Evony Crazy Eggs: Rewards and Hammers

In the Evony Crazy Eggs Event, players must collect hammers which are then used to break open eggs for the rewards inside. This event occurs during every Consuming Return Event and runs for 10 days. Read this Evony Crazy Eggs Guide for all you need to know.

Evony Crazy Eggs Event Guide

It always begins on Friday at 08:00 server time and finishes 10 days later at 08:00 Monday server time. The cycle then repeats itself 4 days later on the following Friday.

Keep reading this Evony Crazy Eggs Event Guide for all the details on how to get hammers and what rewards the eggs contain.

Collecting Hammers

Before you can start opening the Evony Eggs, you must first collect hammers. Luckily, Evony has made this easy for us. The Evony Luck Egg Hammers are collectible almost everywhere. Below is a full list of Evony Hammer locations.

How the Evony Crazy Egg Rewards Work

Once you have some hammers, it is time to start cracking the Evony Eggs. The more eggs you crack, the greater the rewards you can receive. There are 4 different levels of eggs that can be cracked with each requiring a different number of hammers to be cracked.

Evony Crazy Egg hammer requirements

When you crack an egg, you will receive between 3 and 4 rewards. Each time an egg is cracked, there is a cool down before you get another go. Every egg has a total of 5 rewards available.

Once you have obtained all 5 rewards for an egg, it becomes “activated” which gives an additional reward. If all 4 eggs become activated, you get a further bonus reward. It is therefore a good idea to save up hammers until you think you can activate all 4 at the same time.

It is worth noting that it can often take more than 2 attempts to activate an egg. This is due to the rewards obtained after each crack being a random selection of the 5 possible.

The eggs refresh every day at 08:00 server time giving you 24 hours to activate all four.

Where to find the Evony Eggs

Finding the eggs to crack is very simple. Whilst the event is active simply navigate to the event menu and select the Crazy Eggs option.

Here you will see the 4 eggs that can be cracked once you have the required number of hammers.

Evony Crazy Eggs Rewards

Evony Crazy Eggs Rewards

Evony Crazy Eggs Tips

  • Evony Boss Monsters seem to have the best drop rate.
  • Attack Boss Monsters with your best Evony Monster Looting General for double hammer drop chances.
  • Quickly clear low-level resource spots for the chance of a hammer drop.
  • Unused hammers are saved and can be used again the next time the event comes around.
  • Take advantage of this event every week, it is one of the best sources of Free Evony Gems.

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  1. Everything but where the eggs are. Every post I’ve seen on eggs wants to talk about hammers and rewards. NO-ONE tells you where the eggs are

    1. Hi TC, to find the eggs you need to first navigate to the Events section. Once there, select the Crazy Eggs Event. Here you will see the eggs which can be cracked if you have the required number of hammers. I will add this in, thank you for the feedback.

  2. I paid for hammers to smash eggs in the store, but they have not appeared. That’s 600 gems gone. How do I get them? Athena

    1. Hello, sorry to hear that. They should just appear in your items. If not, it is likely a bug and you will need to contact the developers for compensation. Unfortunately, this is normally quite a slow process.

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