Evony General Guide

Evony General Guide

Having great Evony Generals is one of the keys to doing well in Evony the Kings Return. There are a huge number of generals, with well over 100 Gold Historic Generals. This Evony General Guide gives you all the details you need to make the most of your generals.

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Why you Need Evony Generals

Evony Generals are a vital component of the game. You can use them in everything you do. This includes researching, building, crafting, and fighting. The better the general is, the more effective they will be in each of these roles. Certain generals are also specialists at a certain task. For example, Simeon the Great is considered the best general for a Ranged PvP attack. However, you would not use him when attacking with ground troops.

General Roles

Below is a list of all the roles that a general can be used in. Check out our complete list of generals to see which role each general is best suited for.

Ranged PvPAttacking general with ranged troops
Ground PvPAttacking general with ground troops
Mounted PvPAttacking general with mounted troops
Siege PvPAttacking general with siege machines
Wall DefenseWall defense general
Monster HunterAttacking high level monsters
Monster LooterHigh double drop rate from monsters
GatheringGathering resources from the world map
Subordinate CityImproving or attacking from sub cities
DutyImproving efficiency of buildings in your city

Evony General Rarity

There are 5 different rarity types for Evony generals. The higher the rarity, the better the general. Rarity can be identified by the color of the border around the general’s picture. These are outlined below:

  • Green – Common
  • Purple – Uncommon
  • Blue – Rare
  • Purple – Legendary
  • Gold – Epic
  • Purple Historic
  • Gold Historic

Historic Generals are further identified by the small crown in the top left of their picture as shown below.

Thutmose III - Gold Histroic Evony General

Tip: It is recommended to only ever buy and improve Gold Historic Generals.

How to get Evony Generals

There are several ways to get generals in Evony. These are outline below:

  • Tavern – recruit from tavern building
  • Wheel – win one on the wheel of fortune at the tavern
  • Shop – buy a General Chest from the battlefield building
  • Relics – collect general tokens from relics
  • Great General Chest – opened from the tavern after cooldown or from activity
  • Packs – buying packs for real money

The tavern is the easiest way to get a general. However, it is recommended to only ever buy Gold Historic generals as it is a waste of resources developing anything else. Check out our Evony Beginner’s Tips for more essential information you need when first starting out.

Evony General Stats

Evony Generals have 4 main stats which affect how good they are at certain things. These are outlined below:

  • Leadership – increases sub city training speed, troop HP and march speed
  • Attack – increases troop attack
  • Defense – increases troop defense
  • Politics – increases sub city construction and gold production speed, resource gathering speed and troop death to wounded rate

Each time you level a general, these stats increase. They can also be increased by cultivating and enhancing your general.

Levelling Evony Generals

Every time you level a general it will increase its stats. The amount it increases by is equal to the stats growth rate. This is shown to the right of the green arrow on the general’s screen, just below the general’s picture. The growth rate can be further increased by enhancing your general.

Evony General Growth Rate

Generals can be levelled up to the same level as your monarch level. The current maximum level is 40. Generals can get experience in the following ways:

  • PvP – killing enemy troops
  • Monsters – killing monsters on the world map
  • Sub Cities – attacking NPC sub cities
  • General EXP Items – added to a general to increase their experience

Tip: Find an NPC sub city on the world map that you can defeat with low losses. Ensure you have no room for a new sub city. Attack repeatedly with the generals you want to level.

Guide to Cultivating Evony Generals

This is the process of spending gold and gems to increase your general’s stats with a bonus amount. Each stat can be increased with an additional 500 points through this process. You can use gold to get them up to +300. However, once they are over 300, gold cultivation will no longer work. At this point, you must use gems to bring them to +500.

Cultivate Evony General

Evony General Guide to Enhancing

Enhancing an Evony General is the process of increasing their Star Level. It costs gold and medals. A General’s Star Level can be increased up to a maximum of 5 Stars. The must be a certain level before each Star Level increase can be done. Each time a general is enhanced, it increases their stat growth value.

General LevelStar LevelGoldMedals
51 Stars1m40
102 Stars2m120
143 Stars4m300
184 Stars8m800
225 Stars15m2000

General Special Skill

All Historic Evony Generals start with a base skill. This is usually an indicator of what they are best used as. For example, Elektra has a special skill which increases her ranged attack, indicating that she is best used for ranged PvP. A general’s special skill can be seen by navigating to their menu and selecting the gold square box below their stats.

Evony General Skill Books

In addition to their Special Skill, all Gold Historic Generals can have a further 3 skills added to them by using skill books. Skill books are obtained easiest from the Wheel of Fortune or by purchasing them from the Skill Books Shop at the Academy building. They can also be crafted using skill book pages. These are collected from events and by disassembling skill books you do not want. Skill books are found in levels 1 to 4.

Evony Skill Book Shop

Applying Evony Skill Books

Skill books are hard to obtain, especially at their max level of 4. Therefore, it is important to add them very carefully. Each time you add a new skill, there is a chance it will overwrite a skill book you previously added. You will likely need several duplicates of each skill book that you want added before you will succeed.

The optimal way to add them is by first applying all 3 skills you want but in their level 1 form. After this is done, you can add a level 4 skill book of the same type and it is guaranteed to overwrite the level 1 version of itself. This is probably one of the most important points in this Evony General Guide. Don’t waste your skill books!

Evony General Specilisations

All Evony Gold Historic Generals have speciality skills unlocked once they reach level 22. Here you are able to spend gems and runestones to teach your generals additional skills. Each general has 4 specialities that can be learned. They can all be levelled up 5 times. However, the final speciality can only be worked on once the other 3 have reached the Genius level.

  • Veteran
  • Master
  • Expert
  • Grandmaster
  • Genius

Runestones can be found by fighting in PvP, from monsters and during events. You can also use lucky stones to increase the experience gained when levelling the specialisations. However, these are difficult to come by unless you are spending money on packs or competing in the Server War and Battlefields.

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