Pokemon Unite Blastoise Guide and Build

In this Pokemon Unite Guide, we take a closer look at the Defender Pokemon, Blastoise, checking out his moveset and recommending some of the best builds for him. He is another beloved Pokemon, a starter from Generation 1 that remains popular among the fanbase. Remembered for his excellent design and the role the Pokemon played in the animated series of the Pokemon franchise.

It is therefore no surprise that he made it into Unite alongside other favorites from Gen 1, Charizard and Venusaur. Keep reading for our detailed build guide and a few tips on how to play with Blastoise, such as his best lane and game strategy, in order to maximize your win rate.

Is Blastoise Good in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite Blastoise Guide - Gameplay

The early game for Blastoise is very important. Make sure to use your Skull Bash and Water Gun moves to secure kills in these early stages. The ideal method to do this is to slide behind your enemies with Skull Bash, then force them towards your goal zone with Water Gun.

As soon as you can, try to get to level 7 so you can use your whole moveset. Avoid being overly aggressive in the early game, and only engage in combat when you have the upper hand. Blastoise, like most Defenders in the game, is most powerful in the later stages of the game. Protect your goal zone, gather wild Pokemon, and score points when you get the chance.

Your move’s cooldowns will be shortened by 1 second with each usage of Blastoise’s Boosted Attacks. This is in effect even if you are currently attacking wild Pokemon and not human-controlled enemies. Don’t be afraid to “waste” some boosted attacks to shorten the cooldowns on your moves if a team fight is brewing.

Both the classic tank playstyle and the Sp. Atk damage-dealing playstyles are available for Blastoise based on which moves you select. You can play the Pokemon more skillfully if you are aware of how certain move combos work together.

Thanks to his broad AoE, stun, and damage, Hydro Typhoon is one of the finest team fight tools in the game. As much as you can, try to reserve Hydro Typhoon for big team fights solely because it will increase your chances of winning the battle. Additionally, rather than using it as a finisher, it is ideal to employ it early in the battle. And last but not least, try to hit the entire enemy team if you can.

To improve your chances of doing so, utilize the Eject Button. It can be used to teleport right in between the enemy team before blasting them with Hydro Typhoon.

Pokemon Unite Blastoise Best Build

Pokemon Unite Blastoise Guide - Moveset

Blastoise’s passive ability is Torrent. A pretty simple ability that increases both the Attack and Special Attack of Blastoise by 20% if his total health drops down to half or lower.

Blastoise’s basic attacks become boosted every third strike. This Pokemon’s boosted attack makes him attack three times in a row, slowing enemies for a short while and reducing Blastoise’s cooldowns.

The first move Blastoise gains is Water Gun. With this, Blastoise shoots a water stream in a straight line, damaging and stunning enemies hit. Enemies also have their movement speed slowed for a second following their recovery from the stun effect.

Move 1 Upgrade Options

The first upgrade option for move 1 is Hydro Pump. When used, this shoots a large amount of water, damaging, knocking back, and stunning enemies hit. This ability can be used during “Rapid Spin”, and in that case, Blastoise starts spraying water around themself, damaging and stunning enemies in the radius.

The other upgrade option for move 1 is Water Spout. Blastoise calls down a barrage of water in a targeted spot, damaging and slowing the movement speed of enemies in the radius over 6 waves of damage.

Water Spout is the better of the two options, as the offensive Blastoise build usually offers better results while still keeping it tanky due to its stat distribution.

Move 2 Upgrade Options

Moving on, we have the second move which is Skull Bash. With this, Blastoise dashes in the designated direction damaging and stunning enemies that he passes through.

The first upgrade option for move 2 is Surf. Blastoise rides a large wave damaging, knocking back, and stunning enemies hit. Blastoise is unstoppable while surfing, and for a short moment after it ends, Blastoise can jump in a designated direction. The wave still travels forward for a short duration after you jump off of it.

The second upgrade is Rapid Spin. When used, Blastoise hides in his shell and starts spinning. Activating this move instantly resets the cooldown of his other move. Blastoise resists crowd control for the duration of Rapid Spin and can freely move.

If Blastoise runs into enemies when spinning they continuously take damage. In addition, the next auto attack after Rapid Spin ends becomes boosted. During Rapid Spin, Blastoise can activate Hydro Pump or Water Spout with empowered effects.

Rapid Spin is the better option if you want to combine it with Water Spout, making Blastoise deal way more damage. Alternatively, Surf is better for displacing and stunning enemies, making it more of a Tank/Support move.

Blastoise’s Unite Move

Pokemon Unite Blastoise Guide - Unite Move

Blastoise gains Hydro Typhoon at level 9. With this, the Pokemon gains a shield that is equal to 360% of his total Special Attack stat and does a 360-degree sweep with powerful water jets in a huge radius around itself once. Enemies hit by Hydro Typhoon take colossal damage and are thrown into the air for a couple of seconds.

Blastoise’s Best Skill Loadout

The best Blastoise loadout is pairing Rapid Spin with Water Spout. This loadout offers the best damage output Blastoise can achieve while still staying tanky. Water Spout also offers a surprising amount of range and can be combined with Hydro Typhoon to keep enemies within its damage radius.

Best Held Items for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

A combo of Energy Amplifier and Special Attack Specs is a great way to improve Blastoise’s damage output. Throw in a Muscle Band to raise this Pokemon’s defensive stats to make yourself last way longer on the battlefield before going down. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best held items to use.

Best Battle Items for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

The best option for Blastoise’s battle item in Pokemon Unite is the Eject Button. Blastoise lacks mobility, which can be offset a little bit by having this battle item. It also is a powerful tool for getting closer to enemies to activate either Rapid Spin or Hydro Typhoon. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best battle items to use.

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