Best Evony Defense Generals

Best Evony Defense Generals

Selecting a defense general for your keep will very much depend on your dominant troop type. For example, if you mostly have ranged troops then you want a general that has the best ranged stats in defense. See below all the best Evony Defense Generals for each troop type.

Please note, different troop types have different strengths and weaknesses against other troop types. Having the best ranged defense general will not help you much if your are attacked by a ground march with a strong PvP Ground General. Read our Evony Troop Guide for more details on this.

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Best Evony Defense Generals

Please find below the best defense generals depending on your keep’s dominant troop type. Each category contains the 10 best generals with the best at the top. For more details on how to develop your generals and how to get the most out of them, check out our Evony General Guide.

Best Evony Ground Defense General

  • Elise
  • Trajan
  • Leonids I
  • Epaminondas
  • Robert the Bruce
  • Peter the Great
  • James Bowie
  • Alexander Nevsky
  • Oda Nobunaga
  • Alexander the Great

Best Evony Ranged Defense General

Best Evony Siege Defense General

  • Leo III
  • Tran Hung Dao
  • Ulysses S Grant
  • Joseph E Johnston
  • Khalid
  • William Wallace
  • William Marshal
  • Suleiman the Magnificent
  • Matthias I
  • Ramesses II

Best Evony Mounted Defense General

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