Best Support Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

When it comes to choosing a Support Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, there are not that many to choose from. This may lead you to believe that the choice must be rather straightforward as a result. That notion is false (to a degree). Each Pokemon is different and special in its own right, with unique strengths and weaknesses that can be utilized.

Indeed, not all Support Pokemon in Pokemon Unite were created equally. When fishing for a Support you like, make sure to consider if they are viable or not. Here is our list of the Best Pokemon in the role of Support in Pokemon Unite.

What Position Is The Best For A Support in Pokemon Unite?

Supports are usually seen in the bottom lane of Unite. When it comes to your duties filling this role, you will be Supporting your team. But first, you must support your lane buddy. Usually, an Attacker or an All-Rounder will come down to the bottom lane with you, and most of the time they could really use the help!

You must avoid conflicts and concentrate on helping your allies if you want to succeed as a Support. Maintaining the ideal placement among them and being prepared to respond at all times is essential to maximizing your utility no matter what Support you pick.

However, always take the opportunity to deal damage to enemies out of position. This “peeling” will leave enemies with low HP so your lane partner can devour them. Feeding your late-game partners in crime is a great way to ensure a win.

Naturally, you don’t want to take your Supports offroadin’ through the jungle! Always lane with someone powerful but fragile, so you can both makeup for the other one’s shortcomings. Not to mention, most Support Pokemon struggle with solo clearing the jungle!

Best Support in Pokemon Unite

Now we know what a Support Pokemon is in Pokemon Unite, and where you would most likely encounter them, it is time to look at the best ones available to be picked. Below is our list of the very best, all of which work fantastically in keeping your lane buddies in the game to push forward and score more points.


Best Pokemon Unite Support - Hoopa

Well, I had to put someone in the 5th spot. So here we are with Hoopa. The lowest pick rate Pokemon in all of Unite. Still not the worst Support in my opinion. Clefable and Wigglytuff have lower win rates for example. But still, Hoopa is not great, sitting at around 47% win ratio.

A good Support is expected to heal, buff, or provide some utility in general, that will make mistakes of your teammates much less costly. Or allow new bold strategies. With Hoopa on your team, I feel like you will actually have a harder time.

Hoopa’s ability descriptions are an onslaught of text, a spew of words and numbers. But no matter how complex and longwinded they are, in gameplay every single ability is disappointing. Hoopa has no shields or heals. Instead, it has slows, which are disappointing. This Support is supposed to be somewhat offensive in nature but lacks damage to back that kit up.

Of course, this is meant to be a list of the best Supports. But Hoopa, Wigglytuff, and Clefable should be avoided in my opinion. There are simply better options. Check out our full Pokemon Unite Hoopa Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.


Best Pokemon Unite Support - Blissey

Let us enter the realm of viable Supports! Blissey is a wonderful pick if you like a Pokemon that can handle almost any situation. A true jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none type of situation. Thus they’re definitely not the best Support, but they are fine.

Blissey can disable opponents, buff team damage, and heal other friendly Pokemon. The downside of that being: it cannot carry the game alone. Blissey was made to Support, so it struggles to K.O the enemy Pokemon.

As such, if no one on your team is competent enough to get that key elimination, or to target the right enemy, you will not impact the game much. That being said, you will turn anyone more capable into an unstoppable force.

Check out our full Pokemon Unite Blissey Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.


Best Pokemon Unite Support - Eldegoss

One of the most crucial characteristics of a good supporter is that they must be strong, adaptable, and easy to pick up. Being able to fully understand how to use a Pokemon allows you to make them the best they can be. Eldegoss is a shining example of how to design a character in an online game.

In exact opposition to Hoopa, Eldegoss’ abilities are brief and to the point. Super easy to understand and use, but there are still a lot of quirks to mastering this Pokemon. Super adaptable, Eldegoss can act as a debuffer, healer, and deal a surprising amount of damage.

Very independent for a Support, still invaluable to have in a team fight. This is by far the most adaptable Support, and I highly recommend newcomers to this role to start with it. Check out our full Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.

Mr. Mime

Best Pokemon Unite Support - Mr Mime

As you might anticipate from a mime, Mr. Mime is a mastermind in manipulating space around him. Anyone watching him will be entranced by the way he controls the battlefield. This Pokemon is very much meta, has an insane win rate, and you probably see him every other match.

But Mr. Mime is not what I would call a great Support. It plays almost like a Ranged Special Attacker. Indeed, Mr. Mime is terrible at babysitting other Pokemon, it would rather root out the problem by… removing the enemy team.

So if you like Supports in a more traditional sense I advise Eldegoss. But there’s no denying that Mr. Mime is much more robust overall! Although the developers have started to nerf this Pokemon, he still remains incredibly powerful with a huge win rate.

Check out our full Pokemon Unite Mr. Mime Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.


Best Pokemon Unite Support - Sableye

In a similar notion to Mr. Mime we have Sableye. A “Support” that can technically debuff and disable the enemy team, and to be fair, it has ONE buff in its kit. But let’s face it, Sableye, with its kit, might as well be considered an Attacker.

Sableye’s usefulness in battle depends on your capacity to help your friends through the use of its sneaky talents to either score as many points as you can or lure opponents into a trap that your team can exploit. Or instead just going into the enemy’s backside and causing havoc.

It is still preferable to avoid your opponent’s sight and try to flank the goal zones as silently as you can, especially if you have score-related Held Items equipped. If spotted you can always use your hindrance abilities to slow enemies and skedaddle out of there.

But during all that time, you are leaving your team alone. This goes against the true nature of a Support Pokemon and will annoy your team. Thus, I do not consider Sableye a good “Support”. Despite this, it still has a huge win rate which speaks volumes about its effectiveness.

Check out our full Pokemon Unite Sableye Guide for more information on the best builds to improve your win rate with this Pokemon.

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