Latest Dislyte Update: Meet Jin Qiu in Cellblock Chaos

Mobile gamers and Dislyte enthusiasts, get ready for a significant update! In the latest update, we will be able to get our hands on a fresh Esper, try out some new features such as Rewind Crystals, take on brand-new events, and get some much-needed adjustments to a few Espers. Keep reading below for everything you need to know about this latest Dislyte Cellblock Chaos update.

New Esper – Jin Qiu (Ru Shou)

New Dislyte Esper - Jin Qiu (Ru Shou)

One of the most exciting highlights of this Dislyte Cellblock Chaos update is the introduction of a new Esper, Jin Qiu (Ru Shou). Jin Qiu is a Legendary 5-Star Wind Fighter Esper, and he excels at dealing True Damage. Here’s a breakdown of his abilities:

  • Ability 1 (Cleave): Jin Qiu attacks one enemy, dealing True Damage based on his ATK and DEF. When he has the “Punish Evil” status, he attacks two more enemies and inflicts “Convict” for 2 turns.
  • Ability 2 (Pump Fatigue): Jin Qiu gains “Punish Evil” for 2 turns at the cost of a certain percentage of HP. If his HP falls below a specific threshold, he also gains “Intimidate” for 2 turns and a bonus turn.
  • Ability 3 (Just Retribution): Jin Qiu attacks all enemies, dealing True Damage based on his ATK and DEF, and inflicts “Convict” for 2 turns. The damage is amplified based on the number of debuffs on the targets.

Check out our Jin Qiu (Ru Shou) Guide for full details on his powerful kit alongside some suggestions on how best to build him.

New Features

The Dislyte team is introducing several new features:

  1. Materia Research Lab: This new lab allows players to access the Mythology of Raya, categorizing and grouping different deities. Acquiring and developing designated Espers will help level up Esper Groups and unlock corresponding bonus effects.
  2. Auto-Set: A new system called Auto-Set has been introduced, offering tailored Equipment Sets for players based on their preferred attributes and other requirements.
  3. Rewind Crystals: Players can now reset Equipment enhancement levels using Rewind Crystals.
  4. Paths of Experience: New paths and enhancements are available for Espers such as Hyde (Hades), Ollie (Osiris), Sander (Set), Tevor (Sphinx), and Alexa (Aphrodite).
  5. Esper Namecard Frame: Players who max level, ascend, or resonate Jin Qiu (Ru Shou) will be rewarded with a unique Esper Namecard frame.

New Events

As always, the latest Dislyte Update will also introduce several new events. In particular, it features a story called Cellblock Chaos which will introduce us to the newest Esper, Jin Qiu (Ru Shou). In all, the new events in this update will include the following:

  1. Cellblock Chaos: Introducing us to Jin Qiu (Ru Shou), this event, running from November 7 to November 24, brings a new storyline, map events, limited-time quests, and amazing rewards. Don’t miss your chance to earn Shimmer Records, Gold Records, and more by achieving specific player ratings.
  2. Ex-Invasion: Join forces to eliminate a threat posed by Miramon during this event, running from November 17 to November 29.
  3. Golden City Challenge: Test your knowledge and strategy in this Pop Quiz event, taking place from November 17 to November 29.
  4. Celebration Collection: For players at level 16 and above, challenge various instances to collect Bazaar Stamps and claim big prizes.
  5. Graywater Bootleg Market: Spend Nexus Crystals to buy valuable items in this special market from November 7 to November 28.
  6. Limited-Time Echo Event: From November 7 to November 28, enjoy a special chance of summoning Jin Qiu (Ru Shou), Mateo (Prometheus), and Cang Ji (Cang Jie) from Echo spins.
  7. Limited-Time Probability UP Event: During this event, tap the record on the Echo – Shimmer Pool screen to increase your chance of obtaining Unas (Shu) from Echo spins.

Adjustments and Optimizations

The developers have made several adjustments and optimizations to improve your gaming experience, such as changes to the Countess Sonica instance, balance adjustments for certain Esper Divinates, and various quality-of-life improvements.

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