Pokemon Unite Hoopa Guide and Build

In this Pokemon Unite Guide, we take a closer look at the Support Pokemon, Hoopa, checking out her moveset and recommending some of the best builds for her. Hoopa was introduced into the Pokemon franchise as part of Generation 6 but unfortunately, she did have a tough start to life in Pokemon Unite.

Indeed, despite enjoying some early popularity, she quickly had a fall from grace after taking a few nerfs. However, she has been gain popularity again as people have learned how to play her best. Keep reading for our detailed build guide and a few tips on how to play with Hoopa, such as his best lane and game strategy, in order to maximize your win rate.

Is Hoopa Good in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite Hoopa Guide - Gameplay

In the early game, you’ll want to use your Astonish and Confusion moves to secure wild Pokemon and obtain early knockouts. This can be done at a safe distance thanks to Hoopa’s long range. However, her Passive, Magician, is the real highlight of her kit right at the start of the game.

When Magician is activated, one of the opposition team’s berries is warped directly in front of Hoopa, effectively stealing it from the opposition. This keeps the other team from getting extra healing in lanes while simultaneously providing you with a consistent supply of berries.

Even if there are no longer any berries on the map, the “Magician” passive still functions. The move will instead scoop up any Aeos Energy it can find on the ground and teleport it to you. Comparing this to berries may not have much of an impact, but having a reliable supply of points is still useful.

Another highlight of Hoopa’s kit is her Hyperspace Hole move. It can do some decent AOE damage but it really shines due to its ability to teleport you and your team around the map. Indeed, it can instantly teleport you to a friendly goal zone on another lane. This proves much quicker than using jump pads, and when timed right can really surprise the enemy.

Lastly, Hoopa’s Unite Move, Rings Unbound, creates a warp ring when used. If any of her allies opt to activate the prompt presented to them, they can all instantly teleport to Hoopa’s position. One of the best ways to employ this mechanic is to mobilize your whole squad to take down Rayquaza in the last moments of the game. Once gathered, you may count on Hoopa Unbound to do harm or take out adversaries.

Pokemon Unite Hoopa Best Build

Pokemon Unite Hoopa Guide - Moveset

Hoopa’s passive ability is Magician. Every 40 seconds this ability creates a hole under one of the berries on the opposing team’s side and warps it in front of Hoopa. If there are no berries, but there is Aeos Energy on the ground, then some energy is warped in front of Hoopa instead.

Hoopa’s basic attacks become boosted every third strike. This Pokemon’s boosted attack deals more damage than usual. The first move Hoopa gains is Astonish. It deals damage to enemies in the designated AOE and stuns them for a short while.

Move 1 Upgrade Options

The first upgrade option for move 1 is Phantom Force. Hoopa constructs a portal ring beneath herself, warps to a chosen area, and then pushes and injures adjacent foes at that location. Following this, Hoopa launches two evil flames that harm any foes they strike and slow down their mobility. To get back to the original ring’s location, use this move again within 5 seconds of initial activation.

The other upgrade option for move 1 is Shadow Ball. This releases a dark blob in front of Hoopa that does damage to any foes it touches and lowers their special defense and movement speed. Deal more damage and leave the adversary stunned if Hoopa then hits the same enemy with a move or boosted attack within the next 4 seconds.

Both moves are alright, Shadow Ball generally works better with Trick, while Phantom Force works better with Hyperscape Hole. So pick your move based on which combo you would prefer.

Move 2 Upgrade Options

Moving on, we have the second move which is Confusion. This unleashes a blast in the designated direction, dealing damage to the first enemy hit. It then triggers a delayed explosion that deals damage to enemies in the area of effect and decreases their movement speed.

The first upgrade option for move 2 is Hyperspace Hole. At the specified place, Hoopa erects a sizable ring that harms any opponents around. Hoopa and any allies in the zone of effect return to their base and then they can manually warp to any of their unbroken goal zones or return to the location where the ring was constructed within three seconds.

The second upgrade is Trick. Hoopa establishes a bond with an ally, speeding up both of their mobility and giving them each a shield. The ring on the connected ally also releases the same move or attack whenever Hoopa uses Shadow Ball or launches an automatic attack. Hoopa may perform this move on themselves to speed up their own mobility and temporarily provide them a shield.

Again both options are great and fulfill a different objective, but Hyperscape Hole is so unique and grants such unprecedented utility to your whole team that I always find myself picking it over Trick.

Hoopa’s Unite Move

Pokemon Unite Hoopa Guide - Unite Move

Hoopa gains Rings Unbound at level 9. It changes Hoopa into Hoopa Unbound, raising her maximum HP and placing a ring at the specified spot. Each ally has a personal option to warp to the ring within the next 10 seconds. Hoopa’s moves change into two powerful abilities when she changes into the Unbound form: Psybeam and Hyperspace Fury.

Hoopa’s Best Skill Loadout

The best Hoopa loadout is pairing Phantom Force with Hyperspace Hole. This loadout offers the best damage output Hoopa can achieve while providing amazing team-wide mobility and utility.

Best Held Items for Hoopa in Pokemon Unite

A combo of Exp Share and Buddy Barrier is a great way to elevate Hoopa’s already great support potential. Throw in a Rapid-Fire Scarf to additionally raise this Pokemon’s offensive capabilities on the battlefield, making Hoopa fulfill multiple roles at once. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best held items to use.

Best Battle Items for Hoopa in Pokemon Unite

The best option for Hoopa’s battle item in Pokemon Unite is the X Speed. This allows Hoopa to quickly reposition on demand, whether it’s for a more optimal Hyperspace Hole placement, a better spot to activate Rings Unbound, or to simply run away, X Speed’s adaptability is hard to beat! Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best battle items to use.

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