Pokemon Unite Mew Guide and Build

One of the strongest and most versatile characters in Pokemon Unite, the MOBA Pokemon game, is the Mythical Mew! This guide will reveal some great tips as well as his best item synergies to make him an unstoppable winning machine in your hands.

Mew is categorized as an Attacker Pokemon, hence your main objective while playing will be to dish out damage. While trying to eliminate key members of the opponent team composition so that you may subsequently secure objectives and score goals together with your buddies.

Is Mew Good in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite Mew

Mew can mostly be utilized as an attacker, while also providing excellent mobility, support, and even survivability in a few situations. Mew is a great place to start learning the Attacker role if you do not have much experience with them.

When playing Mew, you can defend teammates by using moves like Coaching or Light Screen while also dealing damage from a safe distance. Your priority is to stay alive, your mere presence can threaten the enemy team, as he can turn the tide of the fight with a couple of casts. So stick around the fight even if your HP is running dangerously low!

Mew is still somewhat fragile and has few options for getting out of sticky circumstances while facing All-Rounder Pokemon like Tyranitar or Buzzwole. Therefore, consider staying near a Support Pokemon that will help you stay alive longer.

Pokemon Unite Mew Best Build

Pokemon Unite Mew Gameplay

Mew’s first Passive Ability is Synchronize. It increases Mew’s movement speed for 2 seconds each time Mew uses an ability. This effect also applies to teammates close to Mew.

When it comes to active abilities, you will have to decide between Electro Ball, Solar Beam, or Surf at the beginning of the game. Electro Ball has the shortest cooldown and is a great harass tool for landing. Even when going to the jungle it is still your best bet. It will also prove very useful for taking out Wild Pokemon in the jungle more efficiently.

At Level 3, Mew has to again choose one of three abilities. Coaching, Light Screen, or Agility. Mew’s second move group is all about shielding, disruption, and utilities. Mew’s initial move does damage to opponents. We recommend Agility to increase your early-game survivability.

This is important because Mew is quite squishy at early levels before his HP bar grows a little. An enemy who has this in mind might want to take advantage of this by going all-in on you early or calling in his jungle ally for a surprise 3v2. Agility will firmly put a stop to these schemes.

Mew also features quite a unique Basic Attack. Every time he uses any ability he gains a stack of counter. When you amass 3 stacks of counter, his next Basic Attack becomes empowered.

Okay, remember how I said Electro Ball and Agility are the best Mew’s abilities? Well, they are the best for MOST situations in the early game. But thankfully, if the situation calls for a specific tool, you are in luck, because Mew is a goddamn swiss army knife.

At level 5 he gains another ability called “Move Reset”. When you use it, you can reselect your abilities for the two active ability slots. Move Reset then goes on a 20-second cooldown before you can do it again. So let’s look at those other abilities since you will likely use all of them at least once in the match.

Move Pool 1 – The Offense

Pokemon Unite Mew Ability

Electro Ball is a sure-hit move, paralyzing enemy Pokemon in an AoE for 2 seconds. Despite its name, “paralyze” is an effect that applies 40% movement speed debuff… not an actual paralyze. The ability also deals bonus damage based on the missing HP of its target.

Solar Beam is an attack with a cylindrical hitbox that generates one more boost counter than a regular attack when it hits an enemy. When enhanced, each Pokemon hit will reduce its cooldown by 1 second. Making it quite the scary damage-dealing tool in a 5v5 team fight.

Surf is a hindrance-type move that grants Mew immunity to stuns and displacements. It shoves enemy Pokemon, and then stuns and deals damage to them at the end of its cast. Like Solar Beam, each hit generates 1 more Counter stack than usual. It also generates a shield for Mew after the cast. This is truly a STACKED move with tons of effects. This one is an attack you want in big fights for sure.

That’s it for his first move pool which is more offense-oriented. His move pool for the second ability slot has more utility, mobility, and support-oriented abilities.

Move Pool 2 – The Utility

Coaching allows Mew to teleport to an ally within range, grant them a shield, and boost their basic attack speed by 40%. Additionally, using Coaching will shorten the time until Electro Ball, Solar Beam, or Surf can be used again. When used on an ally that you haven’t teleported to in 9 seconds, its cooldown is reduced by 90%. Allowing you to buff your entire team in seconds, while resetting your offensive options.

Light Screen makes a barrier that prevents enemy Pokemon from getting through and causes them to get bounced back. When you use Light Screen again, it will start moving towards Mew, reducing enemy ability damage that passes through the screen. Any of your abilities that pass through the wall will get buffed.

Agility enables Mew to rush in any direction while briefly accelerating its mobility. It is possible to store up to two uses of this move.

Mew’s Unite Move

Last but definitely not least, Mew will master its Unite move, the Mystical Mirage at Level 8. It surrounds Mew with a whirling mirage of stars, making him unkillable for up to 6 seconds. Mew and his teammates that enter the mirage also gain invisibility. After 6 seconds Mystical Mirage explodes damaging enemy Pokemon within its AoE.

Mew can abuse this ability to escape situations where he would die thanks to the 6 seconds of invincibility. Not to mention that busting out this Unite move is a huge advantage to your team in big fights, as turning your buddies invisible makes it impossible for enemy Assassins and Attackers to take out high-priority targets.

Best Held Items for Mew in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Mew Moveset

I highly recommend Choice Specs and Wise Glasses combo to pump up Mew’s Sp. Attack into the stratosphere to make him deal an insane amount of damage. For the third item, Energy Amplifier or Shell Bell are the way to go. Why? Well, for the CD reduction. His Unite Move has an UNGODLY cooldown time. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best held items to use.

Best Battle Items for Mew in Pokemon Unite

The best option for Mew’s battle item in Pokemon Unite is the Eject Button. Or opt in for the alternative option of X Speed. Mew’s movement choices for escaping dangerous circumstances are limited to Agility.

This is due to Coaching requiring you to have a teammate on hand and also to have perfect positioning in order to be used to escape effectively. Therefore having another escape option is very useful. Check out our Pokemon Unite Item Guide for more details on the best battle items to use.

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