can benefit from them. In particular, Green Goblin can gain some solid synergy buffs from their Tangled Web allies.

Green Goblin’s passive ability, Cauterize, is a beast at neutering the enemy team. Indeed, Cauterize will remove a positive effect from 2 random enemies each time a Spider-Verse ally takes a turn.

Overall, the 3 Tangled Web Toons look like a solid base for an effective team to be used in the Cosmic Crucible. Getting hold of these characters and experimenting with options for their fourth and fifth slot should see you going far in this game mode. As always, keep on Strike Forcin’ and let us know how you get on with the Tangled Web Characters!

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