Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetales Guide and Build

The best guide on how to play and build Alolan Ninetales in Pokemon UNITE for Nintendo Switch and Mobile devices. Read on to find out everything about Alolan Ninetales including the best builds, Held and Battle items, move sets, as well as some general tips!

Alolan Ninetales is a popular pick in Pokemon Unite due to its decent win rate. . Well… not quite! However, it does require some skill to use effectively. This guide will let you in on a few tricks you can pull with Alolan Ninetales, as well as which builds to run, to maximize your win rate with this Attack Pokemon. Stick around and find out if Alolan Ninetales is the character for you!

Is Alolan Ninetales Good in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetales Guide

Focus on gathering Wild Pokemon at the beginning of the game and rushing to level 4 to obtain your first primary move. Once you obtain your first skill, you can begin to apply pressure to your enemies while keeping your distance.

Alolan Ninetales should ALWAYS battle from a fair distance away from its targets due to being extremely fragile. Attacker Pokemon that depend mostly on melee attacks are ideal as you can utilize hit’n’run tactics to always keep the danger at bay. Work together with a Defender or an All-Rounder so they can soak up some damage for you or bail you out of trouble with crowd control.

By gathering stacks of the ice mark that appears when Alolan Ninetales fights an opponent, you may put a Pokemon into the frozen state. You can fill up that gauge by hitting an opponent with a Boosted Attack or any of your skills.

To finish off opponents with low HP, use Alolan Ninetales’ Unite move. It is ideal to employ it in the middle of the fray to kill off opponents with low HP while weakening others so that your team can mop up the survivors.

Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetales Best Build

Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetales Moveset

Alolan Ninetales’ passive ability is Snow Warning. It causes snow to fall on enemies in Ninetales’ vicinity, dealing damage to them and decreasing their movement speed. Boosted attacks, Snow Warning, and all moves apply stacks of freeze, at 4 stacks the target becomes completely frozen for a short while.

Alolan Ninetales’ basic attack becomes boosted every third hit. Its boosted attacks cause an AoE explosion around its target that slows anyone caught in it. The first move Alolan Ninetales gains is Powder Snow. The move attacks enemies by summoning a chilly gust of powdery snow, dealing damage to enemies and slowing them.

Move 1 Upgrade Options

Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetales Gameplay

The first upgrade option for move 1 is Avalanche. Ninetales summons a hail of ice in a specified direction. The ice damages enemies and forms a wall that can’t be walked through at its maximum range. After a short time, this wall melts damaging enemies standing near the wall.

The other upgrade option for move 1, Dazzling Gleam is a crowd control-oriented ability instead. Ninetales emits a cone of blinding light in a cone shape towards a specified direction damaging and stunning enemies hit.

The upgrade you pick should depend on what kind of gameplay you are looking for. Avalanche is a damage-dealers bread and butter. But Dazzling Gleam makes Ninetails more of a Support/Attacker hybrid. Looking at the data and win rates associated with it, going the Support route with Dazzling Gleam seems to reap a lot more rewards.

Move 2 Upgrade Options

Moving on, we have the second move which is Icy Wind. Ninetales attacks with a gust of freezing air damaging, shoving, and slowing enemies hit.

The first upgrade option for move 2 is Blizzard. Ninetales sends out two waves of chilling air. The first slows foes and ignores barriers. The second causes twice as much damage, pushes foes back, and, if it strikes a wall, generates a frost region at the impact position, damaging and slowing enemies in the zone.

The second upgrade is Aurora Veil. Ninetales dashes a short distance and summons an aurora that is focused on their location. This aurora increases Attack Speed, heals Ninetales based on damage dealt, and reduces damage taken by Ninetales and allies inside the veil. Ninetales’ movement speed is increased and all auto attacks are boosted when she is in the aurora.

Once again, Blizzard lends itself more to a damage-dealing-oriented playstyle, while Aurora Veil is for players who would like to Support their teammates instead.

Alolan Ninetales’ Unite Move

Pokemon Unite Alolan Ninetales Unite Move

Alolan Ninetales gains Snow Globe at level 9. Ninetales surrounds itself with a chilly whirlwind of snow and ice, dealing damage to enemies in the area of effect around Ninetales. It also deals increased damage to enemies that are frozen.

Alolan Ninetales’ Best Skill Loadout

The best Ninetales loadout is pairing Dazzling Gleam with Aurora Veil. As I mentioned, filling the role of Attacker/Support hybrid brings the best results when playing as Ninetales. Aurora Veil is such a great skill, it is baffling that the devs put it on an Attacker Pokemon, while there are a bunch of Supports that could use AoE buffs.

Best Held Items for Alolan Ninetales in Pokemon Unite

A combo of Attack Weight and Muscle Band is a great way to improve Alolan Ninetales’ already solid attack stats. Throw in the all-new overpowered Rapid-Fire Scarf for its amazing synergy with Alolan Ninetales’ passive ability to turn yourself into one lethal, map-controlling Support! Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best held items to use.

Best Battle Items for Alolan Ninetales in Pokemon Unite

The best option for Alolan Ninetales’ battle item in Pokemon Unite is the X Attack. Once again, just like Rapid-Fire Scarf, X Attack has insane synergy with Ninetales’ passive which makes it eat through enemy Pokemon HP like it’s nothing.

This does have a pretty significant downside of turning Ninetales into pretty easy prey for some opponents, as you won’t be able to escape when an enemy has you locked down. So be sure to always keep your distance, and use the assistance of your teammates. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best battle items to use.

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