Evony Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Evony can feel like a very complex game when you first get started. Follow these Evony Tips and Tricks to understand the game better.

These Evony Tips will help you to stop wasting resources and become more powerful at a faster pace.

If you need more help with Evony, then check out our Evony Beginner’s Guide. This contains even more details on how to get to grips with the game.

Evony Tips and Tricks

Keep reading below for all the best Evony Tips.

Link your Evony Account

This should be the first thing you do. Linking your account ensures that you can log in across devices and will not lose your account if you change your phone. To do think go to Settings -> Account -> Link Account.

Always Keep your Bubble

Keep your Evony Bubble always

The fastest way to lose all your progress is by getting attacked and having all your troops killed and resources stolen. To avoid this, always keep your bubble active. Only ever drop it when you are sure you will not be attacked or have protected your troops and resources.

Create an Alt Account

This will help you progress much quicker. You can funnel resources straight back to your main account to give your Keep that needed resource boost. See our Evony Alt Account Guide to learn how to set one up.

Play Evony on your PC or Mac

You can use BlueStacks to play Evony on your PC or Mac. This allows you to easily manage several accounts at once. This is particularly useful if you are also running alt accounts to support your main account.

Patrol Regularly

Spam Evony Patrol Function

The Patrol function on your castle Walls is one of the best ways to pick up Monarch Equipment. It is very cheap to refresh at only 10K gold and costs just 30 Gems to keep an item. Therefore, it is possible to pick up Level 3 equipment for just 30 Gems.

Join an Alliance

It is vital to join an alliance on day one. You get a boost from alliance research, can join alliance rallies against tough boss monsters for better rewards, and can take part in numerous other highly rewarding events. This includes events such as Hydra Invasion and Server War.

Level your Evony Keep Fast

It is important to get your keep level up fast and early. This will let you build higher-level troops which will be vital for PvP and for hitting higher-level bosses for better rewards. Getting a head start on other players will also help you get the better Subordinate Cities before anyone else.

Get a Portable Charger

Evony is a great game but will use a lot of your Cell Phone’s battery. Getting a portable charger will ensure this is no longer a problem. Check out our list of the Best Cell Phone Power Banks for Gaming.

Research, Research, Research

Keep your Evony Research going at the Academy Building

Research is hugely important in Evony. Concentrate early on resource gathering speed, construction speed, and research speed. All are vital for fast growth. You can then move on to a more military focus.

Don’t Waste Resources

It can be tempting to build a lot of low-level troops early on. Don’t waste your time or resources! These troops are easily killed and do very little damage. Start pumping them out in volume once you can build level 11 or 12 troops.

Get Queen Jindeok

Evony Tips and Tricks - Get Queen Jindeok from the Tavern to improve your gathering

Queen Jindeok is the best resource gathering general in the game and is also attainable through the tavern from level 21. Having at least one of her will boost your resources massively. You should aim to have 5 before too long.

Read our Evony Gathering Guide for more tips on maximizing your gathering potential.

Save your Skill Books

Evony Beginners Tips - Save your Skill Books

Only use Skill Books on your Gold Historic Generals. Do not waste them on anything lower. They are very rare to come across and are very expensive to purchase. Check out this Evony General List for all the gold historic generals available in the game.

Also, make sure to read our Evony General Guide to learn all you need to know about making your Evony Generals as powerful as possible.

Craft the Right Equipment

Evony Tips and Tricks - Craft the right equipment

Later in the game, materials become a very precious resource. Do not waste them on poor equipment. Only start crafting once you have King’s Scrolls. You will also need a level 25 Forge for this. Materials will also be needed to improve your dragons.

Read our Evony Crafting Guide for all you need to know about making the best equipment for your Generals.

Rally Hard

Join as many rallies as you can. Whenever you are online, have your generals hitting rallies. This will get you lots of resource chests and speedups which are vital for fast growth.

Check out this Evony Boss Monster Guide to see the rewards available. To make the most of rallies you should also pick up one of the best Monster Hunter Generals.

Plan Ahead

Use our Evony Troop Cost Calculator to work out how many resources you will need to build your desired number of troops.

Then, combine this with our Evony Total Resource Calculator to work out how many resources you have actually have in total between your stores and resource boxes.

Get better Evony Sub Cities

Green uncommon Evony sub city

When you first start, it is likely you will just get Common White Evony Subordinate Cities. However, as soon as you are able, you should look to abandon these and get better ones.

The buff from this is well worth it. Check out our Evony Sub City Guide for more details.


Make sure you are taking advantage of all the methods available in the game to get Gems. Read our guide on How to Get Free Evony Gems for details on all the best methods.

This will really help you gather the Gems you need for developing your Generals, Equipment, and Dragons to their full potential. It is also possibly one of the most important things you should be doing in this Evony Tips and Tricks for Beginners Guide. Check out our list of the Best Things to Spend Your Gems on in Evony for more information.

Spend Wisely

If you decide to spend money on Evony, make sure you do it wisely as the cost can add up very quickly. For example, only ever buy the big value packs when you have a double coupon and focus on the event packages that offer the best value. Don’t buy for resources or speedups as these can be easily looted from monsters.

However, perhaps the most important thing you can do when spending money is to ensure that you are buying your Evony packs at a discount. You can easily save up to 20% on every purchase in the game. Read our full guide on How to Get Discounted Packs in Evony for more details.

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