Marvel Strike Force Quicksilver Guide

Marvel Strike Force Quicksilver Guide

Quicksilver is the twin brother of Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch. He has the ability to execute undodgeable piercing attacks on his opponents, which can result in various negative effects. Additionally, he is capable of removing negative effects from himself while also receiving positive effects.

Quicksilver Details

  • Real Name: Pietro Maximoff
  • Traits: Hero, Global, Mystic, Brawler
  • Speed: 125
  • ISO-8: Striker
  • Availability: Packs

Is Quicksilver Good in Marvel Strike Force

If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile character to add to your Marvel Strike Force team, then Quicksilver is definitely worth considering. His status as a global brawler makes him suitable for various team compositions. Quicksilver’s ability to negate buffs and apply debuffs on opponents, in addition to his high damage output, makes him a highly effective fighter against a wide range of enemies.

Quicksilver’s abilities do not offer any particular bonuses for specific game modes, allowing for more flexibility in team composition without the need to adhere to specific restrictions. This way, Quicksilver’s inclusion in a team can greatly enhance its performance, especially when paired with Scarlet Witch. The dynamic duo possesses remarkable abilities and synergies that can complement any strong team that players already have.

Quicksilver Abilities

The abilities that Characters have in Marvel Strike Force are the core of what makes them unique and determines how useful they are in battle. Read below for all the details on Quicksilver’s abilities at their max level.

Speed Strikes [Basic] [Max Level: 7]

  • Attack primary target for 180% Piercing and clear 2 random positive effects. Repeat this attack 1 time.
  • Repeat this attack an additional time if the primary target has any positive effects, if it has none, instead Bonus Attack for 220% Piercing and apply Disrupted.
  • These attacks ignore Defense Up and cannot be counterattacked.
  • Bonus attacks cannot be blocked or dodged.

Mach Punch [Special] [Max Level: 7]

  • Clear all negative effects on this character.
  • Attack primary target for 700% Piercing + apply Defense Down for 2 turns and Slow for 2 turns.
  • Clear all Charged on the primary target + reduce Speed Bar by 30%.
  • Gain Offense Up for 3 turns and Defense Up for 3 turns.
  • This attack ignores Defense Up and it cannot be blocked or dodged.

Super Sonic Blitz [Ultimate] [Max Level: 7]

  • Clear all negative effects on this character.
  • Attack all enemies for 500% Piercing.
  • Apply 2 random negative effects to each enemy from the following list: 2 Bleed, Defense Down for 2 turns, Disrupted for 2 turns, Heal Block for 2 turns, Offense Down for 2 turns, Slow for 2 turns, 2 Vulnerable.
  • Clear 2 random positive effects on all enemies.
  • Gain 2 Evade and 2 Counter.
  • Gain +1 Charged, up to a maximum of 5.
  • This attack is Unavoidable, cannot be blocked, and cannot be counterattacked.

Maximoff Velocity [Passive] [Max Level: 5]

  • This character cannot be revived and his Speed Bar cannot be reduced.
  • On Spawn, gain +4 Charged, up to a maximum of 5.
  • On any character’s turn, if this character has Slow, clear Slow and fill Speed Bar by 20%.
  • On Turn, if Charged, fill Speed Bar by 100%, then lose 1 Charged (this will not trigger on any additional turn granted from this ability).
  • On End of Turn, if this character has Deathproof, Heal for 20% of this character’s Max Health.
  • On Ally Turn, gain a random positive effect from this list: 2 Counter, Defense Up for 2 turns, 2 Deflect, 2 Evade, Offense Up for 2 turns, Regeneration for 2 turns, Speed Up for 2 turns, Immunity for 2 turns.
  • If this character’s Health is full at the start of a match, the first time this character drops below 50% Health, clear all negative effects on this character, Barrier self for 30% of this character’s Max Health, gain 2 Deathproof, and summon Scarlet Witch with Defense Up, Offense Up, and 2 Deathproof.
  • On Death, apply Evade to a random Hawkeye ally.
  • Gain +50% Max Health. Scarlet Witch allies gain +30% Max Health.
  • Gain +100% Focus per Charged.

Quicksilver ISO-8

Quicksilver’s combat style in Marvel Strike Force makes him an ideal candidate for the ISO-8 Striker Class. This boosts the damage of his attacks. However, players can also benefit from assigning him to the Skirmisher Class which allows him to deal extra damage and trigger chain attacks on his opponents.

Best Quicksilver Team in Marvel Strike Force

Quicksilver is a highly versatile character in Marvel Strike Force who works well with almost any team composition due to his lack of team affiliation. He is a “plug and play” character that can be slotted into any strong team nucleus, depending on the player’s preference and the game mode they are playing.

However, there are certain characters that pair particularly well with Quicksilver due to their abilities and synergies. For example, Quicksilver’s sister, Scarlet Witch, can grant Quicksilver additional healing and buffs. In addition, her abilities also receive various bonus effects with Quicksilver’s presence as an ally.

Other characters that work well with Quicksilver include Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, and Ghost Rider. Black Bolt and Captain Marvel both have powerful abilities that can deal massive damage to enemies, while Ghost Rider’s debuff application can stack with Quicksilver’s own debuff abilities.

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