Evony Gathering Guide

The importance of resource gathering in Evony is often overlooked, however, it is possibly one of the important aspects of the game outside of PvP. Read this Evony Gathering Guide for everything you need to know about gathering and how to improve your gathering efficiency.

Resources are required for almost everything you do in Evony. From healing troops to upgrading all your buildings. Without a huge supply of resources, you will not get very far in the game.

What is Gathering in Evony

Gathering in Evony is the act of sending your troops out to resource tiles on the World Map to gather a specific resource. The amount you can gather from each resource tile will depend on several factors.

This includes the Evony General you send to assist, the level of the resource tile, your Subordinate Cities, etc. Keep reading this Evony Gathering Guide for more details on all of this.

Evony Resource Tiles

There are 5 key resource tiles that you can gather from in the Evony World Map. These are outlined below:

  • Farm – yields Food
  • Sawmill – yields Lumber
  • Quarry – yields Stone
  • Iron Mine – yields Ore
  • Gem Mine – yields Gems.

When selecting the Resource Tile to send your Evony Troops to gather from, you should also take a look at the level of the Resource Spot. The higher the level, the more resources that can be gathered from that tile.

Evony Quarry

Resource Spots can range from level 1 to level 14. The number of resources contained will depend on whether or not the Gathering Event is active. When active the number of resources for each level will be as below.

LevelResources*Gem Mine

* This represents the number of resources found in Farms, Sawmills, Quarries, and Iron Mines.

When the Gathering Event is not active, Resource Tiles will have half the number of resources as those shown above. Thankfully, the Gathering Event is active more often than not.

When the Gathering Event is not active, it can often be a better idea to send troops to Relics rather than Resource Spots.

How do you Gather in Evony

To gather in Evony you first just need to identify the resource spot you wish to gather from. Then simply select it and click on the Occupy option.

Once you have done this, you will be taken to a new screen to select the Generals and Troops you wish to send. Select your Best Evony Gathering General for the job and enough Evony Troops to cover the number of resources in the Resource Spot.

Evony Gathering March

After you have made your selection, select March, and your troops will begin marching towards the Resource Spot to gather. Once there, they will begin gathering.

When you are making your troop and General selection, you will also be told how long it will take for this march to complete the gathering. You can play about with your Generals until you find the one that will be the quickest.

However, Evony does automatically select one of your Best Evony Gathering Generals available and enough troops to empty the resource spot so there is not always a need to make changes here.

How to Gather Fast in Evony

When you first start playing Evony, you will find that it can be a very slow process. Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can speed this up significantly. This includes improving gathering speed and adding gathered resources bonuses.

Keep reading the Evony Gathering Guide for more details on all the ways your can speed up your gathering.

Evony Gathering Generals

Try to locate one of the Best Evony Gathering Generals for a quick way to improve your gathering. By far the best is Queen Jindeok who can be located in the Tavern.

Evony Queen Jindeok

Although she does not improve gathering speed, she gives a massive 40% resources gathered bonus from Resource Spots on the World Map and 20% from the Alliance Resource Spot.

In addition to this, you should add Gathering Skill Books to your Gathering Generals to add big gathering speed boosts. There are 4 key Skill Books that can be added here as outlined below:

  • Food Gatherer – increases food gathering speed.
  • Lumber Gatherer – increases lumber gathering speed.
  • Stone Gatherer – increases stone gathering speed.
  • Ore Gatherer – increases ore gathering speed.
Evony Gathering Skill Books

Check out our Evony Skill Book Guide for more details on the best way to add skill books to your Evony General.

When looking at your Evony Generals, the politics stat is the most important factor outside of their skills. The higher this value is, the faster they will be at gathering resources. You should cultivate this for all your Gathering Generals.

Lastly, you should add equipment to your General that improves gathering speed. Certain Equipment Sets will give you additional buffs along with further refining.

Evony Gathering Technology

Research is super important in Evony and Gathering Research should be a big priority when you first start the game. This is a very easy and quick way to improve your gathering speed.

Evony Gathering Research

You will find all the gathering research under the Advancement Research Tree within the Academy Building. Focus on gathering research over production research as the yield from this is much higher.

Gathering research is probably the most important factor for improving your gathering speed in this Evony Gathering Guide.

Evony Subordinate Cities

Changing your Evony Subordinate Cities can make a huge difference to your gathering speed. In particular, you should load up on Korea Sub Cities when you intend to do a lot of gathering.

Evony Gathering Sub Cities

Korea Sub Cities give you a bonus on the number of resources gathered from Resource Spots. In addition, the buff stacks as you add more sub-cities. It is a good idea to trade sub-cities with other players to facilitate this.

Check out our Evony Sub City Guide for more details.

Evony Culture

Culture is only useful in terms of Gem Gathering. Switching to the Arabia Culture will improve your Gem Gathering Speed by 5%. However, it will also cost you Gems to switch cultures so it is not advised to do this.

Evony Araibia Culture Gem Gathering

However, in terms of production speed, culture can be very useful with several of the cultures giving you production speed buffs. Check out our Evony Culture Guide for more details.

Evony Gathering Monarch Gear

Attaching the right Monarch Gear is massively important to improving your Gathering Speed. To change your gathering Monarch Gear, select your Monarch icon and then click on the Crystal gear in the bottom right.

Now, before sending your troops to the resource spot, select the appropriate gear for the desired resource. These are outlined below:

  • Light Crystal – improves food gathering speed.
  • Wood Crystal – improves lumber gathering speed.
  • Thunder Crystal – improves stone gathering speed.
  • Golden Crystal – improves ore gathering speed.
Evony Gathering Monarch Gear

Please note, that if you change your Evony Monarch Gear again before your troops reach the resource spot, the buff will not be active. You can change the Monarch Gear after they have reached the resource spot with no impact to the buff.

Evony Gathering Talents

There is one very important Evony Talent in terms of Gathering. This is the Gathering Boost Talent You should always make sure this is active when you are in a resource gathering phase.

The Gathering Boost Talent becomes available once you reach Monarch level 26. It can be upgraded 4 times for an additional 20% gathering bonus from Resource Spots.

Evony Gathering Talent

To change or assign your Talents, select your Monarch icon and then click on the Talent option. This will take you to the screen where you can change all your Talents. You can reset your Talents for 2,000 Gems.

Evony Gathering City Buff

In addition to all the above options to improve your gathering speed, you can also apply some buffs to your city. This is done by selecting your Keep and clicking on the City Buff option.

Once on the next screen, you can scroll to the option titled Increases all Resources Gathering Speed. Clicking here will allow you to select one of two gathering buffs to apply:

  • 24hr Gathering Speedup – increases gathering speed by 50%.
  • 8hr Gathering Speedup – increases gathering speed by 50%.
Evony Resource Gathering Speedup Buffs

Please note you can buy these from the Market building, in the Items Store, from the Relic Chamber, win them on the Wheel of Fortune, or get them during events.

Evony Alliance Hive Gathering Buff

Ensure your Keep is located within your Alliance Hive boundaries for an additional gathering buff. The higher your Alliance City Building, the higher this buff will be.

Evony Alliance Hive Gathering Buff

What is Troop Load Capacity in Evony

Troop load capacity in Evony determines how many resources your troops can carry. This is important for gathering and for looting enemy cities. If your capacity is not high enough, you will not be able to clear large resource spots.

Read our Evony Troop Guide for details on the load capacity for each level of troop in the game.

Understanding Troop Load is somewhat important in the early days of a new Evony Server. However, as your troops and march size improves this is no longer an issue for gathering and not an important factor in this Evony Gathering Guide.

Other ways to get Resources in Evony

Gathering in Evony is not the only way to get resources in the game. Indeed, hunting Evony Event Monsters can be more efficient if you have the stamina. Below are some of the additional ways to get resources.

Quick Tips for Gathering in Evony

  • The closer you are to the middle of the World Map, the higher the level of the resource spots.
  • When the Gathering Event is not active, send troops to relics.
  • Ensure you have at least 4 of the Best Evony Gathering Generals.
  • Do not neglect your gathering research.
  • Always equip the correct gathering Monarch Gear before sending your troops out to gather.
  • Swap for gathering sub-cities when you need to get resources fast.
  • Use our Evony Resource Calculator to quickly see how many resources you have stored in resource item boxes.
  • Ensure you are within your Alliance Hive territory to ensure you are receiving the Alliance Gathering Speed Buff.
  • You can get 1 Blood of Ares a day by gathering at level 13 and above resource spots. These are required for Ascending Evony Generals.
  • You can get 5 Blood Crystals a day by gathering at spots above level 13. These are required for improving the Seals of your Spiritual Beasts.

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