Pokemon Unite Cinderace Guide and Build

The best guide on how to play and build Cinderace in Pokemon UNITE for Nintendo Switch and Mobile devices. Read on to find out everything about Cinderace including the best builds, Held and Battle items, move sets, as well as some general tips!

Cinderace is an old favorite in Pokemon Unite since it was added to the game. When played right, it can truly be a devastating Jungler. This guide will let you in on a few tricks you can pull with Cinderace, as well as which builds to run, to maximize your win rate with this Attacker. Stick around and find out if Cinderace is the character for you!

Is Cinderace Good in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite Cinderace Guide

Cinderace is a Pokemon that shines the brightest rather late in the game. Cinderace’s power spikes at level 7, when it upgrades its initial move. Before this spike, prioritize farming and XP gathering and be extremely mindful of your positioning in team fights and pay attention to enemy movements.

Keeping this in mind, taking the role of the Jungle, or the middle of the map will suit Cinderace the best. In these areas you can disengage fights easier, you don’t risk ganks if you keep tabs on enemy movement, and you can farm as much as you like.

If you want to lane on the top or bottom of the map, you certainly can. But, you should team up with a powerful Defender like Snorlax to be a wall shielding you from enemies. If not, teaming up with a Pokemon with good crowd control, like Lucario or Slowbro, is also fine. And then lastly are Supports with great heals who will keep you from dropping dead and are also your best friends.

Even with full HP, Cinderace can be burst-nuked off the face of the earth by Assassins or SP Attackers, so be careful around them. Also worth remembering is each time you utilize a move, your next basic attack instantly becomes a Boosted Attack. Cycling between moves and basic attacks, therefore, allows you to repeatedly spam them, dishing out some serious damage against your adversaries.

The attack speed and crit chance of Cinderace increases when its HP falls below half of its maximum value. Remember this every time you are fighting someone and are nearing low health. While things might look grim at first, you will eventually power up, allowing you to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Pokemon Unite Cinderace Best Build

Pokemon Unite Cinderace Moveset

Cinderace’s passive ability is Blaze which causes Cinderace’s attacks to place a stack of Cinder on the enemy. Boosted Attacks and moves apply 2 cinders. When the enemy suffers 5 stacks of Cinder they will all be consumed to deal damage to that enemy. Furthermore, when Cinderace falls down to half HP or less, its critical-hit rate and auto-attack speed are increased.

Cinderace’s basic attack becomes boosted every third hit, or right after using a move. Its boosted attacks apply 2 cinders and deal additional damage. The first move Cinderace gains is Ember. This is a ranged sure-hit ability that shoots out a small fireball, damaging and burning the enemy. Each enemy hit also has their Attack and SP Attack reduced.

Move 1 Upgrade Options

Pokemon Unite Cinderace Gameplay

The first upgrade option for move 1 is Pyro Ball which is a ranged skill shot ability. With this, Cinderace shoots out a large flame in a designated direction, burning and damaging enemies hit. Much like Ember, enemies hit have their ATK and SP ATK reduced.

The other upgrade option for move 1, Blaze Kick, is a sure-hit ability. Cinderace leaps toward an enemy with a fiery kick with all enemies in the way shoved aside and burned. Cinderace is immune to disables during this move and it will always critically strike the opponent. Following the move Cinderace can choose the location where it lands, allowing it to back off slightly after the strike.

Blaze Kick is definitely the way to go. Despite its lower damage, it offers you a little more maneuverability, but the real reason why you should always pick Blaze Kick is its synergy with the second ability.

Move 2 Upgrade Options

Moving on, we have the second move which is Low Sweep. This dash move hits all enemies in your way.

The first upgrade option for move 2 is Flame Charge. Similarly to Low Sweep, this move is pretty simple, Cinderace dashes forward damaging all enemies in his way.

The second upgrade is Feint. Cinderace buffs himself with an increase in movement speed while also becoming briefly invincible. The invincibility time is super short, therefore it must be timed to the enemy attack.

Flame Charge is once again the stronger move. However, it is its synergy with Blaze Kick that really makes this ascend into greatness. You can Blaze Kick into an enemy, and strike him with a boosted attack before Flame Charging away from him.

If you target an enemy hiding behind his teammates you will likely also hit them with either one or both of the abilities. Dishing out serious damage, while also getting away for free. If you don’t get stunned that is.

Cinderace’s Unite Move

Pokemon Unite Cinderace Unite Move

Cinderace gains Blazing Bicycle Kick at level 9. The move is a sure-hit ability that creates a giant ball of flame that is then kicked from up above on top of the designated enemy, dealing damage to anyone caught in a huge area of effect. This ability does damage based on the enemies’ missing HP%.

Cinderace’s Best Skill Loadout

The best Cinderace loadout is pairing Blaze Kick with Flame Charge. As I mentioned, this loadout EXCELS at hit-and-run tactics. And if you catch the enemy off guard, or they simply assume you are doing a hit-n-run attack, you can simply all in on the enemy backline and take out key opponents.

Best Held Items for Cinderace in Pokemon Unite

A combo of Muscle Band and Scope Lens is a great way to further improve Cinderace’s damage via a normal ATK and Crit Damage increase. Throw in a Focus Band to offer the Pokemon some more survivability and counter his overall squishiness. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best held items to use.

Best Battle Items for Cinderace in Pokemon Unite

The best option for Cinderace’s battle item in Pokemon Unite is the Full Heal. Cinderace has damage covered by his base kit, and a little bit of mobility thanks to Flame Charge. But if stunned in the middle of his combo he will go down HARD, so you need a “get out of jail free” card for these situations. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best battle items to use.

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