Marvel Strike Force Introduces Diamond Stars

In Marvel Strike Force you will spend a lot of time grinding it out to improve the Star Levels of your top Characters. In the current format, Characters can increase up to a maximum of 7 Red Stars, but this is set to increase with the introduction of Diamond Stars. Don’t fret, however, if you are still struggling over Red Stars as these are set to be obtained at a much easier rate. Check out all we know about this Marvel strike Force Diamond Stars update below.

What are the New Diamond Stars in MSF?

Marvel Strike Force Introduces Diamond Stars

The Diamond Star system is a new way to increase the power of your collection. Five years after MSF’s launch, veteran players have started to max out the Yellow and Red stars of their best Characters and this introduces another way to improve them further.

Diamond upgrades will be accessible at Commander Level 42 and will be upgradable up to a maximum of 3 Diamond stars. The new system will work in a similar way to Red stars, increasing character attributes percentage as follows:

  • Diamond Level 1: +10% Star Boost
  • Diamond Level 2: +10% Stat Boost
  • Diamond Level 3: +15% Stat Boost

A character who reaches Diamond level 3 will have a total increase of 110% in their attributes once Red star buffs are included. Players who want to get ahead in PvP game modes like Cosmic Crucible and Alliance War should invest in this new feature for their main teams.

How Do I Get Diamonds?

Just like Red Stars, Diamonds will require their own unique currency to upgrade them, with Silver Diamond Credits and Dark Diamond Credits being the two key types. Players can use these credits in the Elite Store.

The Diamond Orb and Diamond Dawn Orb will be the main way to get those Credits, making it easier for players to access these essential resources. Additionally. the system will convert any duplicate Diamond drops into Silver Diamond Credits, providing players with more options for upgrading their characters.

Earning Diamond Dawn Orbs

At launch, the primary method of earning Diamond Promotions will be through Diamond Dawn Orbs. Players can obtain these in a new tower mode called S.W.O.R.D. Satellite. It’s a multi-floor experience, much like the Avenger’s Tower, with increasing challenges as players ascend. Character requirements include having 5 Yellow Stars, and the tower will run for ten days, consisting of 40 floors with a boss battle every 5 floors.

After this initial release, players will also be able to earn Diamond Dawn Orb Fragments and Dark Diamond Credits from Cosmic Crucible, Free Claim, Limited-time Events, Web Stamp Card, and Special Offers. So there will be a variety of ways to access these valuable resources.

Changes to Red Star and Shards Availability in Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force is undergoing significant changes to both Red Star availability and Character Shards thanks to the arrival of Diamond Stars. These changes aim to ensure that players will have an attainable route toward maxing out their Character Red Stars and unlocking Diamond Stars.

Red Stars via Incursion Campaign

The developers will introduce a new Incursion campaign, giving players a dedicated Energy source to earn Red Star resources for targeted characters. The goal is to make the upgrade journey more accessible and rewarding.

Character Shard Increased Availability

As mentioned, in addition, to Red Stars, Shards will also see increased availability throughout Marvel Strike Force to help players progress toward Diamond Stars. These new areas of availability include the following:

  • Various in-game activities and stores offer increased stack sizes for Character Shards.
  • Arena, Blitz, and Raid Orbs will drop twice as many Character Shards.
  • Arena characters will immediately be available in the Store, eliminating the Orb exclusivity.
  • Drop rates for Character Shards in all Campaigns have been increased.
  • Additional in-game currencies will be provided to facilitate the acquisition of Shards and resources.

For most new Characters, Shards will be more widely available four months after their initial release. All players will have the opportunity to take new Characters to 7 Yellow Stars through regular daily play within six months of their release.

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