Evony The King’s Return Hydra Invasion Guide

Evony Hydra Invasion Guide
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The Evony Hydra Invasion is yet another of the many regular events that occur in Evony The King’s Return. It gives players another chance to earn some great awards with their alliance. Keep reading for all you need to know in our Evony Hydra Invasion Guide.

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Evony Hydra Invasion Guide – The Key Details

During the Evony Hydra Invasion event, new event monsters called Hydras will start to spawn around the map. Players can either attack these on their own or with their alliance. Defeating a Hydra will give some nice rewards but the real benefit comes from your alliance ranking during the event. For each Hydra that your alliance kills, you will be awarded points. All server alliances are then ranked by their points and are awarded extra prizes at the end of event depending on the alliances final standing in the competition.

The Evony Hydra Invasion event takes place every Monday and Tuesday. On each of these days, the event will run from 0800 sever time for 24 hours. Alliances have these 24 hours to accumulate as many points as possible for their final ranking.

Earning points in the Evony Hydra Invasion

Points are awarded for every Hydra that is killed by an alliance. The higher the level of the Hydra, the more points that will be awarded. Hydras will spawn on the map from Level 1 to Level 3. Killing a Level 1 Hydra will award your alliance 5 points, a Level 2 Hydra 30 points, a Level 3 Hydra 100 points and a Level 4 Hydra 150 points. Points are awarded for Hydras that the alliance kills. Therefore, in an alliance rally, you will only receive points once for the rally and not for each player that took part. The Hydras are tougher than the average boss monster you usually encounter and require a serious rally. The Level 1 Hydra has 84.9M power, the Level 2 Hydra has 120.6M power, the Level 3 Hydra has 198.9M power and the Level 4 Hydra has 328.4M power.

Great Rewards

At the end of the event, the top 10 ranking alliances will all receieve a reward based on their final position. When 2 or more alliances have the same score, whoever reached the score first will rank highest. Alliance placing rewards can be seen below.

Evony Hydra Invasion Rewards

Most of the rewards here are not that great. However, if you are trying to get skill books then Chips for the Wheel of Fortune are a good source. The drop rate of Level 1 skill books here is quite which you can then disassemble and compose into Level 4 skill books once you have 10 pages. The Hydra Treasure also has the potential to give some good rewards. You will get one of the following when you open it:

Evony Hydra Treasure Rewards

Ideally here you want to get the Sea Bag. If you are lucky enough to get this drop then you will get a chance at even more great rewards:

– 500k Food Box x2
– Silk Road Material Bag x2
– 500k Lumber Box x2
– Skillbook Page x1
– 500k Stone Box x2
– 500k Ore Box x2

Finally, each time you defeat a Hydra, you will also get a drop from defeating it. What you get will depend on the level of Hydra that you have killed. When you kill a Level 1 Hydra you will get a Junior Hydra Chest, a Medium Hydra Chest for killing a Level 2 Hydra and a Senior Hydra Chest for killing a Level 3 Hydra. These chests are a great source of Magic Artwork Chests and Wheel of Fortune Chips.

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