Pokemon Unite Clefable Guide and Build

The best guide on how to play and build Clefable in Pokemon Unite for Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Read on to find out everything about Clefable including the best builds, Held and Battle items, her moveset, as well as some general tips!

This Pocket Monster specializes as a Support Pokemon, keeping their allies from harm’s way. But can she measure up to Mr. Mime who has been dominating the meta from the same role as her?

This guide will let you in on a few tricks you can pull with Clefable, as well as which builds to run, to maximize your win rate with this Support Pokemon. Stick around and find out if Clefable is the character for you!

Is Clefable Good in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite Clefable

Your ability to heal your comrades and free up opponents for your squad to attack will determine how effective Clefable is in battle. Make sure to keep playing passively, and do everything it takes to help your squad.

While Clefable has the ability to inflict damage on opponents, you shouldn’t rely on Clefable’s offensive to score knockdowns. Instead, you should concentrate on either healing your buddy to buy them more time in combat or distracting the enemy with your hindrance techniques so that your ally can finish the job.

In general, avoid actively looking for opponents to fight. Make defensive use of Clefable’s abilities, and only get into physical conflict if your friends initiate it. You’ll want to stay close to your comrades as a Support Pokemon to prevent losing out on game-deciding fights.

This is particularly true in clashes for objectives like Rayquaza when both sides typically go all out. Before or during team battles, it’s crucial that you help your friends so that they can make use of your healing and disable moves. After your whole squad is defeated, you should avoid becoming involved in a fight since Clefable lacks high-damage attacks that can effectively dispatch foes.

Due to her Support role, I naturally recommend you go top or bottom lane. Pair up with an Attacker or All-Rounder, avoid going with tanks and other Supports. And do not try to jungle with Clefable! I tried it for science’s sake, and it was NOT a good time!

Pokemon Unite Clefable Best Build

Pokemon Unite Clefable Overview

Clefable’s Passive Ability is Magic Guard. It grants her a shield whenever she heals her allies. Her Basic Attack is pretty standard stuff, it becomes empowered with every third attack. Keep reading the next section to find out the best movesets to use with Clefable.

The first move Clefable gains is Heal Pulse, which immediately restores some health to Clefable herself and allies in close proximity. Simple, but effective. Below we will take a look at your upgrade options for your next 2 moves.

Move 1 Upgrade Options

Pokemon Unite Clefable Gameplay

Moonlight transforms the flat heal into a zone, with Clefable at its center, that provides constant healing for a short period of time. During its active time, Clefable has increased movement speed. The upgrade at level 10 widens the healing area of effect and increases the duration of all its effects.

The other upgrade option for move 1, Draining Kiss, is a damaging ability that targets nearby Pokemon. Each enemy struck (be it opposing players or neutral wild Pokemon) generates hearts that start floating toward Clefable’s allies. The hearts restore friendly Pokemon health when they make contact with them, and they always prioritize low-health allies. If there’s no one to heal nearby they will instead heal Clefable.

From the descriptions, many people would think that Draining Kiss is the better option out of the two. But to be honest, Moonlight is more useful for your team. Draining Kiss can only heal one ally with the lowest health once per 7 seconds. That is not enough to keep your team afloat when the enemy team unleashes their Unite Moves combo.

Moonlight on the other hand will heal every ally near you, so you just need to position strategically and watch your Attacker go to town.

Move 2 Upgrade Options

Moving on, we have the second Clefable move which is Disarming Voice. It’s an AoE-based attack that damages any foes near Clefable and slows their movement speed for a couple of seconds. Your upgrade options at level 6 are Gravity and Follow Me.

Gravity creates a zone around Clefable much like Moonlight, but this one debuffs enemies instead of buffing allies. Any enemy who enters the gravitational pull of Clefable has their movement speed slowed, this effect gets stronger the longer Gravity is in effect. Additionally, enemies inside the gravitational pull cannot use any movement-related abilities. Any foe that tries jumping in or out will get stunned.

Follow Me orders Clefable to move to an area designated by the player, if she walks into any enemies they are immediately taunted by her. This forces them to follow her while auto-attacking, essentially forcing enemy players to give up control over their character for a couple of seconds. Clefable gets a shield when the move is used.

Both of these options are quite strong. But sadly Follow Me is just not as good as Gravity. Just activating Gravity and standing on top of your fed Attacker should be enough to dissuade anyone from going after him. Any Assassin or Speedster that would like to swoop in and end him cannot do that, and anyone who is willing to painstakingly walk up to him instead will just get slowed and killed.

Clefable’s Unite Move

Pokemon Unite Clefable Unite Move

Clefable gains Wonder Wish at Level 8. Upon activation, Clefable instantly heals all her allies within range for 25% of their missing HP. After that, she gains a random move that replaces Wonder Wish for 10 seconds. These are the moves that can potentially replace Wonder Wish: Self Destruct, Block, Close Combat, Fly, Hydro Pump, or Hyper Beam.

Clefable’s Best Skill Loadout

Without a doubt, the best combo of upgrades you can pick for Clefable is Moonlight and Gravity. This offers you the best Support tools you can have for your buddies. They also make Clefable not only a strong healer and debuffer, but also extremely easy to use! You do not have to hit any moves, you just fire up Moonlight or Wonder Wish if you see anyone with low HP nearby, or Gravity if anyone jumps your carry.

Best Held Items for Clefable in Pokemon Unite

I highly recommend Exp. Share and Buddy Barrier combo to offer even more Support utility to your team. For the third item, Wise Glasses or Sp. Atk. Specs are the way to go. The boost to your Sp. Atk will make all your moves heal more, keeping your team afloat longer. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best held items to use.

Best Battle Items for Clefable in Pokemon Unite

The best option for Clefable’s battle item in Pokemon Unite is the X Speed. This turns Clefable into a high-speed Ambulance ready to speed into harm’s way to protect her key teammates at the drop of the hat.

Don’t forget, Supports are the ones who often make a real difference in the big fights, and you need to be present for them, and keep up with your crazy Talonflames jumping all over the place. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best battle items to use.

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