Evony General List

Full Evony General List of all Gold Historic Generals in Evony the Kings Return. Includes details on their region and best role in the game.

Evony General List

Keep reading below for a full list of all Evony Gold Historic Generals. In addition, check out our Evony General Guide for full details on how to develop your Gold Historic Generals.

Click on the General’s name to see more details and suggested builds. You can also click on the Generals suggested role to see all the best Generals in that category.

Evony Europe Generals

Europe Evony General List

Full list of all Evony Europe Generals and their best role. Follow the links to see more details.

Charles the GreatSub City
King ArthurRanged PvP | Mounted PvP
RolandMounted PvP | Monsters
Constantine the GreatSub City
Richard the LionheartDuty
Isabella ISiege PvP
Gustavus AdolphusSiege PvP | Ranged PvP
Edward the Black PrinceRanged PvP
BarbarossaMounted PvP
Charles MartelSub City
Flavius AetiusSub City
Queen BoudicaDefense
William WallaceSiege PvP
John I of PortugalDuty
ArminiusSub City
Cnut the GreatSub City
NapoleonSiege PvP
El CidMounted PvP | Ground PvP
Alfred the GreatRanged PvP
Queen VictoriaGround PvP
Margaret ISub City
Scipio AfricanusGround PvP
Robert GuiscardMounted PvP
NeroSub City
HaraldSub City
Matthias IRanged PvP | Siege PvP
William MarshalDefense
Robert the BruceDefense | Ground PvP
Simeon the GreatRanged PvP
Basil IIGround PvP | Monsters
Leo IIIDefense
Leonidas IDefense
CarusGround PvP
Maximilian IMounted PvP | Sub City
Baldwin IVSub City
Harald IIIRanged PvP | Defense
Gaius OctaviusMonsters | Mounted PvP
Elizabeth IDefense | Ranged PvP
Henry VRanged PvP | Defense
Bertrand du GuesclinMounted PvP | Monsters
Philip IISiege PvP | Defense
Otto the GreatDuty
SoultGround PvP | Defense
PetronasSiege PvP
LysanderMounted PvP | Defense
Prince EugeneMonsters | Defense
Maurice of NassauDuty
Mark AntonySub City
WallensteinRanged PvP
Septimius SeverusSiege PvP | Defense
MordredMounted PvP | Monsters
Edward IIIRanged PvP | Siege PvP
TurenneGround PvP | Defense
Charles XIIRanged PvP | Siege PvP

Evony America Generals

America Evony General List

Full list of all Evony America Generals and their best role. Follow the links to see more details.

WashingtonMounted PvP
LincolnSub City
Casimir PulaskiSiege PvP
Nathanael GreeneMonsters
Andrew JacksonSub City
ShermanSiege PvP
James BowieDefense
Ulysses S GrantSiege PvP | Defense
George DeweyDefense
Winfield ScottRanged PvP
Zachary TaylorDefense
David FarragutSub City
George A CusterMonsters | Mounted PvP
John ChurchillSiege PvP

Evony Japan Generals

Japan Evony General List

Full list of all Evony Japan Generals and their best role. Follow the links to see more details.

Oda NobunagaGround PvP
Tokugawa IeyasuSub City
Takeda ShingenDefense | Mounted PvP
Minamoto no YoshitsuneRanged PvP
Honda TadakatsuSub City
HimikoSub City | Ranged PvP
Toyotomi HideyoshiDuty
Kusunoki MasashigeDefense
Maeda ToshiieGround PvP
Oda OichiDefense
Princess KaguyaRanged PvP
Toyotomi HideyoriRanged PvP
Ii NaomasaMounted PvP | Defense

Evony Korea Generals

Korea Evony Generals

Full list of all Evony Korea Generals and their best role. Follow the links to see more details.

JumongRanged PvP
King SejongSub City
Queen JindeokGathering
Gwanggaeto the GreatRanged PvP
Gwon RyulDuty
Yi Sun-sinDefense
Eulji MundeokDuty
Yeon GaesomunRanged PvP

Evony China Generals

China Evony Generals

Full list of all Evony China Generals and their best role. Follow the links to see more details.

Emperor Qin ShihuangSiege PvP
Empress WuSub City
Huo QubingMonsters
Li ShiminRanged PvP
Li JingMonsters | Mounted PvP
Ban ChaoDuty
Wei QingMonsters
Yue FeiGround PvP | Mounted PvP
Zhuge LiangDuty
Guan YuGround PvP
Zhao YunMonsters | Mounted PvP
Zhang LiangDuty
Sun CeMonsters | Mounted PvP
Jiang ZiyaDuty

Evony Russia Generals

Russia Evony Generals

Full list of all Evony Russia Generals and their best role. Follow the links to see more details.

Peter the GreatGround PvP
Catherine IISub City
Alexander NevskySub City | Ground PvP
Oleg of NovgorodDuty
Vladimir the GreatRanged PvP | Sub City
Mikhail KutuzovDuty

Evony Arabia Generals

Arabia Evony Generals

Full list of all Evony Arabia Generals and their best role. Follow the links to see more details.

SaladinSub City
Shajar al-DurrDuty
KhalidSiege PvP
Abd al-Rahman IDuty
Amr ibn al-AsSub City

Evony Other Generals

Other Evony Generals

Complete list of all Evony Other Generals and their best role. Follow the links to see more details.

PompeySub City
Genghis KhanMounted PvP
Seleucus IMonsters
Raged KingSiege PvP
JesterSub City
Amir TimurGathering
Vlad al IIISub City
Prince RhaegarMonsters | Mounted PvP
TrajanGround PvP | Defense
Empress Dowager CixiSub City
Ly Thuong KietDefense
Tran Hung DaoDefense
Mehmed IIRanged PvP
Askia Muhammad IDuty
MartinusMounted PvP | Monsters
Mansa MusaSub City
Suleiman the MagnificentSiege PvP
ElektraRanged PvP
HannibalMounted PvP | Monsters
TomyrisRanged PvP
Cyrus the GreatMonsters | Mounted PvP
Ramesses IISiege PvP | Defense
EpaminondasGround PvP | Defense
Alexander the GreatGround PvP
Nordic Barbarian KingSub City
Darius ISub City
Thutmose IIIRanged PvP
GnarrRanged PvP
EliseGround PvP | Defense
SurenaSiege PvP | Defense
James ConradRanged PvP
AlessandraGround PvP
LudwigGround PvP
ZuccaSiege PvP
Mason WeaverRanged PvP | Defense
GilgameshSub City

Purple Historic Generals

These Generals are typically not as powerful as the other Generals found above, however, they can have some great utility when you first start the game. Click on the links below to learn more about each one.

Hamilcar BarcaMonsters
Princess LucyGathering
Undead GeneralSub City
Hernando CortesMonsters
Frederick the GreatRanged PvP
Gaius MariusGathering
Constance IGathering
Joan of ArcMonsters | Mounted PvP

Discontinued Evony Generals

Certain Evony Generals have been discontinued. This is due to complaints from players surrounding real world-historical issues about the Generals. The list below shows these discontinued Generals.

In each case, they were replaced by a new General with exactly the same stats so as to have no effect on gameplay for players. To see the Generals that replaced them, follow the links.

Joseph E JohnstonDefense
Robert LeeSiege PvP

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  1. Hello! Love this page. I have used your analysis to build most of my generals and have bennifited for it. When you have time please add George A Custer info analysis and build suggestions as I have just obtained him and would prefer to build him upon your expertise. Thanks again for the great site.

      1. Should Custer be developed or should we just stick with mounted generals we already have?

      2. Hello, I think this really depends if you plan to ascend or not. If you want to ascend and have a good mounted general already that is easily obtainable in the tavern (Martinus) or relic (Roland) then you should focus on them. Additionally, if your mounted General is Martinus and already highly developed, then switching to Custer may not be worth it – the gains are very marginal for the gems cost it will take to get him fully ready. Hope this helps your decision.

      3. Just to add to this, Custer could make a brilliant assistant to Martinus as I think his special skill should be active. However, I have been unable to confirm this. Let me know if you are able to find out. That would be one awesome combination! This would be a good way of using Custer and would not require him to be developed at all.

    1. Hello, sorry for the delay but you can now find our analysis of Custer here.

      In summary, he comes straight in as one of the best-mounted PvP and monster hunting generals. However, if you intend to ascend then Martinus may be a better option as you will be able to get his fragments much easier by refreshing the Tavern.