Best Evony Gathering Generals

Best Evony Gathering Generals

Gathering huge amounts of resources is key to progressing in Evony. Luckily, there are some great Generals in Evony to help you do this. Keep reading below for a list of all the Best Evony Gathering Generals.

These Generals benefit from have gathering speed boosts and resources gathered bonuses. Additionally, a high politics stat will increase gathering speed.

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Best Evony Gathering Generals

The generals below are all the best gathering Generals in Evony. They are ranked from best to worst by their gathering speed and resource bonus.

GeneralSpecial Skill
Queen JindeokAfter resource gathering, brings back extra 40% resources from World Map Resource Spots and extra 20% resources from Alliance Resource Spots when General is leading the army.
Shimazu YoshihiroAfter food gathering, brings back extra 30% resources from Farms on World Map and increases resource gathering speed by 10% when General is leading the army.
Gaius MariusIncreases Ore Gathering Speed by 30% and increases Lumber and Stone Gathering Speed by 15% from World Map Resource Spots when General is leading the army.
Constance IAfter resources gathering, brings back extra 20% resources from World Map Resource Spots and increases Troop Load by 20% when General is leading the army.
Princess LucyIncreases resource gathering speed by 15% when General is leading the army.

Please note, Queen Jindeok is the only Gold Historic General in this list. The others are all Purple Historic Generals.

Evony Gathering Tips

  • Aim to have 5 Queen Jindeoks and only use the others in this list whilst you try to get more Queen Jindeoks.
  • Of these generals, only develop Queen Jindeok. Do not waste gems or skill books on the others.
  • Add gathering skill books to your Queen Jindeoks to increase their gathering speed.
  • Cultivate your Queen Jindeok’s politics stat to +500 for faster gathering speed.
  • Add points to “Gathering Boost” in your talent tree for an additional +20% resources gathered bonus.
  • Give your Gathering Generals equipment which features gathering speed boosts.
  • Adjust your Monarch Gear to ensure you have the correct gathering speed boost on when going to a new resource spot. This can be changed again once the general has arrived at the gathering spot.

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