Evony Lucky Composing Event Guide

Evony Lucky Composing Event is brilliant for picking up some easy rewards. Each time the Lucky Composing Event comes to Evony, it will run for about two weeks. During the Evony Lucky Composing event, players need to collect different-colored cards, from resource spots and monsters.

These cards can then be composed to create different chests for some brilliant rewards. The problem is, Evony does not really give you the details of the rewards that are available in each chest. They only reveal this information once you have created them.

Collecting Evony Lucky Composing Cards

There are 5 different colored cards that you need to collect in this event: red, blue, orange, green, and purple. Once you have a combination of three different colored cards, you are able to exchange them for a chest reward.

Exchange Lucky Composing Cards for Rewards

Thankfully, it is very easy to get the Evony Lucky cards. The best ways are the following:

For the highest chance of getting an Evony LuckyCard, killing Boss Monsters seems to have the best drop rate. You can combine this with an Evony Monster Looting General for a double drop chance.

Evony Lucky Composing Tips

Follow these quick tips to get the most out of the event and maximize the number of lucky cards you collect.

Evony Lucky Composing Card Combinations

We have done the hard work for you and worked out how to make each of the 10 different chests. Added to this, we’ve also worked out what is available to be won in each of them.

Check out all the details below for each Lucky Composing Event chest.

Evony Luck Composing

As can be seen, this event is a fantastic source of stamina, speedups, resources, and materials. It is therefore very important to take full advantage of it while it is running.

Please note that these combinations can change each time the event comes back to the game. Therefore, it is worth testing one chest initially to ensure it matches with the rewards as expected.

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