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Evony Cultures are an extremely important part of the Meta Game. In this Evony Cultures Guide, we will show you all the cultures you can choose, their buffs, then you should pick each, and how to change Evony Culture.

What are Evony Cultures

When you first start Evony, you are able to select a culture for your account from 7 different options. These are each associated with a different geographic region in the world.

The culture you choose will grant you a specific buff. These Evony Culture Buffs can make a big difference to how well you do in different aspects of the game.

For example, one may make you a beast at gathering resources, while another may make your troops super hard-hitting in PvP.

How to Change Evony Culture

Depending on what you are doing in the game, it can be a good idea to change culture regularly. However, the cost is 2,000 Gems so you need to make sure you have enough before you start doing it.

Changing Culture

To change your Evony Culture first select your Keep and then click on the Culture Feature option. On the next screen, you will be able to scroll through all 7 Evony Cultures. Once you have found your desired Culture, select Change Culture and confirm.

Confirm culture change

As soon as you change culture, the game will automatically restart and complete an install of the culture’s resource pack. This is due to the graphics of your city changing to match your new culture.

There is no cooldown to changing culture. However, you should not overuse it due to the Gem cost.

Evony Culture and Your Sub City

It is also worth noting that when you change culture, your starting sub-city will also have its culture changed. This is important as sub-cities also have buff effects that are slightly different from your account culture buffs.

To learn more about Evony Sub Cities and their buffs, check out our Evony Subordinate City Guide.

Evony Culture Buffs

Keep reading below in this Evony Culture Guide for a full list of all Evony Cultures, their buffs, and when you should use each one. Each Evony Culture will grant you 3 buffs.


Europe Evony Culture

“When the darkness of barbarism comes, the chivalry rises from the chaos. Warriors of Europe, raise your sword and revive heroes’ glory again.”

  • Bianco Romano: Stone Production +10%
  • Knighthood: Mounted Troop Attack +5%
  • Adventurer: March Speed to Monsters +5%

Europe brings some nice buffs to your Mounted Troops. This can be useful when you are engaged in a lot of Boss Monster and Event Monster hunting as it will speed up your marches and improve your attack. However, the gain here is quite small for a cost of 2,000 Gems.


America Evony Culture

“A new land of hope, a free United States of America. What you have to do is be like a real hero, fighting for the devotion in your heart.”

  • Global Trade: Gold Levy +5%
  • Modern Weapon: Siege Machine Attack +5%
  • Mercenary: Training Speed +3%

America is a great Evony Culture to use when you are doing a lot of Troop Training. It will massively reduce the number of Training Speedups you require. Combine this culture with our Evony Troop Cost Calculator when embarking on a large troop training campaign.


Arabia Evony Culture

“The ancient land kept the heritage of wisdom, and the legendary wealth hid in the depth of the desert. The desert heroes have awakened, and they are on a journey to build an eternal glory.”

  • Buried Treasure: Gems Gathering Speed +5%
  • Nomadism: Mounted Troop HP +5%
  • Arabian Nights: Bonus from Offering +5%

Arabia has two interesting buffs. In the early game, the Gem Gathering Speed buff is useful however you will quickly start getting gems efficiently from events. The offering buff should also not be overlooked, if you have saved many tributes to offer always switch to Arabia for the bonus.


Russia Evony Culture

“The cold of the Northern tempered the will of the soldiers, and the strong enemy kept them on guard at all times. Russian warriors, you will overcome all difficulties and conquer to the ned of the continent.”

  • Metallurgy: Ore Production +10%
  • Cossack: Mounted Troop Defense +5%
  • Trap Master: Trap Building Speed +10%

If you are engaged in a lot of trap building, then Russia can help speed this up for you. However, traps are really only recommended for high-power players. Additionally, Russia can be useful for an Evony Alt Account focused on ore production.


Korea Evony Culture

“Take the mountains as the barrier and rivers as the border. Korea warriors are born to fight, if one of them keeps the road, he will frighten a thousand people.”

  • Axe and Saw Modification: Lumber Production +10%
  • The Divine Weapon: Ranged Troop Attack +5%
  • Dongui Bogam: Healing Speed +5%

Korea is a useful Evony Culture for when taking part in PvP with a ranged troop march. Combine this with one of the Best Evony Ranged Generals and you will be pretty formidable. Additionally, if you have many wounded, Korea is useful to reduce healing time.


Japan Evony Culture

“When the spring breeze blows over the fields of hometown, every grass is watered by the blood of the warriors. The brave who view life as morning dew, here is exactly your splendid world.”

  • Rice Transplanting: Food Production +10%
  • Samurai Armor: Ground Troop Defense +5%
  • Katana Speed: Crafting Speed +8%

Japan is perhaps one of the most useful Evony Cultures, especially for Ground Troop players due to their ground defense buff. In addition, they grant a large crafting speed buff which is perfect for when you are crafting your Generals’ new gear.


China Evony Culture

“The Tang Dynasty wakes up in the morning bell of Chang’an. When the flames of war rise, the Chinese descendants are ready to offer their blood and loyalty to the earth.”

  • Wooden Ox and Gliding Horse: Troop Load +5%
  • Master Sun’s Art of War: Ground Troop Attack +5%
  • Papermaking: Research Speed +3%

China is a vital Evony Culture for whenever you are working on your tech power. Make sure to switch to them if you are about to kick off some big research projects.

Best Evony Culture

Below in this Evony Culture Guide, we outline which are the best Evony Cultures. This always depends on what your aims are in the game.

  • America: Best culture for when you are training a lot of troops.
  • Arabia: It is a good idea to hoard tributes and switch to Arabia when offering them. You will get a large EXP and Prestige bonus.
  • Korea: If you are focused on Ranged PvP, then Korea is a great option to improve your attack. They should also be used when you have a lot of healing to do.
  • China: The best Evony Culture if you are doing a lot of research. Their buff will decrease your research times a lot.
  • Japan: Great choice for Ground Troop Players due to their 5% ground defense buff. Also great for crafting gear with their crafting speed bonus.

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