Pokemon Unite Venusaur Guide and Build

The best guide on how to play and build Venusaur in Pokemon UNITE for Nintendo Switch and Mobile devices. Read on to find out everything about Venusaur including the best builds, Held and Battle items, move sets, as well as some general tips!

Venusaur is one of Pokemon Unite’s older Attacker Pokemon. Since his release in 2021, this classic Gen 1 starter has been losing popularity due to a poor win rate. However, the developers have now given him rework that has made him much more viable!

This guide will let you in on a few tricks you can pull with Venusaur, as well as which builds to run, to maximize your win rate with this incredibly strong special Attacker. Stick around and find out if Venusaur is the character for you!

Is Venusaur Good in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite Venusaur

Venusaur is a late-game character, so you need to play it safe until level 7. It is better to remain careful and prioritize leveling up rather than scoring until you have both of your moves upgraded. For the fastest and safest method of leveling up, head to the jungle at the beginning of the game.

However, it all depends on the moveset you choose. The jungle is smooth sailing to level 7 if you’re using Giga Drain and Petal Dance. In contrast, though, it’s preferable if you go to one of the lanes if you’re taking Sludge Bomb and Solar Beam.

Always alter your playstyle in accordance with the moveset you are choosing. Both move combinations deal damage, but to be effective, they need two different playing styles. When employing Solar Beam with Sludge Bomb, you must remain in the backlines and make use of Solar Beam’s extended range to back up your squad with long-range artillery. Prior to making a move, you should always consider your position, especially in a team fight.

To get the most out of your moveset when using Giga Drain and Petal Dance, you must be on the front lines. The goal of this moveset is to strike as many opponents as you can with Petal Dance to shorten the cooldown of Giga Drain, allowing you to keep regaining HP throughout the battle.

Venusaur pulls targets towards him via his amazing boosted attack, which also temporarily stuns them. This messes with enemy positioning and sets up combo attacks with your team by pulling fragile enemies toward you with Boosted Attacks.

Pokemon Unite Venusaur Best Build

Pokemon Unite Venusaur Overview

Venusaur’s passive ability is Overgrow. It increases the Pokemon’s damage dealt by 20% when he falls below 30% of his maximum HP. Venusaur’s basic attack becomes empowered with every 3rd attack. The empowered strike deals more damage and pulls the struck enemy toward your position.

The first move Venusaur gains is Seed Bomb. It launches a projectile to a select location, damaging all enemies within the radius. The second move is Razor Leaf which launches a barrage of leaves in the designated direction, damaging enemies it passes through.

Move 1 Upgrade Options

Pokemon Unite Venusaur Gameplay

The first upgrade option for move 1 is Sludge Bomb. Venusaur hurls toxic sludge to the designated location, damaging, slowing, and poisoning all enemies in the radius of where it lands. Toxic clouds linger in the area after the initial explosion; damaging enemies, slowing them, and reducing their Sp. Defense.

The other upgrade option for move 1, Giga Drain, makes Venusaur emit a cone-shaped blast in the designated direction, damaging enemies and restoring health when it hits. Venusaur also takes reduced damage following the attack for a short time. This move’s healing is not increased by Venusaur’s passive.

Venusaur is an interesting case. He doesn’t necessarily have better upgrade options for specific moves, he simply has two viable combinations that support different playstyles. If you want to be up close and personal, dealing massive damage and healing it back up quickly pick Giga Drain and Petal Dance.

If you want to be a ranged artillery bombing everything from a safe distance then go for Sludge Bomb and Solar Beam combo. If you want to know which combination is better then keep scrolling to find out!

Move 2 Upgrade Options

Moving on, we have the second move which is Razor Leaf. It launches a barrage of leaves in the designated direction, damaging enemies it passes through. The attack launches 10 waves of leaves over a 7-second duration.

The first upgrade option for move 2 is Solar Beam. Venusaur briefly charges before launching a beam of light in the desired direction, dealing up to 10 times more damage to anything caught in the beam. This attack switches between regular damage and damage dependent on the target’s maximum HP.

The second upgrade is Petal Dance. Venusaur spreads flowers all around himself, boosting his mobility and harming foes in his vicinity. For every tick of damage that hits an opponent player, Petal Dance decreases the cooldown of Sludge Bomb or Giga Drain by 30% of the remaining cooldown.

As stated before, consider either Giga Drain and Petal Dance, or Sludge Bomb and Solar Beam based on your playstyle.

Venusaur’s Unite Move

Pokemon Unite Venusaur Unite Move

Venusaur gains Verdant Anger at level 9. He launches a huge seed in the designated direction, slowing and harming any opponents caught in the blast. The seed then fragments into four smaller seeds, each of which deals damage to all foes around.

Venusaur Best Skill Loadout

Without a doubt, the best skills combo you can pick for Venusaur is Giga Drain and Petal Dance. This turns you into quite a force to be reckoned with. Simply walk up to a group of enemies, giga drain, then petal dance, then giga drain again. Rinse and repeat.

The enemy team will suffer massive damage, while you regain any HP you lost with giga drain. This turns into a lose-lose scenario for the enemies, if they focus you down, you will buy a lot of time for your team to pick them off. If they ignore you, you will hurt them badly.

Best Held Items for Venusaur in Pokemon Unite

Focus Band and Buddy Barrier combo is a great way to boost your survivability so you can deal more damage than Venusaur has plenty already. Throw in Energy Amplifier for the great synergy with his Unite Move, and you’re a killing machine ready to go. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best held items to use.

Best Battle Items for Venusaur in Pokemon Unite

The best option for Venusaur’s battle item in Pokemon Unite is the Full Heal. Because while Venusaur can stand his ground and fight in any fair battle, he has a mobility problem. If you are caught in a 2v1 out of position you are not getting away if they can disable you. The only way out of this is with Full Heal. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best battle items to use.

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