Evony Royal Thief Guide

Killing the Evony Royal Thiefs with no wounded is a great milestone in your journey to becoming a powerful Evony player. Read everything you need to know about these Evony Event Monsters in this Evony Royal Thief Guide.

Included are details on the minimum troops required to kill them without any wounded, how the Royal Thiefs are activated, and what rewards you can get from killing them.

What is the Evony Royal Thief Event

During this event, you have the chance to activate an Evony Event Monster called the Royal Thief. When activated, 3 Royal Thiefs will spawn near your Keep.

Once the Evony Royal Thiefs have spawned, you have 2 hours to kill them. You are able to kill one of them on your own and will need your ally members to kill the remaining.

How to Activate the Evony Royal Thiefs

Evony Royal Thiefs are activated by completing your Daily Activity Tasks. Each time you earn an Activity Chest, there is a chance they will spawn. They are guaranteed to spawn once you have opened the final Activity Chest at 145 Activity Points.

Evony daily activity tasks

You will receive an in-game notification once they have been activated. You will also be able to see the Royal Ambassador waiting at your Keep walls.

Evony Royal Thief Notification

Please note, that the Evony Royal Thiefs can be activated when you are offline. This can happen if you complete certain activities, such as healing troops or killing enemies, when offline. This may mean you miss them if you do not log on within the 2-hour killing window.

Killing the Evony Royal Thiefs

Once the Royal Thiefs have activated, there will be 3 Royal Thiefs that need to be killed. You are only able to kill one of these, with the remaining to be killed by alliance members. Alternatively, you can let alliance members kill all 3.

Evony Royal Thief Targets

To kill a Royal Thief, simply select it on the World Map and click attack. Alliance members can also invite you to kill their Royal Thiefs and they are killed in the same way.

You can also find them by selecting the Royal Ambassador who will be waiting at your Keep walls once the Royal Thiefs have spawned. First, select the Ambassador, and then select the Royal Thief you wish to locate. This will take you to them on the World Map.

Evony Royal Thief on map

Please note, that you can only kill another player’s Royal Thief if you have been invited to do so.

Inviting Players to Kill your Royal Thief

In order to complete the Evony Royal Thief Event, you must kill all 3 of them. As you are only allowed to kill one on your own, this can only be achieved with help from your alliance.

For an alliance member to kill your Royal Thief, you must invite them to do so. This is done by selecting the Royal Thief at your gate and then clicking on the invite button.

Invite Royal Thief

Here you can select the players you wish to invite to help. You can invite a maximum of 5 players to assist you. Each invited player can only kill one of your Royal Thiefs. Likewise, you may only kill one Royal Thief for another player.

Due to the limit on the number of invites, you should ensure the players you invite are online and actually capable of killing a Royal Thief.

Evony Royal Thief Power

Each of the 3 Royal Thiefs has the same power. This can be seen below.

Evony Royal Thief Power
  • Royal Thief 1 – 13.6M
  • Royal Thief 2 – 13.6M
  • Royal Thief 3 – 13.6M

Keep reading this Evony Royal Thief Guide for more details on the rewards available and the number of troops required to kill an Evony Royal Thief.

Troops Required to Kill the Royal Thief

There is no exact answer to this question as it will depend on the quality of your Evony Monster Killing General, the Troop Types you use, and your technology power from research.

However, in general, you should expect to be able to kill them without incurring any wounded troops once you are able to build T10 Mounted Troops.

Combine this with a good General from our Monster General Tier List and you can expect to kill a Royal Thief with zero wounded when you use about 200k T10 Mounted Troops.

Please note, that it is always advisable to use Mounted Troops when attacking Boss Monsters due to the high attack stat of mounted troops. Read our Evony Boss Monster Guide for more details on Evony Boss Monster Battle Mechanics.

Evony Royal Thief Rewards

Every time you kill an Evony Royal Thief, you will receive a small reward. This includes rewards for killing your own Royal Thiefs and also those of alliance members. In addition, you will receive a further reward once all 3 of your Royal Thiefs have been killed.

Evony Royal Thief Rewards

Evony Royal Thief Kill Rewards

Each time you kill a Royal Thief, whether it is yours or an ally members, you will receive a Royal Thief Chest. When opened, you will gain the following items.

  • Super Resource Chest x5
  • 100k Gold x5
  • Blue Material Chest x5
  • Medal x4
  • 3hr Speedup x2
  • 2k General EXP x2

Please note, that you get first down rewards for each of the different Royal Thiefs. I.e., you will get these rewards the first time you kill Royal Thief 1, Royal Thief 2, and Royal Thief 3.

Evony Royal Thief Completion Rewards

Once you have killed all 3 of your Royal Thiefs, you are able to collect the Royal Chest. You will receive 3 Royal Chests for completing the event. Once opened, you have a chance to gain one or more of the following items.

  • Historic General (Barbarossa) x1
  • 5k Gems x1
  • Dragon Crystal x10
  • Badge x10
  • 7 Day Speedup x1
  • Super Resource Chest x1
  • 500k Food Box x1
  • 500k Lumber Box x1
  • 500k Stone Box x1
  • 500k Ore Box x1
  • 1M Food Box x1
  • 1M Lumber Box x1
  • 1M Stone Box x1
  • 1M Ore Box x1
  • 8hr Speedup x1
  • 24hr Speedup x1
  • 3 Day Speedup x1
  • 500k Gold Box x1
  • 1M Gold Box x1
  • 1M Gold Box x2
  • 1k Gems x1
  • 2k Gems x1
  • Dragon Crystal x5
  • Badge x5
  • Refining Stone x80
  • Research Stone x50
  • Refining Stone x200
  • Research Stone x100
  • Adv City Teleporter x1

As can be seen, completing this event can be a great source of Gems, Speedups, and Refining Stones.

Evony Royal Thief Tips

Check out these quick tips to make the most of the Evony Royal Thief event.

  • Complete your Daily Activity Tasks every day to ensure you activate your Royal Thiefs
  • Use about 200k T10 Mounted Troops to kill the Royal Thiefs with zero wounded.
  • Use one of the Best Evony Monster Generals when attacking Royal Thiefs to reduce your wounded.
  • Always ask in alliance chat who is available to kill your Royal Thiefs before sending invites.
  • Help kill your alliance members thiefs so you can all grow quicker.

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