Evony Lucky Composing Event Guide

Evony Composing Event Guide

Evony The King’s Return just released their latest version of the Lucky Composing event. Typically, each time the lucky composing event comes to Evony, it will run for about two weeks. During the Evony Lucky Composing event, players need to collect different coloured cards, from resource spots and monsters.

These cards can then be composed to create different chests for some brilliant rewards. The problem is, Evony does not really give you the details of the rewards that are available in each chest. They only reveal this information once you have created them.

One Chilled Gamer has done the hard work for you and worked out how to make each of the 10 different chests. Added to this, we’ve also worked out what is available to be won in each of them. This should make it much easier for you to decide which chest you want to create. Check the chart below for a quick guide on the cards required for each level of Lucky Composing Event chests and the rewards available in each chest.

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Evony Lucky Composing Card Combinations

Evony Lucky Composing Guide

One of most precious resources in Evony is stamina. Therefore, it is often a good strategy to compose level 1, 3 and 4 chests if you are short in this area. Another important resource are food boxes, so concentrate on level 7 and 9 chests if you need more of these. Aside from that, the chests also contain lots of gems and speedups which can really help boost your growth. If you’ve found this useful, you should also check out our roundup of the Best Guides for Evony the Kings Return available on the web, our Evony Hydra Invasion Guide and our guide to the Evony Huns Invasion Event.

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