Pokemon Unite Dodrio Guide and Build

In this Pokemon Unite Guide, we take a closer look at the Speedster Pokemon, Dodrio, checking out his moveset and recommending some of the best builds for him. Dodrio is another classic Pokemon from Gen 1 and is most fondly remembered for his funny design.

His transition into Pokemon Unite was hugely successful, with his mobility playing a crucial role in his toolkit for the MOBA. Keep reading for our detailed build guide and a few tips on how to play with Dodrio, such as his best lane and game strategy, in order to maximize your win rate.

Is Dodrio Good in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite Dodrio Guide and Build - Gameplay

Dodrio’s Sprint mechanic rewards you for experimenting with this fast-paced Pokemon. The Sprint Gauge, which is located underneath Dodrio’s health bar, will increase your movement speed and enhance your moves when filled. You do that by simply moving around. Keep in mind that if you stop moving, the sprint gauge will quickly run out and you will need to restart your movement or use your dash techniques to regain it.

Dodrio’s movement speed determines how quickly his Spring Gauge fills up. As a result, Dodrio works well with allies that grant movement speed buffs. Items like Float Stone, which increases your speed out of battle, will also work wonderfully. Moving down your lane, where your goalposts are still standing, also affects your speed.

In addition, Green Berries found in the middle of the map increase your speed temporarily when consumed. And lastly, battle items like X Speed can also help. Utilizing ALL of those sources of speed increases will greatly help you in fights and edging the advantage towards your team.

Every time you utilize a move, Dodrio has a tendency to halt for the duration of the animation. Be careful, as using multiple moves in a row will quickly drain your Spring Gauge and impact the total damage dealt. Space out your moves, with some movement in between them to be as optimal as possible.

Because of his speed, and the need to utilize many places around the map, Dodrio is best played in the Jungle. Uncontested farming in the jungle is great for his early levels and building up the Sprint Gauge. Additionally, Dodrio will be able to use both of his early-game attacks at level 2, which is very beneficial for eradicating Wild Pokemon camps more quickly.

Dodrio’s Standard Attack transforms into a charge move when the Sprint Gauge is full, doing damage in the direction it is heading and using up the whole Sprint Gauge. All of Dodrio’s move cooldowns are lowered by about 1 second if this attack makes contact with an enemy Pokemon. Keep this in mind when you are planning out combos to take down enemies in quick succession. Attacking while the Sprint Gauge is full is always a good strategy.

Pokemon Unite Dodrio Best Build

Pokemon Unite Dodrio Guide and Build - Moveset

Dodrio’s passive ability is Run Away. While moving, the Sprint Gauge under this Pokemon’s health bar charges, and at full, Dodrio runs at increased movement speed. His next boosted basic attack becomes empowered. If movement speed is decreased below a certain threshold, the Sprint Gauge will rapidly deplete.

Dodrio’s basic attacks become boosted every third strike and while boosted they deal additional damage. Attacking with a full Sprint Gauge turns the attack into a charge attack. The first enemy that you collide with while charging takes even more damage than from the regular boosted attack and all Dodrio’s cooldowns are decreased by 1 second.

The first move Dodrio gains is Peck. When the Sprint Gauge is full, Dodrio charges forward to jab in the facing direction and fully consumes the Sprint Gauge.

Move 1 Upgrade Options

The first upgrade option for move 1 is Tri Attack. Dodrio, in a cone in front of himself, deals damage to enemies and applies one of these effects at random: decrease Attack, Burn, decrease attack speed, or decrease movement speed.

The other upgrade option for move 1 is Drill Peck. Dodrio strikes forward multiple times, dealing damage to enemies hit. Tri Attack is definitely the better option out of the two for nearly all situations.

Move 2 Upgrade Options

Moving on, we have the second move which is a Quick Attack. Dodrio dashes forward, increasing his speed for a short time and dealing damage to enemies he passes through. This move’s cooldown is reduced by 1 second if it hits an enemy.

The first upgrade option for move 2 is Agility. With this, Dodrio becomes immune to hindrances for a short time and adds charge to his Sprint Gauge. Afterward, it increases his movement speed for a short period of time.

The second upgrade is Jump Kick. When used, Dodrio leaps forward while kicking, and collisions with an enemy or an obstacle result in it leaping over them and stomping the ground, dealing damage to enemies in the AoE, slowing them, and charging Dodrio’s Spring Gauge.

Both Agility and Jump Kick are alright moves, but ultimately I would choose Jump Kick versus Agility. Agility is easier to use and less punishing for players new to Dodrio, so feel free to pick this upgrade when learning.

Dodrio’s Unite Move

Pokemon Unite Dodrio Guide and Build - Unite Move

Dodrio gains Triple Trample at level 9. When used, Dodrio becomes immune to hindrances and starts running toward the designed location. Any enemy trampled by him gets knocked up in the air and takes damage. When Dodrio finishes the charge it gains increased ATK, a shield, and its Sprint Gauge charges faster.

Dodrio’s Best Skill Loadout

The best Dodrio loadout is pairing Tri Attack with Jump Kick. This loadout offers the best damage output and mobility. Pairing Tri Attack with Agility is recommended for players not experienced with the specific playstyle of Dodrio.

Best Held Items for Dodrio in Pokemon Unite

The Razor Claw and Attack Weight combo is a great way to improve Dodrio’s already great damage output. Throw in a Float Stone for its great synergy with Dodrio’s passive. It will help you generate Sprint Meter outside of combat which improves overall damage. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best held items to use.

Best Battle Items for Dodrio in Pokemon Unite

The best option for Dodrio’s battle item in Pokemon Unite is the Full Heal. Dodrio has amazing mobility so picking Eject Button or X Speed gives you very diminishing returns, even if Dodrio can use X Speed to empower his Spint Meter Generation.

The bigger problem is that Dodrio can be shut down hard with crowd control if you slip up, Full Heal allows for some mistake correction. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best battle items to use.

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