Evony Prestige Rank Guide

Accumulating Prestige points in Evony is often overlooked by new players to the game. However, becoming a player with one of the highest prestige ranks on your server brings numerous benefits. Keep reading this Evony Prestige Rank Guide for all the details.

This Evony Prestige Rank Guide will cover the rewards available for hitting certain numbers of prestige points, the criteria for hitting the prestige ranks, what the benefits of these ranks are, and the best ways to gain prestige in Evony.

What is Prestige in Evony

Prestige is a points system in Evony awarded for participating in different activities. Everyone in the sever is ranked against each other in terms of their prestige total with benefits awarded to players based on their prestige server rank.

Evony Prestige Ranks

Evony Prestige Ranks

Each server is currently broken down into 7 different prestige ranks. The number of players in each rank is limited and decreases the higher the rank becomes.

Evony Prestige Rank Requirements

Evony Prestige Requirments

The current prestige ranks in Evony, along with their requirements are shown below.

RankPrestigeServer Ranking

Please note, that server ranks are updated once a week every Sunday at 8am server time. Therefore, it can take a while for your increased prestige score to impact your rank.

Honorary Prestige Ranks

Evony Honorary Prestige Ranks

If you are struggling to achieve the ranks above due to tough competition in the server, there is an alternative way to achieve them. This is through the Honorary ranking system.

These are honorary ranks, of those outlined in the previous section, which are given to players that are at a certain VIP level. It negates the need to have higher prestige than other players on your server. The VIP level requirements are shown below.

VIP LevelRank
13Honorary Knight
14Honorary Baron
15Honorary Viscount
16Honorary Earl
17Honorary Duke
18Honorary Archduke
19Honorary Regent

The benefits received from an Honorary rank are the same as those received for a common rank. These benefits are outlined in the next section.

Evony Prestige Ranks Rewards

There are certain benefits gained by your Evony Prestige landing within each of these ranks. These benefits are outlined below.

KnightTraining Speed +5%
Healing Speed +5%
March Speed +5%
Sub-city Capacity +1
March Size Capacity +5k
Trap Building Speed +5%
BaronTraining Speed +10%
Healing Speed +10%
March Speed +10%
General Capacity +1
Sub-city Capacity +2
March Size Capacity +10k
Trap Building Speed +10%
ViscountTraining Speed +15%
Healing Speed +15%
March Speed +15%
General Capacity +2
Sub-city Capacity +3
March Size Capacity +15k
Trap Building Speed +15%
EarlTraining Speed +20%
Healing Speed +20%
March Speed +20%
General Capacity +3
Sub-city Capacity +4
March Size Capacity +20k
Trap Building Speed +20%
DukeTraining Speed +30%
Healing Speed +30%
March Speed +30%
General Capacity +4
Sub-city Capacity +5
March Size Capacity +30k
Trap Building Speed +30%
ArchdukeTraining Speed +50%
Healing Speed +50%
March Speed +50%
General Capacity +6
Sub-city Capacity +6
March Size Capacity +50k
Trap Building Speed +50%
RegentTraining Speed +70%
Healing Speed +70%
March Speed +70%
General Capacity +8
Sub-city Capacity +6
March Size Capacity +100k
Trap Building Speed +70%

In addition to the above, players will also receive a small reward when their prestige hits certain milestones. These rewards are as follows:

1k1hr Construction Speedup x10
2.5k5k Monarch EXP x5
4k100 Stamina x6
8k1hr Training Speedup x20
12k5k General EXP x20
18k3hr Speedup x15
25k1hr Healing Speedup x40
40kMaterial Bag x4
60k8hr Speedup x12
80kTreasure Box x3
120kSuper Resource Chest x3
150k24hr Speedup x10
180kTreasure Box x6
250kMaterial Bag x15
320k3d Speedup x8
400kTreasure Box x12
600kSuper Resource Chest x15
700k7d Speedup x8
1.2MTreasure Box x30
2MTactic Scroll x90
2.8M30d Speedup x5

The rewards from these milestones are claimed in the Shrine building under the Offer menu. Simply click the glowing chest to receive your rewards.

How to get Prestige in Evony

Of course, if you want to take advantage of this feature, you will need to start getting some prestige. Indeed, you will need a lot of it. Server rankings are very competitive as players know the importance of gaining the associated benefits.

Below are outlined the best ways to get prestige in Evony and therefore improve your rank.

Rallying Bosses

This is a nice passive way of gaining prestige as you will be doing this anyway for the chest rewards. Unfortunately, it is very stamina and time-intensive. However, stamina becomes very easy to come by as you progress in the game.

Prestige is gained from killing both Boss Monsters and Event Monsters. Though the amount of prestige you gain from each can vary quite widely. The best to farm for prestige are:

Except for Nians, most Event Monsters will only give you 50 prestige. It is, therefore, better to target normal Boss Monsters if you are trying to focus on increasing your prestige.

Please note, that you will also get first-down rewards when you take out each Boss Monster for the first time. This includes additional prestige which can be quite high.

Killing Common Monsters

Another option for gaining prestige is killing common monsters on the world map. This can be time-efficient due to not needing to rally. Additionally, killing common monsters will only cost you 6 stamina.

The prestige gained will increase the higher the level the monster is. A summary of the prestige available from these can be seen below.

  • Level 10 – 19 prestige.
  • Level 20 – 29 prestige.
  • Level 30 – 45 prestige.
  • Level 40 – 65 prestige.

Offering at the Shrine

Evony Shrine Offering

Offering at the Shrine building is by far the easiest way to gain prestige at a good rate. This can be done with either Gems or with Tributes.

Each time you offer, the prestige return will increase. The below outlines how much prestige you will get after each offer. This includes the Gem cost if you are offering with Gems.

Offer CountGemsPrestige

Please note that the increased prestige rate is maxed out after 16 offers. Therefore, you will receive 500 prestige for each additional offer after this point. This resets each day at 8am server time.

Keep reading below for further methods to increase your prestige return from offering and how to decrease the gem cost.


The Evony Tribute item is by far the most efficient way of making offerings at the Shrine in return for prestige. This completely removes the Gem cost associated with offering.

Tributes can be obtained in a number of ways. This includes:

It is a good idea to accumulate a large number of these and then offer them all at once. This will maximize the prestige gain by ensuring you are making a significant number of offers above 16.

Monarch Talent

You can increase the prestige you gain from each offer by optimizing your Monarch Talents. Indeed, this can be done very early as it is one of the first talents to become available to you.

To do this, simply select your Monarch icon and click on the Talent option. From here, ensure you have the offering talent maximized at level 4 before making any offers. This will increase the prestige gain by 20%.


Arabia Culture

Updating your Evony Culture is another easy way to increase the prestige gained from offering. To do this, select your keep and click on the Culture Feature button.

From here you will want to select the Arabia culture for the offering buff. It costs 2,000 Gems to change your culture. Read our Evony Culture Guide for more details on all the Evony Cultures.

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