Evony Civilization Equipment Guide

In Evony, Civilization Equipment is accessed through the Wonder building and offers you even more opportunities to add buffs to your army. In a similar way to regular Equipment, they can be given to your Generals to make them more powerful. However, for Civilization Equipment, you can also receive buffs for just owning a full set, without even having it equipped. In this Evony Guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about Civilization Equipment. From details on the buffs you can get, information on how to improve them, and much more!

What is Civilization Equipment

Evony Civilization Equipment Aztec Set

Civilization Equipment is located in the Wonder building and represents rare pieces of Equipment that you can craft and give to your Generals for extra buffs. There are an ever-growing number of Civilization Equipment Sets with each one having 6 different pieces associated with it. The list outlines the current Civilization Equipment Sets available in Evony:

  • Abbas
  • Antonine
  • Augustus
  • Aztec
  • Bourbon
  • Freedom
  • Furinkazan
  • Han Dynasty
  • Heian
  • Koryo
  • Plantagenet
  • Rurik
  • Sasanian
  • Thebes

The buffs granted by them can be huge and there are several ways to improve these buffs even more. however, they are also extremely rare and can be difficult to craft. Keep reading this Evony Civilization Equipment Guide and we will give you all the information you need to start making the most out of these items.

How to get Civilization Equipment

Evony Civilization Equipment Simeon the Great

As a premium piece of Equipment, it is no surprise that Civilization Equipment is extremely difficult to get, especially as a F2P player. Indeed, without spending any money it could easily take several months before you unlock just one piece of an individual Set! This is due to the fact that you must first collect 30 Civilization Equipment Scroll Fragments of each piece of Civilization Equipment before you can craft it. Below are the current ways to get Civilization Equipment Scroll Fragments.

King’s Party Packs

This is the only way to guarantee yourself a full piece of Civilization Equipment. During this purchasing event, you can level up your King’s Party Cake by buying Gems. Upon reaching levels 4 and 10 you will gain a Civilization Scroll Chest. Upon opening it, you will be given a choice of different Civilization Equipments to choose from. You will be given 30 Civilization Equipment Scroll Fragments for the one you choose. However, it can cost up to $2,000 to attain the level 10 cake.

Wheel of Civilization

This is a Wheel you can spin to have a small chance of winning a Civilization Scroll Fragment Chest amongst other rewards. Each Fragment Chest you win allows you to select one Civilization Equipment piece to receive one Fragment Scroll of.

This is a good way for F2P players to gain Civilization Equipment Scroll Fragments over time as you are given a small amount of spins for free each day. To gain free spins you can get 1 a day from Gathering, 9 a day from Monsters, and an extra 1 as a free gift. You can also spend money to get more spins, however, the King’s Party is probably a better option overall for spenders.


The is another wheel that you can spin for a chance to win Civilization Equipment Scroll Fragments. However, in this case, it is only viable for spenders as there is no way to spin it for free. Instead, spins are gained by buying Starblue Coins in Event Packs. However, the chance to win Fragments on the Wheel is very low and therefore the King’s Party is a better route.


Evony Civilization Equipment Koryo Bracers

Once you have 30 Civilization Equipment Scroll Fragments for a specific piece you will be able to craft it, however, you will also need some Red Level 7 Materials depending on the type you are crafting. These are outlined in the table below:

WeaponDragon Scale x100
Wood x100
Bronze x100
Leather x100
HelmetPurple Crystal x50
Blue Stone x50
Iron x50
Animal Bone x50
ArmorPurple Crystal x50
Animal Bone x50
Leather x50
Feather x50
Leg ArmorSilver Pearl x50
Iron x50
Feather x50
Dragon Scale x50
BootsRed Agate x50
Meteorolite x50
Bronze x50
Dragon Scale x50
SpecialMeteorolite x50
Silver Pearl x50
Red Agate x50
Blue Stone x50

How to Improve Civilization Equipment

Evony Civilization Equipment Star Atlas

Once you have finally managed to unlock a piece of Civilization Equipment and given it to your General, you are in for some great buffs. Although these initial buffs are already pretty good you can, like everything in Evony, improve it even more using several different methods. These are outlined below.

Star Level

When you first craft a piece of Civilization Equipment in Evony, it will start out with no stars. This can be upgraded to 5 stars using gold. Each time you upgrade the star level, the piece will gain some buffs to its Basic Attributes.


Once you have maxed out the first 5 Gold Star levels of a piece of Civilization Equipment, you are able to give it a further 5 Diamond Stars using the Amplify mechanism. This again will improve the Basic Attributes of the piece but this time will cost you further Civilization Equipment Scroll Fragments of the piece and Meteoric Stones. The materials required for each Diamond Star level are as follows:

Diamond StarsScroll FragmentsMeteoric Stones

The buffs added from Amplifying are already pretty good, however, this is not where it ends with this feature. Indeed, this also unlocks Star Atlas Civilization Equipment Set buffs which will be covered later on in this Evony Guide.

How to get Meteoric Stones

We have already covered how to get Scroll Fragments but now would be a good time to cover the methods for obtaining Meteoric Stones so that you can Amplify your Civilization Equipment. The best methods are as follows:

  • King’s Party – you will get some for reaching King’s Party Cake levels 5, 8, and 10.
  • Dragon Treasures Event – here you spend money to receive a random gift from the Dragon Treasures which includes a chance to win Meteoric Stones.


As with regular Equipment, you can also refine Civilization Equiment to add 4 additional refining attribute buffs. Each one can be refined up to a maximum of +30% for the corresponding new buff. The refining buffs that can be added will depend on the equipment type. Each refining attempt will cost Gold and Refining Stones.

Advanced Refining

In addition to regular refining, each piece of Civilization Equipment can also undergo Advanced Refining. This is unlocked once each of the 4 regular refining buffs has reached gold attributes. Advanced Refining unlocks one new attribute buff for each piece that undergoes the process. The buff received depends on its type as outlined below:

WeaponAll Troop Attack
HelmetAll Troop HP
ArmorAll Troop Defense
Leg ArmorAll Troop Defense
BootsAll Troop HP
SpecialAll Troop Attack

Like regular refining, Advanced Refining costs Gold and Refining Stones to do. Each piece can be refined up to 50 times a day and be refined up to a maximum level of 100.

Star Atlas

As previously mentioned, Star Atlas buffs are unlocked once the equipment piece has undergone amplification. Each time a piece is amplified, it will unlock a part of its Sets Star Atlas for a new buff. There are a total of 15 Star Atlas buffs to unlock for each Civilization Equipment Set. Buffs from the Star Atlas take effect even when you are not wearing the Set.

Civilization Equipment Buffs and Sets

Evony Civilization Equipment Dewey

As already mentioned in this Evony Civilization Equipment Guide, the buffs obtained by fully upgraded pieces are huge! Indeed, some of these buffs are granted when not even equipped such as with the Star Atlas. All the different buffs you can obtain for each set are outlined in the next sections.

Equipped Buffs

These are the basic attribute buffs obtained for each piece that your General has equipped. Each piece has 4 different buffs that your General will gain. These buffs are improved by improving its Star Level and by Amplifying.

Set Buffs

Set buffs are gained for having a certain number of pieces of Civilization Equipment from the same Set equipped to a General. The buffs obtained for each number of a Set equipped are as follows:

Abbas(2) Ranged & Siege Attack +15%
(4) Rally Capacity +15%
(6) Enemy Attack -15%
Antonine(2) Ground & Mounted Defense & HP +12%
(4) March Size +20%
(6) Ground & Mounted Attack, Defense, & HP +12%
Augustus(2) Enemy Attack -10%
(4) March Size +20%
(6) Troop Attack +12%
Aztec(2) Troop HP +15%
(4) Rally Capacity +15%
(6) Ground Attack, Defense, & HP +20%
Bourbon(2) Attacking Attack +12%
(4) Rally Capacity +15%
(6) Mounted Attack, Defense, & HP +20%
Freedom(2) Attacking Siege & Ranged Attack +25%
(4) Rally Capacity +15%
(6) Attacking Troop Attack +18%
Furinkazan(2) Marching Ground Attack & HP +30%
(4) Ground & Mounted Attack & Defense +15%
(6) Enemy HP -25%
Han Dynasty(2) Mounted Attack +30%
(4) Enemy Defense -25%
(6) Enemy ground & Mounted Defense & HP -25%
Heian(2) Enemy Attack -10%
(4) Rally Capacity +15%
(6) Siege Attack, Defense, & HP +20%
Koryo(2) City Ground & Mounted Defense & HP +30%
(4) Ranged & Siege Attack +20%
(6) City defense & HP +25%
Plantagenet(2) Attacking Troop Attack +15%
(4) Rally Capacity +15%
(6) Mounted & Ranged Attack & Defense +15%
Rurik(2) Marching Ground & Mounted Attack & HP +15%
(4) Ground & Mounted Attack on Monsters +50%
(6) Marching Ground & Mounted Attack & Defense +25%
Sasanian(2) Ranged & Siege Defense & HP +15%
(4) March Size +20%
(6) Siege & Ranged Attack, Defense, & HP +12%
Thebes(2) Troop Defense +15%
(4) Rally capacity +15%
(6) Ranged Attack, HP, & Defense +20%

Owned Set Buffs

In addition to the above equipped set buffs, you also gain further buffs for simply owning a full set. Indeed, for your Generals to gain these they don’t even have to have them equipped! The buffs gained for owning each full Civilization Equipment Set are as follows:

AbbasReinforcement Capacity +20%
AntonineGround & Mounted Defense & HP +15%
AugustusTroop Attack +10%
AztecGround Attack, Defense, & HP +15%
BourbonMounted Attack, Defense, & HP +15%
FreedomMarch Size +30%
FurinkazanAttacking Troop Attack & Defense +13%
Han DynastyTroop Attack & Defense with Dragon +10%
HeianSiege Attack, Defense, & HP +15%
KoryoCity Ranged & Siege Attack +50%
PlantagenetRally Capacity +20%
RurikTroop Attack, Defense, and HP on Monsters +18%
SasanianSiege & Ranged Attack, Defense, and HP +10%
ThebesRanged Attack, Defense, & HP +15%

Star Atlas Buffs

As already outlined, Star Atlas buffs are gained for Civilization Equipment Sets with the Amplify feature. These buffs are also gained for simply owning the Set and are not required to be equipped. They are as follows once the Star Atlas is completed:

AbbasRanged Troop Attack +20%
Siege Machine HP +20%
Enemy Mounted Troop Defense -20%
AntonineAttacking Mounted Troops and Ground Troop Attack +20%
Attacking Ranged Troop and Siege Machine HP +20%
Enemy Ground Troop Defense -20%
AugustusAttacking Siege Machine and Ranged Troop Attack +20%
Siege Machine Defense +20%
Enemy Siege Machine HP -20%
AztecGround Troop Attack +20%
In-city Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Defense +20%
Enemy Ground Troop HP -20%
BourbonAttacking Mounted Troop and Ground Troop HP +20%
Rally Capacity +20%
Enemy Siege Machine Attack -20%
FreedomMounted Troop Defense +20%
In-city Ground Troop and Mounted Troop HP +20%
Enemy Ranged Troop Attack -20%
FurinkazanGround Troop HP +20%
Ground Troop Defense +20%
Enemy Ground Troop Attack -20%
Han DynastyMounted Troop HP +20%
Attacking Mounted Troop and Ground Troop Defense +20%
Enemy Ranged Troop HP -20%
HeianSiege Machine Attack +20%
Attacking Siege Machine and Ranged Troop Defense +20%
Enemy Siege Machine Defense -20%
KoryoIn-city Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +20%
Reinforcement Capacity +20%
Enemy Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack -20%
PlantagenetRanged Troop Defense +20%
In-city Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Defense +20%
Enemy Mounted Troop HP -20%
RurikMounted Troop Attack +20%
March Size Capacity +20%
Enemy Ranged Troop Defense -20%
SasanianIn-city Ranged Troop and Siege Machine HP +20%
In-city Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack +20%
Enemy Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack -20%
ThebesRanged Troop HP +20%
March Size Capacity +20%
Enemy Mounted Troop Attack -20%

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