Pokemon Unite Dragapult Guide and Build

The best guide on how to play and build Dragapult in Pokemon UNITE for Nintendo Switch and Mobile devices. Read on to find out everything about Dragapult including the best builds, Held and Battle items, movesets, as well as some general tips!

This stealth-capable Attacker Pokemon is indeed very unique in design and gameplay. Players who like jungling, setting up ambushes, and playing the DPS archetype on their team will likely enjoy Dragapult and what it has to offer.

This guide will let you in on a few tricks you can pull with Dragapult, as well as which builds to run, to maximize your win rate with this Pokemon. Stick around and find out if Dragapult is the character for you!

Is Dragapult Good in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite Dragapult Moveset

We recommend farming the jungle until you reach level 5 and receive a move upgrade because Dragapult awakens his true potential significantly later than other Attackers do.

The gauge that fills up when you battle Wild Pokemon and transforms Dragapult’s attacks into Boosted Attacks is the first unique thing you’ll notice about this Pokemon. Always keep this gauge full to maintain maximum damage and dispatch Wild Pokemon more quickly.

You can select either Phantom Force or Dragon Dance as your initial dash move after you reach level 5. By selecting Dragon Dance, Dragapult may glide while attacking adversaries from a safe distance in a circular motion. In case you want to leave a battle or keep a safe distance from your adversaries, it may also be canceled mid-use.

Alternatively, you can opt for the stealthy option by selecting Phantom Force. It makes Dragapult enter stealth and while you’re close to an enemy Pokemon your attack gauge fills up. Only use Phantom Force when you are close to an adversary because it has no impact when used on Wild Pokemon.

Choose Phantom Force if you want to play aggressively, and Dragon Dance if you want to take advantage of Dragapult’s mobility. Both moves will be advantageous for your chosen playstyle.

Dragapult is an aggressive and cunning ganker with the use of Phantom Force. The stealth mode and increased movement speed it provides allow him to strike at any time. Securing objectives, eliminating opponents, and backdooring enemy goal zones are a breeze with Phantom Force and can be the key to ensuring victory for your team.

Pokemon Unite Dragapult Best Build

Pokemon Unite Dragapult Gameplay

Dragapult’s passive ability is Clear Body. And it’s one of the simplest ones in all of Pokemon Unite. It reduces the duration of all debuff effects inflicted on Dragapult.

Dragapult’s basic attacks become boosted after he fills his meter. As I mentioned before, this bar fills by attacking wild or enemy Pokemon. Phantom Force also fills this meter if you stay in stealth near enemy players. The first move Dragapult gains is Quick Attack. Dragapult throws itself in a designated direction, increasing its attack speed afterward.

Move 1 Upgrade Options

The first upgrade option for move 1 is Dragon Dance, which makes Dragapult fly in a circular pattern in the designated direction. While flying it deals damage to all nearby enemies with increased attack speed. It can be canceled mid-flight. If the user knocks out an enemy, this move’s cooldown is reset.

The other upgrade option for move 1, Phantom Force is a buff instead. Dragapult enters stealth and has increased movement speed. When stealth ends, Dragapult’s basic attack speed is increased for a short duration. After this move is learned, if Dragapult defeats an enemy, this move’s cooldown is reset and Dragapult’s Attack is increased until the end of the battle, this effect can stack up to 8 times.

Dragon Dance slightly edges out Phantom Force as the better move, but by a pretty insignificant margin. If you want stealth to set up ambushes, instead of some more potential damage and a dash, then go Phantom Force instead.

Move 2 Upgrade Options

Moving on, we have the second move which is Astonish. It’s a ranged blast that explodes when it hits an enemy, dealing damage in an area and decreasing the enemy’s movement speed.

The first upgrade option for move 2 is Dragon Breath which unleashes a blast of fire in the designated direction dealing damage to enemies in the area of effect and decreasing their movement speed. The ground becomes scorched by the blast, dealing damage to enemies who step on it for a while after the attack.

The second upgrade is Shadow Ball. This hurls a shadowy blob in the designated direction, dealing damage to enemies hit and applying a mark to them. Marked enemies receive additional damage from Dragapult.

Dragon Breath is the better move by far thanks to its team fight utility and map control possibilities.

Dragapult’s Unite Move

Pokemon Unite Dragapult Unite Move

Dragapult gains Dreep and Destroy at level 9. This move launches two missiles that each lock onto different enemies. The lower the enemy’s remaining HP is the more damage the missile deals. If there is only one target in range, both missiles will target that enemy.

Dragapult’s Best Skill Loadout

The best Dragapult loadout is pairing Dragon Dance with Dragon Breath. This loadout offers the best damage output and control over the battlefield. Which is precisely what you want to be doing as an Attack Pokemon.

Best Held Items for Dragapult in Pokemon Unite

Combining Scope Lens and Muscle Band is a great way to improve Dragapult’s already solid attack stats. Throw in a Rapid-Fire Scarf to further boost Dragapult’s already insane basic attack damage and attack speeds to turn it into an all-out offense Pokemon! Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best held items to use.

Best Battle Items for Dragapult in Pokemon Unite

The best option for Dragapult’s battle item in Pokemon Unite is the Eject Button. While Dragapult does have some mobility, especially with Dragon Dance, it just ain’t much. Not to mention that you will often be using the move offensively anyway, so you need another ace up your sleeve to leave if things go south. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best battle items to use.

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