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Blazons are another way to boost the performance of your Troops and Generals in Evony. When your troop training buildings hit a certain level, this feature becomes unlocked allowing you to equip 6 different Blazons to each troop type for special buffs. Keep reading this Evony Blazon Guide for all you need to know about this feature.

What are Evony Blazons

Different types of Blazons in Evony

Blazons are special equipment that can be equipped via each of your 4 Troop Training Buildings: Stables, Archer Camp, Workshop, and Barracks. A total of 6 Blazons can be equipped at each building with each equipped Blazon buffing the relevant building Troop Type in a certain way. Your first Blazon can be equipped once the relevant building reaches level 6, with all 6 Blazons able to be equipped once the building reaches level 29.

Different Blazon Types

Each of the 6 Blazon slots for each Evony Troop Type is represented by a different Elemental type. You must acquire a Blazon of the corresponding Element type in order to equip it in its slot. The different Blazon Elements, and at what building level they are unlocked, can be seen below.


Evony Blazon Sets

Blazon Sets in Evony

As well as each Blazon having an Element, they also each have a specific Blazon Set they are part of. This Set determines which Troop Type the Blazon can be equipped to. In addition, much like General Equipment, if you equip Blazons from the same Set, you will gain additional buffs. Sets unlock additional buffs when 2/4/6 Blazons of the relevant Set have been equipped. All the Blazon Sets available are summarized below:

GroundJustice(2/6) When attacking, Enemy Mounted Troop Attack -20%.
(4/6) When attacking, Enemy Ranged Troop Defense -20%.
(6/6) Marching Ground Troop Attack, Defense and HP +10%.
GroundSacrifice(2/6) When defending, Enemy Mounted Troop Attack -25%.
(4/6) When defending, Enemy Ranged Troop Defense -25%.
(6/6) Defending Ground Troop Attack, Defense and HP +15%.
RangedCompassion(2/6) When defending, Enemy Ground Troop Attack -25%.
(4/6) When defending, Enemy Mounted Troop Defense -25%.
(6/6) Defending Ranged Troop Attack, Defense and HP +15%.
RangedValor(2/6) When attacking, Enemy Ground Troop Attack -20%.
(4/6) When attacking, Enemy Mounted Troop Defense -20%.
(6/6) Attacking Ranged Troop Attack, Defense and HP +10%.
MountedSoul(2/6) Mounted Troop HP on Monsters +30%.
(4/6) Mounted Troop Defense on Monsters +30%.
(6/6) Mounted Troop Attack on Monsters +30%.
MountedHonor(2/6) When attacking, Enemy Ranged Troop Attack -20%.
(4/6) When attacking, Enemy Ground Troop Defense -20%.
(6/6) Attacking Mounted Troop Attack, Defense and HP +10%.
Siege MachineHonesty(2/6) When attacking, Enemy Troop Attack -5%.
(4/6) When attacking, Enemy Troop Defense -5%.
(6/6) Attacking Siege Machine Attack, Defense and HP +10%.
Siege MachineHumility(2/6) When defending, Enemy Troop Attack -10%.
(4/6) When defending, Enemy Troop Defense -10%.
(6/6) Defending Siege Machine Attack, Defense and HP +15%.

Blazon Buffs

As well as gaining a specific buff from each Blazon Set, each Blazon also has a unique buff attached to it. Each Blazon starts with 2 random buffs which will depend on its Troop Type and its Element. The different buffs that can be found on a Blazon are summarized in the table below:

Light / ShadowTroop Attack
Attacking Troop Attack
Defending Troop Attack
Attack on Monsters
Reinforcing Troop Attack
In-Rally Troop Attack
Troop Load
Troop Training Capacity
Ocean / EarthTroop Defense
Attacking Troop Defense
Defending Troop Defense
Defense on Monsters
Reinforcing Troop Defense
In-Rally Troop Defense
Troop Load
Troop Training Capacity
Fire / WindTroop HP
Attacking Troop HP
Defending Troop HP
HP on Monsters
Reinforcing Troop HP
In-Rally Troop HP
Troop Load
Troop Training Capacity

Due to the wide range of buffs that each Blazon can start with, it is important to pick carefully which Blazons you want to work on for improving your Generals and Troops further. For example, for your Evony Best Ranged Generals, you will want Blazons that have buffs that boost the stats of your attacking Ranged Troops.

However, as you go further into the game, you will likely have several different sets of Blazons that you switch through for each Troop Type depending on what you are doing. For example, for your Mounted Troops, you will want a set for Monster Attacking Generals, one for Mounted PvP Generals, and one for training Mounted Troops.

How to Upgrade Blazons

Upgrading Blazons in Evony

Each Blazon you have in Evony will start at level 1 with just 2 buffs. Initially, these 2 buffs will not be very significant in terms of their size. However, much like Spiritual Beasts and Dragons, Blazons can be upgraded to improve their buffs and add further ones on. To upgrade a Blazon, you must consume another Blazon to gain experience. A 3rd and 4th buff are unlocked at levels 10 and 15 respectively.

A Blazon can be upgraded to a maximum level of 20. Of course, as would be expected in Evony, the higher the level you go to, the more Blazons and experience it will cost you to upgrade. The total experience required for each Blazon level is summarized below.

Blazon LevelExperience Required

You can consume a Blazon of any level when upgrading in return for experience. However, you will acquire diminishing returns from a consumed Blazon the higher its level is. For example, a level 1 Blazon will return 200 experience, whilst a level 10 Blazon, which cost you 11,900 experience to get, will return 9,620 experience. It is therefore recommended to try and only consumer level 1 Blazons for upgrading.

How to Get Blazons in Evony

Attack Spinx Monsters for Blazon Chests in Evony

Blazons are not easy to get hold of in Evony, and as was outlined in the previous section you will need a huge number of these to level up your best. It is therefore important to take advantage of all the ways you can get them, especially the free ones. All the current methods for getting Blazons are shown in the list below.

  • Daily Activity – Get 1 Junior Blazon Chest when 110 Daily Activity points are reached.
  • Spinx – kill Spinx Event Monsters during the Trial of Sphinx Event for a chance at looting Junior Blazon Chests. You can gain up to 10 Junior Blazon Chests a day.
  • Super Blazon Sale – Different Blazon Packs can be bought for money every day.
  • Resource Gathering – Gain up to 1 Junior Blazon Chest a day by Gathering at level 13 or above resource spots.

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