10 Best Things to Spend Gems on in Evony

Gems in Evony are the premium currency that can be spent on a huge amount of things. This includes something as basic as getting more resources to more niche things such as changing your Culture. However, as a premium currency, Gems are in short supply and therefore you must select very carefully as to what you spend them on in Evony.

This is particularly relevant for free or low-spending players who will have a much lower stock of Gems. Although there are some reliable ways to get Free Evony Gems, this is still not enough to spend on whatever you want. In this list of the Best Things to Spend Gems on in Evony, we will highlight the most useful items/activities that you should save your Gems for.


Best things to spend Gems on in Evony - General Cultivation

To make the most of your Evony Generals, you will need to Cultivate them and also upgrade their Specialities. Both of these activities will cost you Gems and this should be one of the main things you save them for. If you have not done either of these things to your Generals, you will be at a big disadvantage to your enemies. You can learn more about doing this in our Evony General Guide.

Truce Agreements

Truce Agreements are the only way to keep your bubble up, and if you are in an aggressive Server, this will be a big priority. Now there are a few ways to get these, such as from the Alliance Shop or the Wheel of Fortune, but simply buying them for Gems is the simplest and most consistent method. You can buy 4 different lengths of Truce Agreements which will cost you the following amount of Gems:

  • 8 Hour – 600 Gems
  • 24 Hour – 1,000 Gems
  • 3 Day – 2,500 Gems
  • 7 Day – 50,000 Gems


Best things to spend Gems on in Evony - Patrol

The Patrol feature is found on your Wall and allows you to spin for special rewards. Each day, the first 3 times you do this it is free, but subsequent Patrols will cost you 30 Gems. This is a very cost-effective way to get certain Evony items. For example, you can spam this feature for a long time in order to try and get more Monarch Gear which would usually cost you 200 Gems in the Shop.

Indeed, these Monarch Gear are probably the highlight of using the Patrol feature and are a quick way to level them up, especially on a new account. If you do it enough you will quickly find enough Gear to improve several bugs such as gathering speed, march speed, and troop attack.


Using great Dragons in Evony is crucial when it comes to PvP and also hunting monsters. For example, the Celtic Dragon will add attack buffs to your Ranged Troops, defense buffs to your Ground Troops, increase your March Size, and increase your General Survival Rate. This will be massively helpful in any attacks you make when it is equipped to one of your Generals.

However, when you first unlock a General, they can be pretty weak. To improve them there are a few things you can do, including Talent Awakening, Refining, and Feeding them. You can use Gems for each of these activities to assist you in the process. It is well worth doing.


Spending Gems in the Evony Tavern on General Recruitment

In the Tavern building you can use Gems to refresh the Recruit menu. It costs 50 Gems each time and will come back with a new set of Generals that you can choose from. Once the Tavern building hits level 21 you will start to see legendaries in here quite regularly and it is a great way to get some of the Best Evony Generals for F2P Players.


VIP Time in Evony

It is important to keep your VIP active in Evony as it grants you a number of buffs such as increased March Speed and increased Construction Speed. Whilst you can get VIP time from free sources such as the Wheel of Fortune, you will likely need to use your Gems to keep it active permanently. It is most cost-effective to buy the 30-day VIP time package, however, there are a few different options you can choose from:

  • VIP 1 Day – 250 Gems
  • VIP 7 Days – 1,500 Gems
  • VIP 30 Days – 4,000 Gems

March Buffs

If you like to engage in a lot of PvP you will need many of the different types of march buffs. Indeed, especially in the Server War, BoG, BoC, and Chalons, you will be using a lot of March Speedups to hit your enemies quickly and this will see you run out of these very fast. Thankfully they can be bought for Gems at the following cost:

  • 1 Hour Attack Increase – 250 Gems
  • 1 Hour Defense Increase – 250 Gems
  • Junior March Size Increase – 8,000 Gems
  • Medium March Size Increase – 25,000 Gems
  • Senior March Size Increase – 100,000 Gems
  • Troop March Speedup – 700 Gems
  • Adv Troop March Speedup – 1,000 Gems
  • Troop Recall – 50 Gems


Best things to spend Gems on in Evony - Offering

The Offering feature is another important mechanic that you should ensure that you do each day. You can use tributes and Gems to do this but it is recommended to do at least 3 Gem offers a day to maximize the payout. It is a good way to increase your Prestige, improve your login rewards, and also grant yourself special troop buffs for a certain amount of time.

Black Market

Using Gems in the Evony Black Market

The Black Market is a very cost-effective place to use for acquiring certain rare items. For example, you can find Tributes, Gear, VIP Time, Chips, and Resources here all for a very decent price. They can often be bought for Gems and it will also cost you 50 Gems each time you wish to refresh the Black Market to see new items.

Skill Book Shop

Best things to spend Gems on in Evony - Skill Book Shop

In Evony, it can be quite tricky to find the Skill Books you want. The Skill Book Shop is a way to get around this by refreshing it for 50 Gems a go in order to get a new choice of Skill Books that you can buy. You will find Skill Books from levels 1 to 3 and it will cost you the following amount to buy each one:

  • Level 1 Skill Book – 3,000 Gems
  • Level 2 Skill Book – 5,000 Gems
  • Level 3 Skill Book – 8,000 Gems

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