Best All-Rounder Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

Possessing a powerful, well-rounded team is a surefire way to put you on the right track to winning most Pokemon Unite matches. Destructive Attackers, Speedsters, Supports, and Defenders who will shield them from harm, all have their roles to play! However, sometimes you will also need an All-Rounder in your Pokemon Unite Team, and here will take a look at all the best Pokemon for this role.

All-Rounders are there to round off any rough edges that your team will inevitably have. Need more damage? Sturdier frontline? More utility? Well, there’s an All-Rounder for (almost) every occasion. But this choice quite naturally can be a difficult one. And more importantly, very impactful on any game you play!

It is advised that you try each one and gauge how you feel about them because they all perform based on your personal input. But not all Pokemon are made equal, and some aren’t worth the time and effort. In this Guide, we will help you choose one of the Best All-Rounder Pokemon in Pokemon Unite.

What Position Is The Best For An All-Rounder in Pokemon Unite?

Well… that entirely depends on your All-Rounder, to be honest! Some are laners with no aptitude for the jungle located in the middle of the map. Some are junglers who are somewhat helpless in the lane. Some thrive off being in 1v1’s, while others prefer 2v2’s. All-Rounder has to be the most diverse role in Pokemon Unite. But that means you have a high chance of finding a Pokemon ideal for your playstyle in that role!

While they fit a variety of playstyles and positions on the map, All-Rounders cannot do it all. They mostly fill in for Attackers, while being a little bit less tanky than them. There are also Pokemon like Scizor who can fill in as a mobile Assassin, kinda like a Speedster. But they cannot replace a good Support or a pure Tank.

They just lack the abilities to fit those roles. Aegislash for example can block a great deal of damage coming its way, but only for a short while. Afterward, it is expected to go on the offensive. Playing him as a Tank would be a waste of its talents. So keep in mind that All-Rounders are still mostly Attacker Pokemon. At least the ones worth your time!


Best Pokemon Unite All-Rounder - Scizor

Scizor is unique, in that it allows players to select one of two evolutions to use for the duration of the game. You can either stay as Scyther or evolve into a Scizor. Both Scizor and Scyther have unique mechanics that can significantly change how much they contribute to the team.

Scizor is a highly agile Pokemon that uses rapid, precise burst strikes to wither down its adversaries. It functions in a manner akin to Speedster Pokemon, which rely on their hit’n’run techniques to make up for their short HP bar. Players who favor assassin playstyles are the target audience for Scizor/Scyther.

With this in mind, you will want to take him into the jungle. The best place to ambush others from. Not to mention that it plays into the strengths of Scizor perfectly. You want to pick the “when”, “who”, and “where” you attack. And then you attack fast and get out of there in the next moment. If the opponent picks that for you instead, you could be in trouble.

If that sort of fast-paced ballet with your enemies sounds good pick Scizor! Check out our full Pokemon Unite Scizor Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.


Best Pokemon Unite All-Rounder - Aegislash

Aegislash is a very unique, strong, and hard-to-play All-Rounder. In order to fill up its boost attack meter, Aegislash needs to use blade moves to strike opponents or shield moves to block damage.

Like other All-Rounder Pokemon on the roster, it has a mix of offensive and defensive attributes. But similarly to Lucario and Tsareena, Aegislash specializes in dueling other Pokemon. And its moveset makes it damn good at that job too.

Knowing when to change stances is a crucial ability you must acquire to use Aegislash effectively. Each stance increases a particular stat and modifies the results of your Boosted Attacks, enabling you to adjust to any situation.

It can be played both in the jungle, and in the lanes. Truly a shining example of just how flexible All-Rounders can, or should, be. Check out our full Pokemon Unite Aegislash Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.


Best Pokemon Unite All-Rounder - Azumarill

Huge Power, Azumarill’s passive, is what this Pokemon’s entire game plan revolves around. This passive makes Azumarill deal significant amounts of bonus damage with guaranteed crits on each attack. However, the passive ability only activates when the attack hits just one enemy. If Azumarill strikes multiple enemies at once, the passive will not activate.

This makes him deadly in any 1v1 situation and okay-ish in team fights. Thus you should go jungle to ensure plenty of mano-a-mano fights. Or if you want to lane, pick the bottom one, and ideally go with a Support Pokemon.

Outside its whimsical passive Azumarill functions like most Attack Pokemon. It stays in the back, deals damage, and has trouble getting out of sticky situations due to a lack of mobility. Check out our full Pokemon Unite Azumarill Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.


Best Pokemon Unite All-Rounder - Charizard

Charizard is an All-Rounder with tremendous damage output that can easily gain the upper hand in team fights. However, it shines the most in the late game. Making your early game a game of survival where you scrape for EXP everywhere you can.

To prevent being the prey for stronger early-game Pokemon try your best to avoid getting into fights. Moreover, you should consider going bottom lane and sticking to a Support who will get you out of trouble. Charizard performs quite sub-par in the jungle and in the top lane.

Because of this many people discredit Charizard as a weak pick, but that cannot be further from the truth. Indeed, he often ranks in the top 10 in terms of win rate. The ease of play that Charizard provides, and his insane late game power spike, make it a machine for carrying your entire team in the solo queue.

Check out our full Pokemon Unite Charizard Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.


Best Pokemon Unite All-Rounder - Tsareena

Much like Azumarill, Tsareena is all about its passive ability. It provides cooldown reduction and additional effects to your moves when you perform them in a short window of time between each other in a “combo”. When using your combinations, it’s critical to understand what effects you will trigger next.

This Pokemon is an offensive powerhouse, with LOTS of mobility, and thanks to its passive, you have a lot of room to express yourself in gameplay. The combos this Pokemon can pull are truly creative and mind-bending.

This comes with a price naturally. Tsareena is strong, and its win rates are high, but unfortunately, this Pokemon is very hard to master. If you don’t want to sink additional hours into learning this Pokemon inside out, then stick to someone simpler like Charizard, or Azumarill. But if you have the patience for it, expect some great rewards!

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