Best Speedster Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

Looking to incorporate some serious speed and destruction into your Pokemon lineup? Why don’t you try buying a Speedster? Pokemon Unite definitely lacks in Speedster variety, but it does somewhat make up for that by making every single one of them tons of fun to play! Each one of these Pokemon brings irreplaceable map control abilities, while they also have little downsides attached!

However, some Speedsters bring more to the table than others, therefore selecting the right one could be vital in your team building. They score goals quickly and usually, they are all very mobile, with savage attacks. Additionally, they have little trouble 1v1’ing other Pokemon, which is excellent.

Therefore, you probably want to know which Speedster Pokemon is the best to pick in Pokemon Unite. Well, since there are not many in the game currently, let’s go over all of them in order from the weakest to the strongest! Welcome to our list of Best Speedsters in Pokemon Unite.

Best Position for a Speedster in Pokemon Unite?

When you reach out for the destructive power and incredible map presence of a Speedster, the best position 9 out of 10 times will be the jungle. Or as it’s simply called in Pokemon Unite, the middle. Being halfway from each of your lanes is perfect for Talonflame, or Absol for example.

As this positioning allows you to simply dash, or jump over a wall with your abilities and aid your teammates, disrupt an enemy goal, or steal neutral Pokemon camps. Then you simply hit hard with all you have, and disappear into the bushes again. Rinse, repeat, farm up points, and score goals from the backlines.

However, you must be careful and have good lane position awareness. If you are caught out whilst on cooldown by one of the Best Attacker Pokemon, or even worse when they are teamed up with one of the Best Defender Pokemon, then you are in for a world of trouble!

Best Speedsters in Pokemon Unite

As already mentioned above, there are not a huge amount of Speedster Pokemon to choose from currently in the game. However, they can be real game changers in the middle and jungle positions, and therefore knowing which ones are best could make a huge difference to your game. Below we list the Best Speedster Pokemon in the game from worst to best.


Best Pokemon Unite Speedster List - Zeraora

Zeraora is an Electric-type Pocket Monster that was introduced with the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games. Zeraora is swift, agile, and capable of mounting a formidable defense. A stereotypical “Speedster” Pokemon. Although sadly it doesn’t measure up to the other Speedster options.

Nevertheless, if Zeraora is your creature of choice, then you’ll be roaming the middle of the map, looking out for opportunities or dealing damage that can get rid of enemies efficiently. It’s a Pokemon that has a perfect combination of speed and attack.

Just remember, you can mount a defense under your goal post, but this Pokemon is NOT suited for drawn-out fights. Hit hard, and leave once your skills are on cooldown.

What it has in power and speed, it lacks in its move set. Each move of Zeraora seems to have a never-ending cooldown, meaning you’re often forced to play that hit-and-run type of skirmishes as I mentioned. As a result, this Speedster is ideal for beginners, but players that have more experience will do more with other Speedsters.


Best Pokemon Unite Speedster List - Gengar

In comparison to Pokemon like Zeraora, Gengar is a touch different in that it isn’t an effective Pokemon to have on your roster at the start of the game. Gengar will flourish after you go past that stage, though. He really shines in the middle to end of the game, especially with abilities like Phantom Ambush and Dream Eater, which combine stealth, damage, and healing.

Gengar in that sense is a punishment machine. If the enemy makes a mistake, overextends, or recalls in your territory, then you can swoop in and collect a kill. With each kill you collect, you slightly mitigate your weak early game until you are fed enough to be unstoppable.

Gengar makes the game interesting without being complicated, while still having the strength and lack of any huge risk. This is primarily due to the additions of self-healing and ambush/punishment moves.

The lower the level of play of the enemy team, the weaker their teamwork, and the more frequent their mistakes, the stronger Gengar is. He is extremely strong past the early stage of the game, and he will do incredible damage, whilst also having options for self-healing and stealth. Gengar is also one of the classic Pokemon, that 1st generation favorite, who you probably had in your team if you ever played those older Pokemon titles.

Check out our full Pokemon Unite Gengar Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.


Perhaps the most popular Pokemon in the Speedster roster, Absol, absolutely doesn’t disappoint! Although this pocket monster was subject to some nerfs lately, he’s still the #2 strongest Speedster, while some argue that he always was, and still is the numero uno.

Many people would consider adding it to their collection just because it’s another one of those classic and popular Pokemon from past games. Not to mention just how powerful Absol was in those past games. That notion somewhat carries over to Pokemon Unite because Absol is a fantastic Speedster who can eliminate unaware adversaries before the game has even started.

However, Absol differs from competitors like Gengar and Zeraora in more ways than just the damage. This Dark-type Pokemon is all about lane clearing, critical hits, and ambushes. First, Absol will stand out from the other Pokemon on your squad thanks to its critical hits. They have the power to destroy even the beefiest tanks on the opposing team and do enormous damage.

Absol’s critical damage will make short work of any troublesome foe. When you combine it with the other maneuvers, you can swiftly and effectively clear lanes. Not just the lanes, the jungle too! Absol can be played virtually anywhere for great results. Nevertheless, I still suggest the jungle for the best use of his mobility.

Check out our full Pokemon Unite Absol Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.


Best Pokemon Unite Speedster List - Talonflame

Talonflame is arguably the greatest Speedster Pokemon available in the entire game. It effectively possesses the same amount of power as Zeraora and Absol as well as Gengar’s and with even greater mobility. Talonflame is just the greatest parts of other Speedsters blended into one fierce bird. The best of both worlds.

Talonflame’s aerial moves just seem to set this Pokemon well above the rest of the bunch, and this doesn’t concern only Speedsters, Talonfame is legitimately one of the strongest Pokemon in the game! His flying-type attacks allow him to completely dodge some of the most devastating moves in the game.

In the end, this Pokemon has the power to astonish anybody playing because of its outstanding moves, mobility, and high damage. It also offers a unique experience as Talonflame is just… extremely fun to play! The gameplay strikes the ideal mix between being somewhat complex and being viable in top-level play but also providing some safety nets for when you slip up. You’ll be winning a lot of games once you master this fiery avian.

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