Best Attacker Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

Since its release, Pokemon Unite has experienced growth in both user base and popularity. With so many Pokemon to pick from, this game has a bright future, especially given how simple it is to learn and even master if you put in the effort. In particular, it is vital to know who some of the Best Attacker Pokemon are in Pokemon Unite.

Of all the game roles in Pokemon Unite, attackers are the most important for doing damage. They more than make up for their lack of HP and defensive skills by having the potential to rapidly take down key players from the enemy team.

The choice of the best attacker will mostly depend on their total strength, how well they match up with the opponent heroes, and the current meta governing popular picks in any given patch of the game.

What Position Is The Best For An Attacker in Pokemon Unite?

When you reach out for the destructive power of an Attacker, the best position most of the time is the lanes. Usually top lane, since on the bottom you are more likely to run into defenders who can be pretty annoying in the early game.

The jungle, or the middle, is a no-go for most Attackers. Most of them simply lack the mobility to contest important objectives or good skills for securing kills during a gank. Not to mention that you yourself will be vulnerable if you make any mistake since most Attackers lack repositioning/escape skills.

This would make you easy prey for the Best Pokemon Unite Speedsters who usually roam the enemy jungle looking to pick off unsuspecting players at lightning pace.

Best Attacker in Pokemon Unite

Now we know what an Attacker Pokemon is in Pokemon Unite, and where you would most likely encounter them, it is time to look at the best ones available to be picked. Below is our list of the very best, all of which deal huge damage and are a great option for anyone wanting to play as an Attacker in Pokemon Unite.


Pokemon Unite Best Attacker Pokemon - Decidueye

Decidueye is a physical, ranged Attacker, and a dual-type grass/ghost Pokemon. Its key advantages are its extremely quick attacks and general adaptability. In terms of laning, Decidueye functions best as a jungler, while it can also play bottom lane to a respectable extent.

The lack of mobility prevents you from killing adversaries like other ranged attackers. Additionally, due to this Pokemon’s squishiness, getting caught by two or more foes will typically result in a short journey back to spawn.

So if he supposedly has so many downsides, what makes him a top 5 Attackers contender in my opinion? Because if you are good, you will never have to deal with such scenarios. Smart usage of “Shadow Sneak” in key places makes it borderline impossible to gank Decidueye without him knowing about it.

His extreme range. thanks to “Spirit Shackle” and “Nock Nock”. allows him to harass other Attackers from a distance that they cannot cover. Furthermore, our Owl sniper can support fights from a distance, unlike no other Attacker.

When played competently his supposed “weaknesses” melt away, but if you make mistakes, you will suffer greatly. Trust me, he seems way weaker when you are learning him, but upon mastery you can expect some great returns!

Check out our full Pokemon Unite Decidueye Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.


Delphox is an excellent Attacker for any team to have because of its powerful and spammable abilities. It is a hazardous Pokemon to battle against due to its ability to deliver huge damage and disrupt the opposing team in a number of different ways. When you combine that with its quick-charging UNITE Move, you have an Attacker that can change the game in favor of your team.

Except… you are kinda useless in the early stages of the game. Anything that happens before you hit level 11 with Delphox is essentially a 4v5, and good teams will know this information and abuse it! But in your run-of-the-mill match thankfully random teams are not that coordinated. And after you DO hit level 11, the enemy team will be in for the barbeque of their life. Provided you hit the skill shots naturally!

Check out our full Pokemon Unite Delphox Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.


Pokemon Unite Best Attacker Pokemon - Greninja

Due to its incredible mobility and tremendous attack damage, this dual-type Water/Dark Pokemon is one of the finest junglers in the game. Perhaps being one of the few Attackers in Pokemon Unite who are more suited at jungling, rather than standard laneing.

His farming speed is insane, and he is sure to leave any other jungler in the dust. It’s completely common for a Greninja to be several levels higher than every single player in the mid to late game. This obviously translates to being ahead in stats and strength too. But that being said, he also gets shut down by Mew, Mr. Mime, or Snorlax. Pokemon that are EXTREMELY popular right now.

Greninja is extremely vulnerable and would struggle when confronted with a barrage of stun, disables, or debuffs. But to be fair, any assassin-type character would be. It is one of the most challenging Pokemon to play on our list because the majority of its moves are also skill shots. If you want to be a successful Greninja player, ganking lanes to snowball is the name of the game, therefore map awareness is crucial.

Check out our full Pokemon Unite Greninja Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.


Glaceon is a strong Attacker with the ability to destroy its foes using a hail of ice missiles. Its kit is very synergistic because when you use its ice crystal mechanism, you do a ton of damage. He can also slow down his foes for his teammates. The Pokemon also has exceptional survivability for an Attacker thanks to its Snow Cloak passive which deflects crowd control attacks and turns Glaceon invisible, allowing him to run away.

This little guy is just so STACKED. Decidueye and Delphox have less survivability and less crowd control, and even if you do everything right they deal LESS DAMAGE than Glaceon. There’s no denying that Glaceon is extremely unbalanced right now, and is surely going to be nerfed in the future. But for the time being, abuse him to get some easy wins.

Check out our full Pokemon Unite Glaceon Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.


Pokemon Unite Best Attacker Pokemon - Mew

Mew is a fantastic attacker that, because of its “Move Reset” mechanic, can adjust to any problem in his way. Its distinct playstyle, which allows you to switch out your move loadout for others, makes it unpredictable and even more lethal. Learning Mew’s strengths, though, can have a steep learning curve.

I mean, you have to juggle 6 different abilities you can swap out, on a 20-second cooldown, which can be reduced by eliminating opponents. It’s a doozy to learn, extremely fun to play, and extremely frustrating to go against.

Mew, like Glaceon, is just stacked for no reason. Tons of mobility, disables, shields, invisibility, massive damage, high-range attacks, teleports, and dashes. On top of all of that, he has stupidly high base numbers for Health, Defense, and SP. Defense, making them VERY tanky!

If you want to use all that this Pokemon has to offer, be prepared to master the proper inputs and timings. Mew is a crucial Attacker for any squad to have because of its great synergies with other Pokemon and fantastic team fight ability with its Mystic Mirage!

Check out our full Pokemon Unite Mew Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.

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