Evony Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) Guide

The Battlefields are one of the most fun places to practice your PvP and earn some great rewards at the same time. Indeed, if you and your alliance put some planning into it, you could see a huge windfall of rare resources after a strong victory. In this Evony Guide, we take a look at Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) which should help get ready for some strong victories with your Alliance.

In this Guide, we will cover exactly what the Evony Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) Event is, how to enter, how the gameplay of the event works, and what rewards you can win. Make sure to also check out our other Battlefield Guides for the Battle of Constantinople (BoC) and the Battle of Chalons.

What is the Evony Battle of Gaugamela

Evony Battle of Gaugamela Portal Attacking

Much like the Battle of Constantinople (BoC), the Battle of Gaugamela (more commonly known as BoG for short) is a PvP event that sees 2 alliances battle it out for points on a special map. Points are earned by killing enemy troops, occupying event buildings, and killing Boss Monsters. The alliance with the highest cumulative score at the end of the event is the winner. The event lasts 2 hours from the moment it begins.

The event takes part weekly for qualifying Alliances with rewards paid out immediately at the end of the battle. Alliances can register for various time slots starting at server reset time on Saturday and ending 24 hours later. You will be matched against an Alliance of similar power that has registered for the same time slot.

BoG is split up into Seasons with each one lasting for 4 rounds over a 4 week period. At the end of each round, you gain points if you win and lose points if you lose with the cumulative amount over the 4 rounds counting toward your Season score. You will be ranked from an Alliance and Personal perspective with extra rewards potentially paid out at the end of the Season based on each.

BoG is a very popular event to take part in due to the generous rewards and the fact that all troops killed during the event are automatically healed for free at the end. In addition, it is a great place to level your Generals, as they cannot be killed but will gain experience, and also to practice your PvP skills for the unforgiving Server War.

How to Register for the Evony Battle of Gaugamela (BoG)

Evony Battle of Gaugamela Time Slots

The Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) is accessed through the Battlefield building with an Alliance R4 or R5 able to register for the event and select players to take part. However, there are a few criteria that must be met before you can actually register your alliance and players. These include:

  • The alliance must be at least 15 days old.
  • The alliance must be one of the server’s top 20 ranked alliances by power.
  • Registered players must have been in the alliance for at least 3 days.
  • Registered players must be at least Keep level 15.

As mentioned previously, the Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) is a weekly event with the registration window opening 1 day before the event starts. You are able to choose from 9 different time slots that you would like to take part in.

Each of the time slots is shown in your local time and therefore it is best to communicate availability using the time slot numbers when checking who wants to take part. Once selected you can then pick up to 20 players from your alliance who you would like to register. Any R4 or R5 in the alliance can do this up until the registration window closes.

How to Enter the Evony Battle of Gaugamela (BoG)

Evony Battlefield Building

If you have been selected to take part in the event, then you are able to enter the battlefield immediately once your registered time slot has begun. You will be informed by mail as to what time this is and you can also check in the Battlefield building.

To enter the Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) simply select your Battlefield building once your time slot has begun. The building will have a crossed sword symbol above it once this has happened. Selecting it and confirming the pop-up will teleport you to the special Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) map.

However, there are some circumstances that will prevent you from entering the BoG Battlefield. One of the most common problems is lag so you may have to wait a minute or 2 before it will let you enter. In addition, there are some rules that you must meet before entering. These include the below:

  • You cannot have any wounded troops.
  • You cannot have any marches out of your Keep.

It is also worth noting that you are allowed to enter the event late so do not worry if you have missed the exact time. However, it is recommended to get there on time to help out your Alliance and prevent the enemy from getting an early lead.

Evony Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) Gameplay

When you first enter BoG you will be placed in a random spot within your Alliance’s starting area. The starting areas are found in the far right and far left of the Battlefield map. In addition, the first 5 minutes of any BoG are considered preparation time during which you cannot teleport or attack other players. Use this time to look at the enemy starting area, discuss tactics, and get your marches ready.

Once the 5 minutes of preparation time are over, you can start teleporting around the Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) map in order to attack objectives or enemy players. Points are earned by killing enemy Troops, killing Boss Monsters, and capturing buildings. The alliance with the highest cumulative score at the end of the event is declared the winner and will receive extra rewards.


Evony Battle of Gaugamela Portal

Each alliance starts with a total of just 40 shared teleport chances that they can use between them. You are able to teleport anywhere on the BoG map using these alliance teleport chances apart from the enemies’ starting area.

Once your stock of 40 alliance teleport chances has been depleted you will no longer be able to teleport unless you increase this amount by occupying Portal buildings. For every 30 seconds that a Portal is occupied by your alliance, you will gain back 1 alliance teleport chance. Please note that you use your own teleport items when teleporting in BoG.


Evony Battle of Gaugamela Battlefield Hospital

Any Troops killed during the event are automatically healed once it has finished. You may sometimes need to restart Evony to see this take effect. Therefore, never heal all your Troops before it has been automatically done by the game post-event.

However, during BoG, you may sometimes wish to heal some of your Troops for example if you have been zeroed and want to continue fighting. This will cost the same amount of resources as if you were not in the event so use it wisely. You can reduce the healing time by 60% by capturing the Battlefield Hospital building.


In contrast to Troops, Generals cannot get wounded during the event even if your Keep is zeroed. You, therefore, do not need to worry about your Duty Generals, Sub City Generals, Defense Generals, etc getting killed during an attack. In addition, they can gain a large amount of experience during battle thus making BoG a great place to level them up.

Subordinate Cities

Subordinate Cities can be used during BoG to assist you in battle, however, the Troops within them can be killed and won’t be healed at the end of the event. Despite this, they are important to use due to the additional buffs and the potential to level the Generals that are the mayor of them.


If your Keep has any traps built, these will be activated during BoG at the usual rate when you are attacked. However, it is likely you will be hit many times which will deplete your number of traps severely. These are not repaired at the end of the event. It is therefore not recommended to build a huge amount of these if you are not prepared for the potential loss.

Truce Agreement (Bubble)

Much like the Server War, you cannot bubble your Keep when in BoG. Therefore, you must make use of ghosting in order to protect your troops by setting up dummy rallies. Your Keep back on your Server map will be shown with a red bubble that prevents players from your server from attacking you or your Subordinate Cities whilst you are in BoG.

Evony Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) Map

As previously mentioned, when you enter the Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) event you are teleported into a special map. Upon first entering you are placed randomly within your alliance’s starting area at the far left or far right of the map (indicated by the grey areas in the map below). Dotted around the map there are also several buildings that can be captured and Monsters that can be killed for points amongst other things.

Evony Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) Map

Evony Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) Buildings

Evony Battle of Gaugamela March Tower

In the Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) Evony Event, there are 4 different building types on the map as seen in the previous section. Occupying each one will give you points alongside some other benefits. Each of these buildings and their benefits is outlined in the table below:

Portal4Occupy for 30 seconds to earn 1 teleport chance for your Alliance.
Blessing Tower2Occupy to increase Alliance attack and defense by 20%.
March Tower1Occupy to increase Alliance march speed to Monsters by 50% and decrease the enemies’ march speed by 30%.
Battlefield Hospital1Occupy to increase Alliance healing speed by 60%.

Evony Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) Scoring

Evony Battle of Gaugamela Scoring

To maximize the rewards you gain during the event, you need to maximize your score. You will get rewards based on your personal score, your alliance score, and whether you beat the enemy alliance’s score or not. In the following sections, we outline each of the different methods for gaining points.

Occupying Buildings

Once you have captured a building, you are able to occupy it with one of your troop marches for points. Every 1 minute that it is occupied you will gain points towards your score total. The number of troops you have occupying does not matter so in theory you can send just 1 troop if you wish.

Blessing Tower16
March Tower16
Battlefield Hospital16

Please note that if you are reinforcing a building that has already been occupied by another team member then you will receive 20% of the above scores for every minute that you are there. Points earned by reinforcers only count toward their personal score and not the alliance score.

Killing Enemy Troops

Every time you kill a certain amount of enemy Troops you will gain some points toward your score total. The points you gain will depend on the enemy troops’ level as outlined in the table below. Points are awarded per 1 million troops of each level killed.

Troop LevelPoints

Killing Monsters

Evony Battle of Gaugamela Phoenix

Finally, you will find Boss Monsters dotted around the map which can be killed for additional points. After a Boss Monster is killed it will respawn after a certain number of minutes depending on the Monster. The number of points you gain for each monster killed will depend on its level as outlined in the table below.

Boss MonsterRespawnPoints
Skeleton5 minutes1
Werewolf5 minutes1
Manticore5 minutes2
Yasha5 minutes2
Peryton5 minutes3
Minotaur5 minutes3
Griffin5 minutes4
Ifrit5 minutes5
Kamaitachi10 minutes8
Fafnir10 minutes8
Behemoth10 minutes8
Phoenix15 minutes35

Please note that if you rally one of the above Monsters then rally joiners will earn just 20% of the above points with the rally leader earning the full amount. Points earned by rally joiners only count towards their personal score and not the alliance score.

Evony Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) Rewards

Evony Battle of Gaugamela Rewards

There are 2 different categories you can win rewards in when taking part in the Evony Battle of Gaugamela (BoG). These are based on your total personal score and your total alliance score.

Personal Score Rewards

You will receive rewards based on your Personal Score at the end of the event. These are paid out whether you win or lose the event but you will gain more for winning.

< 250Badge x120
Dragon Crystal x150
Gaugamela RSS Chest x10
Gaugamela Speedup Chest x10
Gaugamela Gold Chest x10
Gaugamela Gem Chest x10
Runestone Chest x50
Dragon Source Fragment x10
Tactic Scroll x10
Badge x96
Dragon Crystal x120
Gaugamela RSS Chest x8
Gaugamela Speedup Chest x8
Gaugamela Gold Chest x8
Gaugamela Gem Chest x8
Runestone Chest x40
Dragon Source Fragment x8
Tactic Scroll x8
250 – 499Badge x150
Dragon Crystal x250
Gaugamela RSS Chest x15
Gaugamela Speedup Chest x10
Gaugamela Gold Chest x15
Gaugamela Gem Chest x15
Runestone Chest x100
Dragon Source Fragment x20
Tactic Scroll x40
Badge x120
Dragon Crystal x200
Gaugamela RSS Chest x12
Gaugamela Speedup Chest x8
Gaugamela Gold Chest x12
Gaugamela Gem Chest x12
Runestone Chest x80
Dragon Source Fragment x15
Tactic Scroll x30
500 – 799Badge x180
Dragon Crystal x300
Gaugamela RSS Chest x18
Gaugamela Speedup Chest x18
Gaugamela Gold Chest x18
Gaugamela Gem Chest x18
Runestone Chest x150
Dragon Source Fragment x40
Tactic Scroll x80
Badge x140
Dragon Crystal x240
Gaugamela RSS Chest x14
Gaugamela Speedup Chest x14
Gaugamela Gold Chest x14
Gaugamela Gem Chest x14
Runestone Chest x120
Dragon Source Fragment x30
Tactic Scroll x65
900 – 1,199Badge x210
Dragon Crystal x350
Gaugamela RSS Chest x20
Gaugamela Speedup Chest x20
Gaugamela Gold Chest x20
Gaugamela Gem Chest x20
Runestone Chest x200
Dragon Source Fragment x65
Tactic Scroll x130
Badge x170
Dragon Crystal x280
Gaugamela RSS Chest x16
Gaugamela Speedup Chest x16
Gaugamela Gold Chest x16
Gaugamela Gem Chest x16
Runestone Chest x160
Dragon Source Fragment x50
Tactic Scroll x100
1,200 1,799Badge x240
Dragon Crystal x500
Gaugamela RSS Chest x25
Gaugamela Speedup Chest x25
Gaugamela Gold Chest x25
Gaugamela Gem Chest x25
Runestone Chest x300
Dragon Source Fragment x100
Tactic Scroll x180
Badge x200
Dragon Crystal x400
Gaugamela RSS Chest x20
Gaugamela Speedup Chest x20
Gaugamela Gold Chest x20
Gaugamela Gem Chest x20
Runestone Chest x240
Dragon Source Fragment x80
Tactic Scroll x145
1,800+Badge x300
Dragon Crystal x550
Guagamela RSS Chest x30
Guagamela Speedup Chest x30
Guagamela Gold Chest x30
Guagamela Gem Chest x30
Runestone Chest x350
Dragon Source Fragment x130
Tactic Scroll x220
Badge x240
Dragon Crystal x450
Guagamela RSS Chest x25
Guagamela Speedup Chest x25
Guagamela Gold Chest x25
Guagamela Gem Chest x25
Runestone Chest x280
Dragon Source Fragment x110
Tactic Scroll x180

In addition to the above, you will also gain some resources based on your final score. These resources include Lumber, Ore, Gold, and Research Stones.

Alliance Score Rewards

You will receive rewards based on your Alliance Score at the end of the event. These are paid out whether you win or lose and are outlined below.

100 – 249Dragon Crystal x10
250 – 499Dragon Crystal x16
500 – 1,199Dragon Crystal x24
1,200 – 2,499Dragon Crystal x40
>2,500Dragon Crystal x60

In addition to the above, you will also gain some additional Dragon Crystals as an extra reward that scales based on your Alliance’s final total score at the end of the battle.

Evony Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) Season Rankings

Evony Battle of Gaugamela Season Rank

As mentioned earlier in this Evony BoG Guide, the event is split up into Seasons with each lasting 4 rounds over 4 weeks. Each round will see you take part in 1 battle with the outcome of this adding points to both your Personal and Alliance Season score. You lose points for losing a battle and win points for winning a battle. Rewards are paid out at the end of the Season based on your ranking.

Evony Battle of Gaugamela Glory Strategy Expert

If you manage to finish a Season with your Personal Rank in the top 100 then you will complete the Glory Strategy Expert. This rewards you with Purple Wings, a special avatar, and the Ring of Fafnir.

Battlefield Shop

Evony Battlefield Shop

For competing in the Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) event you will gain Dragon Crystals whether you win or lose. These should primarily be saved for improving your Dragons, however, they can also be spent in a special Battlefield Shop found in the Battlefield building. There are many great items here including the following.

  • Materials
  • General Experience
  • Resources
  • Scroll Chests
  • Monarch Experience
  • Gems

There is also a Special Item shop here that sells items that can only be used in Battlefield Events such as the Battle of Constantinople (BoC) and the Battle of Gaugamela (BoG). These are outlined below but it is typically only recommended to buy them if you are going for a high rank and instead saving your Gems for other activities.

Special Attack Increase9k Gems+75% troop attack for 5 minutes.
Special Defense Increase9k Gems+75% troop defense for 5 minutes.
Special HP Increase9k Gems+75% troop HP for 5 minutes.
Super March Size Increase25k Gems+300% march size for 5 minutes.

Evony Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) Tips

Now you have read this Evony Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) Guide you should have a good idea of what this event is about and how it all works. Of course, the best way to get used to BoG is by jumping straight in and taking part with your alliance. However, the following BoG Tips should help you out a little more.

  • Take the Portals – these are strategically very important as they are the only way to recover your Alliance teleport chances once they have been depleted. Holding the Portals will prevent your enemy from building up their supply again and could see them unable to move. Even sending just one Troop to take these from an unprotected enemy Portal will help a lot.
  • Get your Keep Ready – although you get 5 minutes of preparation time at the start of the event this is really not long enough if you have gone in completely unprepared. Get your marches and Generals ready before you enter so you can begin fighting right away and are not instantly zeroed.
  • Learn how to Ghost – ghosting is the best way to protect your Troops from being wiped out in one. Make sure you know how to ghost or you face an early defeat.
  • Retreat if Necessary – if you are occuying a building and see a huge enemy teleport in then withdraw and ghost your troops immediately. It is better to save your troops and then come back again when this big player has left.
  • Assign Roles – make sure everyone knows what they are doing before taking part. Have certain players in charge of taking Portals, others hunting the enemy, and others purely focused on attacking Monsters.
  • Communication – make sure to communicate as much as possible with your alliance in the BoG Chat. Share enemies you see, any Monsters, and talk about your next moves. Even better is doing a call if you can for immediate communication.
  • Always Take Part – the Battlefields are easily one of the best places to win Free Gems and level up your Generals. If you are registered make sure you join to make the most of this opportunity.
  • Have Fun – it is important not to take this too seriously as it is a game after all. This a stress-free way to strategize in PvP with your alliance and get some nice rewards, whether you win or lose, in the process.

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