Pokemon Unite Mamoswine Guide and Build

The best guide on how to play and build Mamoswine in Pokemon UNITE for Nintendo Switch and Mobile devices. Read on to find out everything about Mamoswine including the best builds, Held and Battle items, move sets, as well as some general tips!

Mamoswine is regularly one of the top picks in Pokemon Unite which is somewhat unusual for a Defender. However, this guide will reveal why this is the case! Keep reading for a few tricks you can pull with Mamoswine, as well as which builds to run, to maximize your win rate with this Defender Pokemon. Stick around and find out if Mamoswine is the character for you!

Is Mamoswine Good in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite Mamoswine Guide

With the help of the excellent damaging move Ice Shard, which impedes enemy mobility, Mamoswine can easily prevent opponents from scoring or repositioning. You may also utilize it to make it simpler for you to accumulate score points and empower your items. Additionally, its extended range allows the Pokemon to steal experience points from enemies by taking down the Wild Pokemon they are fighting from a distance.

Mamoswine excels at starting team fights thanks to powerful tools in his kit like Earthquake or High Horsepower. All of Mamoswine’s moves include some kind of movement debuff, so if you land any attack you can swiftly transition into an ability combo that will lock down your target. Allowing your team to swoop in and go for the kill, and potentially engaging opponents at a disadvantage.

Ice Fang is a fantastic skill that can be used for isolating targets to take them out swiftly. The removal of enemies from their, or your, Goal Zones is one of the many uses for this technique. Mamoswine is extremely good at controlling the battlefield thanks to it.

Indeed, since this Pokemon excels at denying areas of the map, players controlling him should pay extra attention to goal zones and other major objectives. A swift action can dissuade the enemy team from attacking an objective, or set them up for a counterattack from your team.

Mammoth Mash, the Unite Move of Mamoswine, offers you an instantaneous strength boost and the ability to push back opponents. Mamoswine is prone to missing targets, though, because you have to steer the ability after inputting the direction you wish to charge in.

Pokemon Unite Mamoswine Best Build

Pokemon Unite Mamoswine Moveset

Mamoswine’s passive ability is Thick Fat. With this, Mamoswine raises its DEF and SP DEF stats every time it deals damage, up to 3 stacks. When Mamoswine uses Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, or Ice Fang, the next auto attack is immediately boosted. These moves can also create a freezing area inside ally goal zones, increasing the time the enemy needs to score goals by 30%.

Mamoswine’s basic attack becomes boosted every third hit. Its boosted attacks freeze enemies’ for a short time. In addition, Mamoswine deals increased basic attack damage to targets who were recently frozen.

The first move Mamoswine gains is Ice Shard. It throws three ice chunks in a select direction, damaging opponents and temporarily slowing them. Targets are additionally frozen if all three chunks hit them.

Move 1 Upgrade Options

Pokemon Unite Mamoswine Gameplay

The first upgrade option for move 1 is Icicle Crash, which drops icicles on the designated location, dealing damage to enemies in the area of effect and decreasing their movement speed. The last ice projectile breaks after a set amount of time freezing all opponents in the area of effect. The ground becomes covered in ice and speeds up the movement of allies that run over it if the last icicle is broken by Tackle or High Horsepower.

The other upgrade option for move 1, Ice Fang, is a sure-hit ability instead. Mamoswine throws the enemy closest to him, dealing damage and freezing them. Mamoswine can then designate a direction to push the frozen enemy, dealing damage to enemies in that area and leaving them frozen.

Icicle Crash is sadly a MUCH better ability, offering area denial that crowd control-oriented Pokemon dream about. The damage is also no joke if enemies get caught in the ability and the last icicle explosion.

Move 2 Upgrade Options

Moving on, we have the second move which is Tackle. A dash ability that allows Mamoswine to rush in a chosen direction, dealing damage to enemies hit and throwing them in the air.

The first upgrade option for move 2 is High Horsepower. A direct upgrade to tackle, Mamoswine rushes in the designated direction, dealing damage to enemies hit and shoving them aside. Mamoswine then stomps its feet, dealing damage to enemies in the AoE and leaving them unable to act. The stomping deals increased damage to frozen enemies.

The second upgrade is Earthquake. Mamoswine jumps to a chosen location and deals damage to enemies in the landing area, pulling them toward Mamoswine. Enemies hit cannot move for a short while.

High Horsepower is a tiny bit better than Earthquake in my opinion. Earthquake offers better mobility as you can jump over walls. But overall High Horsepower often out-damages it in team fights.

Mamoswine’s Unite Move

Pokemon Unite Mamoswine Unite Move

Mamoswine gains Mammoth Mash at level 9. Mamoswine jumps to the designated location and becomes immune to crowd control then repeatedly stomps the ground, dealing damage to enemies in the area of effect while decreasing their movement speed for a short while. The final stomp throws enemies in the air.

Mamoswine’s Best Skill Loadout

The best Mamoswine loadout is pairing Icicle Crash with High Horsepower. As I mentioned, this loadout EXCELS at controlling the battlefield which is precisely what you are supposed to do as a Defender/Support. At the same time, Mamoswine is infamous for the amount of damage this combo causes to the enemy team.

Best Held Items for Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite

Attack Weight and Muscle Band combo is a great way to improve Mamoswine’s already solid attack stats. Throw in an Aeos Cookie to add even more HP on top of that, and you turn into a truly versatile Defender and Attacker Pokemon! Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best held items to use.

Best Battle Items for Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite

The best option for Mamoswine’s battle item in Pokemon Unite is the X Speed. While Mamoswine does have some mobility, especially with Earthquake, it just ain’t much. Not to mention that you will often be using the move offensively anyway, so you need another ace up your sleeve to leave if things go south. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best battle items to use.

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