Marvel Strike Force Secret Defender Team Guide

The Secret Defender Team in Marvel Strike Force combines some of the most powerful and versatile characters in the game. In particular, it consists of Black Cat, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider (Robbie), Ms. Marvel (Hard Light), and Photon. They are a hybrid team that can excel in various game modes, such as Arena, War, Raids, and Blitz. Keep reading this Marvel Strike Force Guide for all you need to know about the Secret Defender Team.

Is the Secret Defender Team Good?

The simple answer is yes, the Secret Defender team is very good. They possess a serious amount of synergy and utility that makes them a formidable force against almost any opponent. Indeed, each character in this team is a force to be reckoned with as outlined below:

  • Black Cat is a legendary and fast character that can apply Trauma, Bleed, Interrupted, and Stun to enemies. She also has high survivability thanks to the various bonuses of her Passive, such as Deathproof, Immunity, and Safeguard. In addition, she can Steal positive effects from enemies and Spread them to her allies with her ultimate ability.
  • Doctor Strange is a powerful support character that can Revive fallen allies, Heal and Buff his team, and Flip or Remove positive effects from enemies. He also has a passive ability that increases his team’s Speed Bar and Resistance.
  • Ghost Rider (Robbie) can deal massive damage to enemies with his Piercing area attacks. He can also apply Bleed, Heal Block, and Ability Block to enemies.
  • Ms. Marvel (Hard Light) is a tanky protector character that can receive Taunt and apply Defense Up, and Regeneration to herself and her allies. She also has a passive ability that gives a lot of support to her team with Barrier and negative effect clearings.
  • Photon is a character that can deal high damage and apply various effects to enemies such as Blind, Offense Down, and Slow. She can also clear positive effects from enemies with her basic ability.

ISO-8 Class and T4 Priority

The ISO-8 class is an important factor that can enhance the performance of your characters, as well as T4 priority. For the Marvel Strike Force Secret Defender Team, we recommend the following ISO-8 classes and T4s:

Black Cat

Marvel Strike Force Secret Defender Team Guide - Black Cat

Striker: Her strong basic ability steals speed and applies bleed while dealing significant piercing damage. Choosing this class boosts her damage output and speed.

T4 Priority: Black Cat’s Special is the best choice for T4 upgrades. It applies Trauma and increases the Charge count of her team. Follow this with her Passive ability to have better chances against Bio teams.

For more information on Black Cat, check out our detailed MSF Black Cat Guide.

Doctor Strange

Marvel Strike Force Secret Defender Team Guide - Doctir Strange

Healer: This class boosts Doctor Strange’s healing abilities and ensures the survival of his team by applying Regeneration on the most injured allies.

T4 Priority: The best ability to prioritize is his passive. This will make him receive Deflect when enemies receive positive effects.

Ghost Rider (Robbie)

Marvel Strike Force Secret Defender Team Guide - Ghost Rider (Robbie)

Striker: This class will enhance his damage-dealing role and aligns perfectly with his Bleed-inducing abilities. Indeed, it will boost his damage output, triggering bonus attacks, and accelerating Bleed application, resulting in heightened combat effectiveness.

T4 Priority: Max out the Passive first, this will reduce Bio enemies’ resistance and eliminate Counterattack chances for those with Immunity. Then max his Ultimate to enhance piercing damage, and add an extra bleed effect.

For more information on Ghost Rider (Robbie), check out our detailed MSF Ghost Rider (Robbie) Guide.

Ms. Marvel (Hard Light)

Marvel Strike Force Secret Defender Team Guide - Ms. Marvel (Hard Light)

Skirmisher: This class boosts her Focus and applies Vulnerable. Being the team’s first actor, she allows her teammates to exploit the Vulnerable she inflicts.

T4 Priority: Upgrade the Ultimate first with T4 materials since it boosts damage and grants safeguard to both you and Secret Defender allies. Following that, prioritize the Passive. It slightly enhances the barrier and armor for Secret Defenders. It also raises Ms. Marvel’s (Hard Light) max health in Arena.

For more information on Ms. Marvel (Hard Light), check out our detailed MSF Ms. Marvel (Hard Light) Guide.


Marvel Strike Force Secret Defender Team Guide - Photon

Striker: This class boosts Photon’s damage and enables additional attacks. These attacks quickly raise the character’s Charged count. Moreover, your attack can potentially remove buffs from enemies.

T4 Priority: Photon’s Passive offers Arena mode bonuses, enhancing your team’s strength, and making it the top priority for T4 material upgrades. Following this, Photon’s Ultimate should be your next upgrade. This not only increases area damage but also provides Defense Up and Speed Up for two turns to the whole team.

For more information on Photon, check out our detailed MSF Photon Guide.

How to Get Secret Defender Team Shards

Each character requires a different number of shards to unlock and rank up, depending on their rarity and availability. Here are the ways to get shards for each member of the Secret Defender Team:

  • Black Cat – Black Cat Trials Event.
  • Doctor Strange – Special offers, Premium and Legacy I Orbs, a chance to be found in Supplies, and Mystic Forces Rising Campaign (2-9). 
  • Ghost Rider (Robbie) – Special offers, Premium and Mega Orbs, and a chance to be found in Supplies.  
  • Ms. Marvel (Hard Light) – Special offers, Premium and Mega Orbs, and a chance to be found in Supplies.
  • Photon – Special offers, Premium and Mega Orbs, and a chance to be found in Supplies.

Countering the Secret Defender Team in Marvel Strike Force

The Secret Defender team is a great challenge, especially in Marvel Strike Force’s Arena mode. However, here are some tips that can help you come out ahead:

  • Priority: Start focusing your attacks on Ms. Marvel (Hard Light) as her Taunt and Speed are very annoying. The best way to deal with her is to disrupt her with a faster character like Spider-Man (Big Time) or Quicksilver.
  • Use Knowhere and Gamma teams. In the Alliance War game mode, it is possible to attack Secret Defenders with these teams. Both are strong and resistant enough to withstand the impact. Check out our Knowhere Team Guide for help with building out this squad.
  • Use your own Secret Defenders team: With a little strategy and positioning it is possible to win a mirror match. The best position for Ms. Marvel (Hard Light) is in the corner, followed by Black Cat and Doctor Strange in the center. You will probably achieve victories against opponents who have not positioned themselves correctly.

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