Evony The King’s Return Huns Invasion Guide

Evony The Kings Return Huns Invasion Guide
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When the Evony Huns Invasion Event was initially announced, the details were very bare. This seems to be the typical Evony way, they like leaving the community to figure things out for themselves. On the plus side, this has created many great guides for Evony King’s Return. Keep reading this Evony Huns Invasion Guide for everything you need to know to dominate in the event. Please note, a major update is expected for the Huns Invasion on November 4th 2021 and this Huns Invasion Guide will likely need updated to reflect the changes.

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Evony Huns Invasion Guide – The Rules

Sign-up and Team Rules

The battlefield has 5 difficulty levels with each requiring a certain keep and power level to join. During the event, you can enter the Battlefield 3 times a day. This can be done by creating a team to invite allies and friends or by matching with teammates automatically. The invasion will start automatically once all 6 members have marked themselves as prepared. However, in auto match, you need to be prepared within 30 seconds or you will be kicked. You can also invite less than 5 friends and make up the remaining numbers with random players looking for a match.

Stage Rules

The Huns Invasion has 10 stages with a team required to defeat all enemies in order to move onto the next stage. Enemies consist of a layered mixed march of troops and are assisted by a powerful general at stages 6 and 10. At stage 6, the assisting general is taken from the 2nd strongest player in a random server. Additionally, in stage 10, the assisting general is from the strongest player in a random server. In the remaining stages, there are no generals assisting the Hun army.

Enemies can only be attacked by using the rally function. Rally times can be 1, 2, 3 or 5 minutes and can be speed attacked for free when players are ready. All killed troops will automatically be healed at the end of the event. Troops cannot be healed during the invasion. However, any killed Generals must be revived in the Shrine building after the event. After every cleared stage, players can select one of 3 buffs to help them in futures stages. These buffs will all accumulate together as you progress.

Reward Rules

Players will receive a reward for every stage that they defeat during the event. However, if they do not participate in the winning rally then they will not receive these rewards. These rewards include Barbarian Flags which can be redeemed in the Huns Battlefield Shop found in the Battlefield building. Additional stage clear rewards are also available at the end of the event and can be claimed in the Event Centre. They are awarded to everyone regardless of if they took part in the rallies or not.

Evony Huns Invasion Guide – The Difficulty Levels

Huns Invasion Stage Requirements

The Evony Huns Invasion has 5 different difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare and Hell. Enemies become increasingly more difficult as you move up the difficulty levels, with rewards also improving. The requirements for each difficulty level are:

Easy: Minimum keep level 11 and minimum power of 500K
Normal: Minimum keep level 16 and minimum power of 2M
Hard: Minimum keep level 21 and minimum power of 15M
Nightmare: Minimum keep level 25 and minimum power of 50M
Hell: Minimum keep level 30 and minimum power of 220M

Event Buffs

After each stage is completed, a player can select a buff to help them for the remainder of the event. Players will get a choice between 3 random buffs as outlined in the table below. The buffs selected after each stage will accumulate as the player progresses through the stages. This also includes any team buffs selected by other players.

Evony Huns Invasion Event Buffs

What are the Rewards

Stage Rally Rewards

During the event, players will receive a reward for every stage that they defeat. In order to receive these rewards, they must participate in the winning rally. The rewards received for each defeated stage are shown below. This is also where players will receive the Barbarian Flags which can be redeemed in the Huns Invasion Battlefield Shop for rewards.

Evony Huns Invasion Stage Rally Rewards

Stage Clear Rewards

These rewards are obtained once the event is over from the Battlefield building, or in the Event Centre, by clicking on the golden chest icon. A player can claim the rewards once they have defeated the corresponding stage. However, these rewards are only obtainable once whilst the Huns Invasion is running.

Evony Huns Invasion Stage Clear Rewards

Evony Huns Invasion Battlefield Shop

Evony Huns Invasion Battlefield Shop

Looking at the above, it is clear that the standard event rewards are not the best. However, the Barbarian Flags are where this event really starts to stand out and they are given away quite generously. Indeed, they should be considered as a currency and can be spent by navigating to the Battlefield Shop which has had a Huns Invasion tab added. The items available in the shop are the same for everyone and do not refresh at all for the entirety of the event. In addition, each item can only be bought once. Finally, an example of what is available, and at what cost, can be seen in the picture.

Please let us know how you are finding the Huns Invasion event and if you think there is anything that the developers can do to improve it even further.

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